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Worcester,Mass - Places of the Past, White City
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White City stood on 18 acres of land along Lake Quinsigamond on the Shrewsbury side of the lake. It was built in 1905 and stayed around for 55 years until it closed down permanently on Labor day in September of 1960. There were other amusement parks in the country named White City, but Shrewsbury's White City was so named because all the building were painted white.
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Gerry Gervais - Report this comment
Hi, I remember this amusement park from my early teen years. I was wondering if anyone can remember when they took down the swings that swung out over the water. I know that it was after one or more of the swings broke off and people were thrown into the water. Also does anyone have any pictures of the large round cylander that you would try to walk through without falling down? Good Site!!
Neil H. Donahue - Report this comment
Gerry,that was called the Barrel,If you were tall enough you could stretch your arms and make complete rotations. You also had the spinning wheel that would throw you off. You could stay in the fun house all day if you wanted for a nickel or so. The rocket swings are what you went over by the lake. Then you had the train that went around the park......Trapeeze shows and magic acts......Boy what a gold mine if that park were here today. I remember almost falling out of the Bullet Ride,because the safety strap could only be pulled so tight.That was the last time you ever got me on that ride again
Jack Kenny - Report this comment
Spent a lot of time here. Can remember they had boat cruises on Lake Quinsigamond. You boarded under the swings that went over the water.Across the street was Archie's motorcycle shop and The White City Diner,best meatball and sausage sandwiches in town.
I remember kiddies day every Wed. Also in the fun house was that cool slide and the mirrors. I spent most of my time in there. Actually we would save that for last so that we would have the extra time. My aunt and I would take a bus there every Wed. The rollar coaster scared me and i never went on it. They had good food also. Not like the ones we had here in Rhode island. back on the bus we would go on back to plesant st.
John Fetterman - Report this comment
The roller coaster pictured in the 1940s postcard was called the Zip. It was designed by Herb Schmeck of the Philadelphia Tobbgan Company and appears to have been one of the taller prewar (1928) designs of that company. It appears to have been a fascinating ride, since the drop off the lift swirls around a high turn before re-cresting and then making its full plunge to ground level. Does anyone have any memories of having ridden the ride? It supposedly closed in 1961. What might have been the reason for its closing?
Priscilla Skoglund Duke - Report this comment
Was I ever surprised to find a White City site. I have been trying to find info on the carousel that was in the park. I tried the email site of the Shrew. Historical Soc. but received no response. While looking at a listing of historical carousels I think I have located the White City one, course they listed the orig. as Worc. with a "?". Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you for such a wonderful site.
Allan Cohen - Report this comment
In 1959 my cousins and I spent the day swimming at Tatassett (sp?) and the evening at White City. One ride there I'll never forget had about 6 round cars on casters attached to a hub that rotated and at top speed, one-by-one, the cars unexpectedly detached from the hub, flew off tangentially, and then thru a hidden, curved tunnel, bouncing off its walls. If you didn't mind pretty girls grabbing you and screaming it was a great ride.
walt cunningham - Report this comment
I remember White City, and the Paxton Navy yard, as well. White City was amazing. My cousins lived on the Lake, and sometimes we would take a boat over and go on the rides and hang out. I remember they had one ride that Had a sort of stylized "Elvis" picture on it, and it was pretty controvesial in the '50's. But it was fun, and sure beat anything happening in Auburn!!
Lynne Sigel - Report this comment
White City Carousel (Philadelphia Toboggan Company) was moved to an amusement park in Florida and broken up in the mid 1980s. A few years ago Peddlers Village in Lahaska PA baught the frame including the scenery panels (everything but the original horses and chariots), and had new handcarved figures added to the machine. It is in operation now.
Roland Waters - Report this comment
My Uncle at the time, his family ran and operated the park. He still had many of the rides in his backyard as I was growing up, this was in the fifties and sixties. The old ticket booth became my cousins club house. You see they owened a the property and then leased it to the people that originated the park. My aunt just recently passed away and thier home has been sold but I think the old stuff from the park is still there, I do know the Carrousel was sold to a collector in the early fifties and taken to Ireland.
