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Worcester,Mass - Places of the Past, Lincoln Memorial Auditorium
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Now known as just "The Aud". The Lincoln Memorial Auditorium basement is now known as the Juvenile Probation Offices for the city of Worcester
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Sara Lindberg - Report this comment
The Lincoln Memorial Auditorium basement is now known as the Juevenile Probation Offices for the city of Worcester
Lee Kauppila - Report this comment
When we were kids, we used to climb, fingers and toes, up the relief sculpture that you see on the walls underneath the big columns, from the side stairway, and make our way behind the columns. Behind the columns is a glass wall and one of the lower hinged glass sections was inadvertently left unlocked, so we were able to enter the room behind the glass wall. This room was unused, floor thick with dust, like no one ever went there and the opposite wall was an enormous mural, that you can see from outside, behind the columns. There was a door in the mural that opened onto the balcony, hidden behind some heavy drapes. Well, we used that secret route to sneak into all kinds of auditorium events, most notably the early Cassius Clay/Muhammed Ali fights, which would be broadcast/projected live onto a movie screen. Naughty, naughty. We didn't tell anyone, either, so for all I know, the route still exists.
Peter DeHaven - Report this comment
As a child in the 1960's, I remember stepping into this awesome building to watch the three stooges perform on stage. This is an awesome structure of a building. I am always amazed when I look at it to think that it was here before I was born and to know that it will be around for hundreds of years afterwards. It's sad that most of the structures built today are not built for longevity and beauty as the Lincoln Memorial.
David Dodge - Report this comment
Came upon this site by accident while looking for other stuff about Worcester. I often think of this marvelous building because as a youngster I watched Memorial Day parades with my Dad & Mom from the concrete walls on the South side of the building. It was a heck of a climb to get up there, but the view of the parade down in Lincoln Square was spectacular. When I watched those parades there were veterans from the First World War and some from the Civil War. World War Two was still to be thrust onto the Stage. Incidently, Lincoln Square Baptist Church is in the background on the upper left side of the picture. I went there as a child and was baptized there.
I have great memories of the auditiorium. In the 60's everyone from Bob Dylan to the Rolling Stones played there. Rumor had it the Beatles wanted $6000 to play there, and the Auditorium turned it down --- a year later the price was closer to $75,000 (a lot of money then). We knew how to get into the building before a show and would try to meet all the bands by hiding in the dressing rooms ---- what fun! I'm sure we were supposed to be studying at the library, but kids were much freer back then.
Christopher Whittle - Report this comment
My father stated that he saw the Rolling Stones here in 1962 before they were popular.
Claire Cameron - Report this comment
When the Lincoln Sq. Auditorium was first opened, we had many major touring companies in performance. I first saw OKLAHOMA and ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, as well as THE STUDENT PRINCE in wonderful productions there in the forties. The FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS were moved from Mechanics Hall to the new auditorium also. At the back of the auditorium, which was much easier and less steep to enter, we had THE LITTLE THEATRE where Guy Palmerton brought us summer repertory theatre. My dad was a theatre bug (which he passed on to me) and the fight promoter in town.
Al Warhurst- December 02, 2007 - Report this comment
Back in the in the late fourties, I use to go to the Circus,the Grotto would have in January. Does anyone remember it.
DG- December 06, 2007 - Report this comment
I saw Prince there in the early 90's. He turned that cold stone building into one giant party. Incredible. I know the Stones and T Rex played there back in the day too.
Chet- February 03, 2008 - Report this comment
My high school graduation was held here. In earlier years I saw Johnny Mathis perform here, and my first rock and roll concert was a spectacular with Gene Pitney, Chad and Jeremy, The McCoys, The Outsiders, B. J. Thomas, and others. The highlight of my childhood was seeing the Three Stooges live on stage at the Alethia Grotto Charity Circus show one year (1965?). Rex Trailer of Boston TV hosted it another year - he came out on stage on his horse. My dad used to take me to see Holy Cross basketball games. Later I took a date to see a Crusaders game against UMASS. They had a great player called Julius Erving. We left a minute early to beat the crowd, and just as we entered the lower hall the game ended and we came face to face with the future Doctor J. as the team headed for their locker room. I never saw the Stones there. Remember when they played Sir Morgan's Cove in the 70s?
Paul P- October 26, 2008 - Report this comment
Back in the early sixties my father was a Worcester policeman. One of his pay jobs was working at the auditorium. I remember seeing Sonny and Cher. After the show we went back stage and met them. Cher kissed my brother saying " Kiss me you fool". Sonny had that weird hippie haircut and he was wearing his famous leopard skin vest. Other events were the circus, fights, and best of all were the fishing films in the little theatre shown by Worcester's own Paul Kokonen. Those were the days
May- February 27, 2009 - Report this comment
Does anyone know where I might find more information about the history of this monumental building? Please email me at if you do. -Thanks!
ANN D- May 02, 2009 - Report this comment
I remember the first time I stepped into the auditorium as a youngster to watch a Holy Cross basketball game. I was in awe of the gigantic structure (it was considered so in those days). Then as I grew older and the Centrum was built it grew smaller in one's eyes. Nothing will replace the stature of that building. I saw many stars there. The Worcester CYC conventions were held there every year. It was an amazing feeling to step on that stage with with Bishop Fulton J. Sheen in such a grand structure. I look back and and say those were "very good years."
