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Places From Worcester's Past

Worcester Bus Company

This is a collection of pictures, most from sources believed to be from non-copyrighted (or expired copyrighted) works such as turn of the century postcards and even a yearbook or two.

I've broken it down by subject, each page is devoted to one topic. Old postcards are definitely pretty cool, since you see what the city looked like about 100 years ago in COLOR. If possible, I will try and get present day shots of some of the public places for comparison.

Latest Image Submissions

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Places Available

There are 116 pages about past in this section. Select an index page to see the list of pages available.

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18The Aged Men's Home
191Allen & Thurber Firearms
412American Steel
34The Antiquarian Society
103Arial Shots of Worcester
35The Armory
38Art Museum
28Assumption College
13132Asylum For the Insane
331Bancroft Hotel
13The Bancroft School
341Bancroft Tower
12Baptist Church
14Bay State House
11Bigelow's Garden
1459The Blizzard of 1978
260Boys Trade
110Bus Depot
59The Causeway
67City Hall
38City Hospital
613Clark University
13Corner Lunch
14The Coronado Hotel
56The Courthouse
354Crompton and Knowles Loom Works
422Davis Tower
22Edgemere Diner
1031Elm Park
46Elm Street
21Exchange Hotel
1012Fire Stations and Other Fire Stuff
18First Church of Christ
26Franklin Square Theater
628Front Street
28Geo H Ward Post Memorial Building
950Greenhill Park
128Greenwood Park
4103Harrington & Richardson
18Higgins Armory
45Highland Military Academy
439High Schools
911Holy Cross
12Hotel Standish
410Hurricane of 1938
614Institute Park
1Ionic Ave Boys Club
14The Jordan Roads
34Kenmore Diner
124Lake Crompton Park
1818Lake Quinsigamond
37Laurel St. Church
12The Lido
115Lincoln Memorial Auditorium
312Lincoln Park
35Lincoln Square
335The Lincoln Square Boys Club
428Loews Theater
1622Main Street
16Masonic Temple
22Mechanics Hall
28Memorial Hospital
22Miscellanous Houses
510The New England Fair
34Normal School
211North Park
29Notre Dame Church
26Nurses Home, Worcester State Hospital
311Odd Fellows Home
31Old City Hall
27Old South Church
18The Oval
24Pearl Street
412Pinehurst Park
328Pleasant Street
135Post 201 Explorers
17Post Office
210Presidental Visits
26Prime Value Mart
47Public Library
128Putnam Restaurant
25Richard Healy Furriers
114The Sowers Monument
16Speedy's Hamburgers
14St. Anne's Church
13108St. Ann Orphanage
81St. Patrick's Day parade, March 17, 1985
118St. Paul's Cathedral
34St. Vincent's
13Synder the Florist
16Telephone Building
38The Thule Building
1101Tornado of 1953
17Union Church
1719Union Station
11Unitarian Church
49University Park
1Waldo House
25The Warren
775White City
19Women's Club
316The Worcester Academy
19Worcester City Hospital
516Worcester Commons
35Worcester County Institution for Savings
115Worcester Market
210Worcester Theater
14Y.D. Club
17Young Women's Christian Association

Latest Comments

Read what people have been saying about various places on the site

St. Ann Orphanage, Comment by Leo Gagnon on July 04, 2012 - Report this comment
I was at St. Ann's from 1945 to 1950. My 3 brothers, Norman, Richard and Arthur were also there but were with the younger boys ( I was with the older boys). Although I missed home as I am sure, we all did, I have good memories on life there and of the nuns as well.I was in the choir and remember being part of a play done at the civic auditorium in Worchester. My fondest memories were of the kind families who took some of us into their homes for the hollidays.A Couple of unusual events were when the Budweiser Horses rode up to the orphanage, I was impressed with their huge size. Another out of the ordinary event was when a huge rat somehow got into the older boys day room. We grabbed mops and cornered him until the farmer from next door came over with his terrier. I won't go into details but the problem was resolved in a few seconds.It's my opinion that living in an institutional setting at the orphanage made it easy for me to adapt to military life. I later spent 20 years in the US Navy. If the orphanage were still in exisiance, I would certanly go back and visit. For now, I will just have to be content with reading the postings of others who were also there.

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