Glenn Tuomi - Report this comment
I happened upon this site by accident and felt compelled to add something. This is trivial, but, I remember the fun house. In addtion to the barrel, wasn't there a turntable which flung you off due to centrifugal force and a slide (Maureen calls it a cool slide)where you sat on burlap cloth and always got parts of your extremities 'burned' when they touched the wooden slide during the ride down. I will always remember the mirrors. It was great. How about the space ship ride? It is pictured above. Didn't it go over the water?
My family has had disagreements about this over the years. Does anyone know the actual date the park closed. Or where I can find this information?
patricia cevasco - Report this comment
JUst want o make a commet about W.C. I also remember it being a wonderful place for families to go and it is a waste today. So many kids ae missing out on the fun we had.
Susan Krikorian - Report this comment
The website for Peddler's Viallage in Lahaska, PA, says the original site for the carrousel was at Schuylkill Park in Pottsville, PA. It would be great if someone had a picture/postcard of it to share. My greatgrandfather worked for the Philadelphia Tobaggan Company and I'm trying to find out which carrousels he worked on.
mary allen - Report this comment
Man is this like coming home! I have always wanted info on the park. I went there many times as a child. I remember it very well. My most memorable moment was when my dad jumped overboard from the boat on it's way to the park one day to save a child who had fallen into the water from another boat. He was a real hero to us kids and my mom.
Mike Girouard - Report this comment
Boy do I remember this place in the 50's. Spent more money there than I care to remember - especially on those funny photo cards you would get from the machines in the penny arcade.
AnnMarie Macilvane - Report this comment
What happy memories this picture brought back to me. I lived in Shrewsbury all my young years and remember how excited I would be when my parents would make the special trip to White City. Of course in those days we walked every where we went, but it made the anticipation that much greater. Thank you for the lovely picture
Alfred J. Warhurst - Report this comment
I remember my grandmother working the booth in front of the carousel back in the fourties, My grandfather was a good friend of Spagies just up the street. Brings back good memories.
steve duke - Report this comment
Are you aware that there were several other White Cities in other places ? I've found one in Chicago. There is a White City,ex-amusement Park in 3 other cities namely London,Sydney NSW and my hometown,Melbourne,VIC. Each of these is a former suburb. During WW1 there was a feature in No Mans Land called White City. The name comes from the appearance of the Amusement park-it was white !!! So the idea of a White City is universal in the Anglophone world.
Gordon Savatsky - Report this comment
Hello, I don't rember the swings mentioned above, but I do rember swinging over the water in what I beleive were open rockets with seats, one behind the other. I remember my Father taking me there many times about 1948 to 1950. The first time I rode the rocket I was so sick that my father said that he could see my green face from the ground. I live in Washington State now and haven't been to Worcester in over 20 years, but I surly rember White City. Great Web site, my first look. Thanks for the memories. Gordon
Ann Klingloff Newman - Report this comment
I lived a half mile from White City and spent a good many days and nights in the park. There was a candle pin bowling ally on the corner of S. Quinsig. and Route 9 and my dad was in a league. The Miss White City went by my house and it was great fun waving at the people. One act that I remember is a high wire motorcycle act that fell into the crowd when the pole bent in half. I also remember the great fireworks on the Fourth of July. The last owner was a carnie buyer named Larry Knowles.
P. Benjamin - Report this comment
This is such fun. I can't recall how many times I have tried to explain to my daughters, both in their 30's now, how great it was to be a kid in the 50's in Worcester. I have spoken of White City so often to them. When they were children and we would visit an amusement park, I would try, in vain, to explain to them that I onced lived in a city where one could step off the city bus and into childhood heaven and the and the best part It was it might only take fifteen minutes to get there. I cant wait to send them to your site. Thanks so much. Benjie
I remember sailing out over the water in the planes you could steer by the movable vane. I remember getting the worst case of Vertigo in my life on the rotating wheel in the fun house. I think it was at bottom of a slide. This was in late 40s& early 50s Dick in MD. If you remember Grafton town, you might want to see our Grafton History site at:
Chuck Hintlian - Report this comment
White City was a big part of growing up in Worcester in the 40s and 50's. I loved the Funhouse with the giant slide, spinning disk, and rotating disk. I also spent many hours in the Penny Arcade. But the only rides I enjoyed were The Bug and the Bumper Cars. I don't ever remember rideing the Roller Coaster because I thought it was too old and rickety and would collapse. That ride where you sat in Rocket Ships and swung out over the lake was truly frightening.