Ernie Brodeur- March 28, 2010 - Report this comment
I remember when I was growing up the Heald Machine co.,every year would have a Christmas party there. My Dad Louie Brodeur was a clown during those . I sure wish I could find some pictures of him as a clown.
Bob Goodell- October 22, 2011 - Report this comment
I saw the 3 Stooges, Chuck Berry, Harry Chapin, Art Garfunkel, Mott The Hoople, Greg Allman, BB King, T Rex with Mark Bolan and Mahogany Rush, The Black Crowes, and I even graduated from St Johns on that stage
Shlomit Auciello- July 22, 2012 - Report this comment
I was at a Sonny and Cher concert there, maybe the one Paul P. remembers. I think it was '66. If you know the date, contact me through facebook.
Mark Kennedy- December 31, 2012 - Report this comment
My parents took me to see the three stooges there, I am not sure what year it was I am looking for info or more importantly a newspaper article on their appearence
Tom- January 06, 2013 - Report this comment
I saw rock bands their a few times in the sixties. The Byrds were one, I think in 1967. I recall Gene Pitney was there too, kind of passed his prime. He was the opening of a rock band, he walked by me on the street. This was about 1967. We used to break in to see the bands. Not really, at the time we thought we did as kids. The cops would turn their backs to let us in, at the side door. Graduated there too, 1968. I saw Garfunkel alone, checking out the auditorium. Driving by in the seventies, before a concert. Others too, good memories. Worcester was good growing up, always things to do.
Liverneck- May 17, 2013 - Report this comment
I believe buddy holly played the auditorium on his last tour. I have a friend who saw jethro tull there in 1974
jim sadowski- July 03, 2013 - Report this comment
The name is "Worcester War Memorial Auditorium" not Lincoln Auditorium. Lincoln Square is it's location. Cornerstone laid 1932, dedicating week of September 26 to 30, 1933. Hasn't been used as an auditorium since circa mid-late 1990's.
Charlotte V. Connor- July 24, 2014 - Report this comment
I lived on N.Ashland St. from 1950 to 1968...The Auditorium was a great place in those days....I went to ST.Paul's School and at Easter time 'The Passion of Christ was put on there;'The Battle of The Bands'was put on there back in the 60's...all the bands that played in front of City Hall were there,you could get in with 20 dentine gum wrappers;I saw Sonny and Cher there on a blind date;I remember the Circus;the Boy Scouts Jamboree,I think was there one year;I saw Liberace there when I was young. I feel the Worcester Auditorium has been wasted,such a shame to let something that was built for People who fought in a WORLD WAR,fall by the wayside,shame full.Thanks for letting me share GREAT MEMORIES of my childhood
Ron Whittle- February 01, 2015 - Report this comment
My son left a comment that I saw the stones in 1962. Correction it was later than that either 64 or 65. Does anyone remember Dick Clarks dentine caravan of stars that came to Worc. several times?Across the street was the Comic Strip that had some really big bands play there.
Richard Houghton- April 26, 2015 - Report this comment
I'm writing a book about the Rolling Stones 1960s shows and would love to hear from anyone who saw that 1965 show. I can be contacted at
Don Latino- December 29, 2015 - Report this comment
I saw Johnny Winter, Peter Yarrow, Jesse Colin Young and Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review there. Unfortunately, not the best acoustics in that hall. I also watched Roller Derby there. The San Francisco Bay Bombers with Charlie O'Connell and Joanie Weston. Now that was fun.
Susan Chase- August 05, 2016 - Report this comment
My memories are all of classical concerts. I saw Van Cliburn and Beverly Sills there as part of the annual music festival -- would have been around 64 - 66. Does anyone remember this? I found on Wikipedia that Van Cliburn played in Mechanics Hall in 1958 -- but that is way earlier than the concerts I recall. By the mid-60s, Mechanics Hall was very rundown and was used for roller skating. The auditorium was the music venue. I also danced in "The Nutcracker" with the Boston Ballet at the auditorium -- would have been around 1969-70.
gregp- May 28, 2017 - Report this comment
Greg Allman (RIP just yesterday) and BB King April 18 87. 33$ for 2 tix, from Strawberrys.
Gary Ljungquist- September 21, 2020 - Report this comment
I grew up on Lincoln St.(1945-1957) right across from the Auditorium. Memories include--the Charity Circus, Music Festival,Messiah, shelter for tornado victims in the WMA. Special memories include a joint service for Salisbury St Churches--Central,Trinity,Epworth,First Baptist,Armenian Church of Our Savior. And a joint service for all city Lutheran Churches which concluded by everyone singing A Mighty Fortress on the steps out front with trumpets. An amazing building--I hope it survives !
Looking for- January 22, 2021 - Report this comment
I’m reaching out on behalf of the Architectural Heritage Foundation (AHF), which is planning to produce a series of short videos about the Aud’s past, present, and future for publication on YouTube and our various web channels. We would like to collect stories about the building from Worcester residents, either through interviews or self-recorded video/audio clips. We are looking for local interviewees to tell stories of the Aud. email your interest to Thanks, your contribution informs Worcester history.

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