Walt Keating - Report this comment
I spent many happy hours at White City. It's loss is a measure of the mentality of city planners. Also memorable (and long gone to the same progressives !)is the roller rink, Honey's Lakeside (best hotdogs around!) and if you chose not to eat that type food ---the odor along that corridor made the trip worthwhile! Someone else mentioned the Paxton Navy Yard .....did anyone ever figure that out? The PAXTON Navy yard ?!!!! Wonderful webpage...thanks to all !
STANLEY JOUBERT - Report this comment
I grew up on So. Quinsigamond Ave. many years ago. I rode on almost every ride in the park. The corner where the carosel last was was a bowling alley, I set up pins there occasionally. Before it was a bowling alley, it was a roller skateing rink. {too young to roller skate}. It's funny, the other night I recieved a phone call from my son, who resides in Worc. His wife was telling him that the park was burned down by the "mafia". I couldn't remember it burning down.
Neil N. McLeod - Report this comment
I'm really happy I did a search for White City Park. I ran the large ferris wheel in the summer of 1960. It was quite a challenging job, but as a young man of 16, I learned much about people and working with others. I was a resident of Shrewsbury during my childhood years. Regrettably the town has changed so much: it's difficult to find any green space- other than Dean Park. As a Shrewsbury High School student, I questioned Town Manager Carney when he visited our school. Even back in the 60's I was concerned about our town, but Carney could only think about tax revenues from businesses. Poor zoning and uncontrolled growth have ruined the town. I hope Lake Quinsigamond survives. I lived on its shores for over 47 years, but I noticed much proliferation of lake weeds prior to the sale of my family home.
I was wondering who the original builder of white city was? I know that T.H.Eslick built one on Australia & possibly other places.
P.Marshall - Report this comment
I went to a presentation a few years ago at the Northboro Historical Society where Mr Higgins of Shrewsbury gave a fascinating lecture on the history of White City. He is a wonderful source.Facts I recall: Shrewsbury's first electricity was generated from across the st. from White city. It got its name from the first electric bulbs in the area. White City had alligators brought up from Florida which escaped. An alligator expert came up to capture them from the waters of the lake. Finally they basked on the beach of Tatassit and the Shrews. Ploice Chief shot them.Most of the parks were built at the end of the street car line to encourage people to ride on weekends to the end of a line. There was a ferry that crossed the Lake from Worc to Shrews. and it was overloaded once and thirty people and horses were killed.Clubs representing various nationalities grew up along the lake. Frosian: German, a Swedish club,an Italian,Polish, etc. Many now gone. They themselves have a fascinating history. I suggest you get in touch with Mr. Higgins cause he has a wealth of information!
Jesse Islands - Report this comment
Hi White City Amusement Park Fans. I grew up and lived in Shrewsbury MA. My father owned A.C. Giorgi Corp (now a Yamaha motorcycle dealership I believe) on route 9 in Shrewsbury. He was also a photographer. Through some of his photos, T&G newspaper stories, personal knowledge and recollections from family, friends and others, here is what is known about White City Amusement Park. White City stood on 18 acres of land along Lake Quinsigamond on the Shrewsbury side of the lake. It was built in 1905 and stayed around for 55 years until it closed down permanently on Labor day in September of 1960. There were other amusement parks in the country named White City, but Shrewsbury's White City was so named because all the building were painted white. In the parks glory days a variety of famous entertainers, too numerous to list here, appeared on the White City Stage. The demise of the park began around 1958 and continued until it closed in 1960. After White City park closed there were a series of suspicious fires and acts of vandalism in the park beginning in November of 1960 and continuing right up until the sale of the park. The Fun House, a target of suspected arson, burned to the ground in 1961. The Shrewsbury fire dept. investigated several other suspicious fires related to arson. Matches, gas, and other evidence was found at some of the fires. Mattresses were used in an attempt to set fire to the stage area in the park, but they burned out before any damage was done. The auction for most of the rides and equipment began in November 1961. The park was owned by Larry Knohl of Brooklyn NY. For many years it had been owned by George Hamid of Atlanic City NJ. Charles Hamid (Son?) later worked as a manager to Larry Knohl. Over the years Larry Knohl had tax problems with the IRS and the Town of Shrewsbury. Knohl had been tried and aquitted twice in 1956 of Federal tax evasion on both property and personal income. In addition he was also under indictment and awaiting trail for stock manipulation and other federal charges. There were federal tax liens levied against White City park and Larry Knohl that dated back several years. The Town of Shrewsbury had two years worth of back tax owed on the property. When the 18 acre site of White City was put up for sale there was a high bid of $385,000 that failed due to legal problems. According to county records White City was sold to Albert Shore of Providence RI. for the total price of $200,000. Albert Shore owned Tremont Finance Company of Providence RI and was the former owner of United Fruit Market at 644 Main Street in Worcester MA. Albert Shore had placed the original high bid of $385,000 that had been rejected in legal maneuvers with Larry Knohl. Construction for White City shopping center began in October of 1962. Albert Shore would be the owner-developer of this unique new property. White City Shopping Center was (according to newspaper articles) one of the first shopping malls in the country. More financial background about White City can be found in public records and T&G archived articles. White City Amusement Park had 18 kiddie rides. The silver Flash Gordon type streamlined Rocket Swings that swung out towards the lake stood in the area near where the White City movie theatre is or was located. If my information is correct the Rocket Swings were later sold to Canopie Lake Park in NH. As far as I know they are still in operation. The ride mentioned by Allan Cohen was probably the Moon Rocket according to one photo and an article about the rides of White City. The green and white train (diesel powered from what I remember) that circled around the park was sold at auction to the Red Barn (later Tom Foolery's) on route 9 in Westborough MA. There was a time when the train was set up to run around the Red Barn property, but it was eventually retired and stored on the property. These days it's fate is unknown. The park's carousel was to be kept by Larry Knohl. Later stories or articles say it was dismantled, sold to an outside buyer and moved down south. Four major rides - the caterpillar, the ferris wheel, the moon rocket, and the whip were all sold at the November 1961 auction. The names of some other rides after 1956 were; Spinaroo, Tub of Fun, Race Horses, Twirl-a-Whirl, Stage Coach, Motorcycle Track, and the Hot Rods. White City amusement park had at least three roller coasters at different times in it's history. The 1940's coaster called the Zip was destroyed by a fire sometime between 1948-1951 according to articles and a few people's recollections. The Zip was located (according to photos) in the back of the park in the area later occupied by Bradlee's Dept. store. White City had no coaster from 1951 until 1955 when construction of a new coaster began along South Quinsigamond Avenue at a cost of $130,000. This coaster would be 2480'long with a first hill drop of 90' and two 70' dips along the track On a cold Saturday night February 25,1956 the coaster, still under construction, was knocked down onto South Quinsigamond Avenue by severe high winds during a storm. No one was injured, but there was debris all over South Quinsigamond Avenue that later brought about several complaints and safety issues about re-building the coaster in the same area. The matter was resolved and the coaster was rebuilt for the 1957 season. I have a photo of me riding what is believed to be this last White City coaster. In the background a partial section of the White City Diner can be seen through one part of the coaster tracks. From the photo it's hard to tell the exact layout or location of the coaster in relation to the park or surrounding streets. It's very true what has been said by others. White City Diner had the greatest meatball sandwiches in New England. Two or three big meatballs crushed between two thick slices of Italian bread was a meal in itself. The price of a meatball sandwich in the sixties was around $0.95 if I remember. Another not to be forgotton famous local eatery was Harry's Pastrami Shack (the original name and location of Harry's restaurant, now in Westborough on Route 9),which was located next to Dunkin Donut's on route 9 across the street from White City. The sign on Route 9 said it all; Drive-in / Harry's Famous Pastrami. Harry's small stand alone square building with the big Hot Pastromi sign outside was a regular hangout for me. Harry's sandwiches were piled high with pastromi on white or rye and then there was those great shakes to wash it all down. Next to Harry's was the Paint Supply Store and on the corner of Route 9 and South Quinsigamond Avenue was Iandoli's Supermarket(it later became an IHOP restaurant). Most of what has been written here came from a number of sources such as many articles and stories archived at the Worcestor Public Library. One or two articles came from the Town of Shrewsbury Public records. Stories from family, friends, and relatives are all a part of these memories. What has been somewhat hard to find about the history of White City Amusement Park are photos from the 1940's through the 1950's and up until the park closed in 1960. Other than a few personal photos and those from T&G newspaper there doesn't seem to be a lot of images available. In particular I would like to see photos of the Park in the 1950's. To date I have not found any photos of the famous White City main entrance sign with the comedy /tragedy faces that was located at the corner of Route 9 and South Quinsigamond Avenue. Other photos of the park layout and rides etc. would greatly enhance the memories of many days and nights spent at White City Amusement Park in Shrewsbury MA. Have fun with all these written images and I hope it answers a few questions and brings back some fun memories for anyone who remembers a most unique place in time.
The Fun House was my favorite place at the Park. I remember kids sat on burlap sacks to whiz down twin slides inside. And there was a public address system, so that occasionally you'd hear some invisible man's voice booming across the main room. (I'm guessing it must have been a Park employee who would caution kids if they were seen to be getting too rowdy.)
Michael O'Donnell - Report this comment
I was there only once in the mid-fifties while visitng from Nebraska. I have seen a black and white picture of myself as a youngster with one of my brothers and my cousin Patricia who lived in Worcester,riding in a sort of motorboat carousel ride for young kids. The boats were in water and had steering wheels, which I remember being fascinated with.
i have herd many rumors about the amusment parks ferris wheel getting thrown into quisig after the parks closing in 1920. This is a very interesting thought to comprehend and i just thought that i would share it with the rest of the veiwers of this site. I also wanted to share somthing i had not read was that the white was also known for having all the lights that it did.
Winona (Chapdelaine) Farnsworth - Report this comment
We grew up on North Quinsigamond Ave. As kids (1940's) we loved going to White City to the penny arcade and for a penny in a machine, watching cards flip, giving us a mini-movie of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. I remember the huge mechanical laughing lady over near the fun house. In the summer of 1952 at the tender age of 15 I was hired to work in the metal cage inside the office of White City. I counted the day's take and made up the ticket boxes, brought change to the ticket booths, and sat in them to give the ticket sellers a 15 minute break. The operators would let me ride the rides for nothing, although I never did ride the roller coaster. I remember the operator of the carousel was a guy named Rusty. Also, there was a young couple who worked a food booth whose last name as I recall was Bannock. Often I have wondered what became of the lovely carousel. Thanks for letting me know. At the time I worked there a Mr & Mrs Hamid owned the park. They also owned The Board Walk in Atlantic City. Although they were moneyed people, Mrs. Hamid always wore a plain housedress when she visited us and would take us across the street and buy us lunch. She was just a plain down-to-earth person and we all liked her. Years later in my mid life I was shocked and appalled to go back to the old neighborhood and see the awful strip mall replacing my beloved White City Park.
Patricia {Christanko} Jodoin - Report this comment
My fondest memory was my oldest sister taking me to see Bobby Darin, I was about 8 yrs old. I grew up in Shrewsbury and Worcester moving to RI in 1966. What a great site.
Dick Eressy - Report this comment
Yes....there was a Navy Yard in Paxton! For sure! As a kid, I grew up in the West Tatnuck section of Worcester. Even remember the area before the airport was there. I was an explorer on my bike, either with my buddies, or alone. We discovered the Paxton Navy yard, right on the south side of route 122 just before Paxton center, and the old Paxton Inn. A big name in Paxton in the late 1940s...early 1950's was the Clapp family. Sam and George Clapp. One had two busses that ran express routes from downtown Worcester to Paxton. The other had the Navy Yard. I recall a building built like a tug boat, that housed a little restaurant. For several summers, we'd bike up there for their coffee or vanilla frappes and hamburgs. Best frappes in the county!!! Out behind the tug, white and blue...there was a small animal farm...a little zoo, if I recall correctly. YUP...the Paxton Nany Yard was neat! Even in Scouts, at Treasure Valley Camp in Rutland, we'd stop by at the "Navy Yard!!!" Dick Eressy
carol flynn lautenschlaeger - Report this comment
A great treat was walking down Belmont Hill with my grandmother,aunt & cousins.This would be done on Kiddies Day which was wed..We'd have a lunch of hot dogs @ Cory's before crossing the bridge to bigger than life & super treat of our lives-WHITE CITY!!As teens, we'd enjoy live entertainmt-Les Paul & Mary Ford, The Four Coins, The Four Aces & even dances @ the Open Air dance hall by the bridge. More later-this is a great site, Thanks so much Carol Flynn Lautenschlaeger
Great site. I grew up in Worcester from 46 - 61 and White City was one of the rewards my parents gave me two or three times a year. We'd usually take the bus and eat at the Howard Johnsons at the top of the hill on Rt 9 and then walk down and over the bridge to WC. Thanks for the memories.
Anyone interested in seeing photos of the White City Carousel (PTC #59), you can see them in the book "Painted Ponies" by William Mann. The carousel ended up at Petticoat Junction, an amusement park in Florida and got auctioned off in the mid 80s. The photos in the book show the carousel on the day of it's auction.
R Zubowich - Report this comment
I saw Mickey and Sylvia at White City circa 1954.Went to park since early 1940s. I thnk Gene Krupa played there once. I remember the Fun house, big slide, the barrel, laughing lady outside, the penny arcade, THE BUG, the motor boats. Anybody remember those last two? I played on the arcade mechanical orchestra motion, juke box In The Mood by Glen Miller, many times.They also had a peep show machine.There was a bowling alley too. The rocket ride over the lake,I did many times.Years earlier, before I was born, my mother went on the Rollar Coaster with a date, stood up at the top and het her head on the sign and was knocked out for the whole ride, she once told me. I loved White City. What a shame to have lost it. Thanks for the photos.
Sandra Poole - Report this comment
What a trip to "Memory Lane"! I was born and lived in Worcester until 1948, moving to Millbury. I loved White City! My mom, aunt, and uncle and I went often, and I also enjoyed the Funhouse and my favorite barrel, and the Carousel, especially the ones that went up and down! I have a couple of black and white photos with my family and I am eating either a ice cream cone or cotton candy. Ah! those memories. I wondered what happened to the place. Another Mall. Ugh.
Cole- July 19, 2007 - Report this comment
does anyone have any pictures of Jack Salvatore he was my grandfather and worked at the park for years he loved it.
Donna Garfield- February 29, 2008 - Report this comment
My grandparents lived in Paxton, and I too remember the little animal farm and restaurant at the Navy Yard. We use to go there with them, and get ice cream...and pet the animals. I believe the name of the restaurant was the "Brick Steamer".
Tony- March 29, 2008 - Report this comment
Was there something later called Tataset? Or something like that. It had a pulley on a rope that you rode into a lake. A basketball court, a taboggan ramp into the water. Early 60's.
Maurice M. Ferranti- April 13, 2008 - Report this comment
My Dad use to work at White City on weekends. He ran the Dark Ride and I got to ride it dozens of times. Early one day, before the park opened, I was allowed to ride the bumper cars for at lease 30 minutes all by my self. My Dad joined for for a few minutes. I also liked the Bug, the rocket ships that flew over the water, the boat ride. We also saw many Rock and Roll stars for free (my Dad got us in for free). I even remember seeing Big Bob, Bob Emory (WBZ 4 at that time). Does anyone remember him. I also remeber getting a ride home from White City by the owner, a very nice man. It's too bad it had to go for the sake of money!
Betsy Ogden- May 03, 2008 - Report this comment
I am trying to find my cousin Jon Ogden, father John Patton, mother Martha. I think he may have left a post on this forum. If this is the right Jon Ogden, please post again and let me know! Thanks.
tana thiele- May 08, 2008 - Report this comment
My son Aaron and I are creating a blogspot with information on T.H. Eslick who was involved with creating White City and Luna Park in Bribane. We have T.H.'s scrapbooks and photos and newspaper clippings that we we will be posting. The blog can be viewed at
Norma Giumentaro Blanchard- September 12, 2008 - Report this comment
I have such fond memories of many fun times there. I was just about 12 yrs. old when my brothers used to take me to the park quite often. On some of the outings I saw the "Crewcuts" (Sh Boom, Sh Boom")and the most memorable of all was seeing Bobby Darrin!! Wow, that was really something. Later when I was about 16, I used to go weekly to the record hops held way in the back lot of where White City used to be. They had almost every Rock N Roll group you can imagine that was popular at that time and all for $1.00. We saw the 5 Satins ("In the Still of the Night"), the "4 Coins" and many many more! I could go on and on, but those who remember must have that same good feeling when I think of those fabulous days.
frank- September 17, 2008 - Report this comment
does anyone remember what year the platters performed at white city?I was young but never forgot that great show
Anna (Morgo) Palmieri- October 12, 2008 - Report this comment
My uncles owned White city diner. It was across from White city park. I loved going there. I was from Rhode Island. Anna
Jean Domaingue- October 18, 2008 - Report this comment
Family legend has it that my grandfather, Stephen Kenary, shot one of the alligators at the lake. He was a Worcester ppoliceman for many years. My father and his siblings have long since passed, but I wonder...
Sandi- July 19, 2009 - Report this comment
Fond memories of White City. I think it was just being with the people I loved - My Uncle Clarence & Aunt Rita and their 3 daughters, Donna, Doreen & Diane. One time I remember all of us getting into the airplane or rocket ride that went over the water and before it started I was yelling at the operator to get me off that thing. I was scared to death before it even started. My favorite rides were the bumper cars and the little boats that just floated on a circular water way - All the safe stuff. I loved walking around watching the people, especially the teenagers on dates. I thought it would be so much fun being a teenager. I'm now 61 and still wish I was a teenager. I didn't see it mentioned but I remember someone in my family telling me that they tore the roller coaster down because someone was killed on it when part of it collapsed. Is there any truth to that? I also loved the carousel and can remember running to the black horse. If I couldn't ride the black horse I'd wait. (Always watched "Fury - The Story of a Horse and the Boy Who Loved Him"). Anyone remember that? Of course Fury was black. How could we eat that cotton candy?? Sugar on a stick, but boy I loved it. Thanks for the memories.
Susan Rice Anderson- July 29, 2009 - Report this comment
I grew up across the lake from the park and have many fond memories of the fireworks (not just on the 4th!) and evening rides in our little boat to hear some of the acts. I collect postcards and photos of the park and lake. What a difference over the years!
Ted Farmer- August 06, 2009 - Report this comment
All of the pictures I've ever seen of White City are from the early 1900s. Does anyone have pictures from the later years?
Gene Drisco- November 11, 2009 - Report this comment
My dad was a swaypole performer at White City in the late 40's early 50's. Wondering if anyone has pictures or memories about seeing "The Great Drisco"
rex- December 02, 2009 - Report this comment
The columbian exposition was in 1893, and because all buildings were painted white, it was also called white city. The midway was famous/infamous, and was the first location of the original Ferris Wheel; and the extensive use of AC current, among many other firsts. Since this shrewsbury "white city" was initiated about a decade after the fabulous Chicago White City, is it possible that it was copying the key features of that enormously popular midway & fair?
ron sharleville- December 03, 2009 - Report this comment
I took many atrip to white city with all my pals from orange was one of yhe best times we had in the 50 s.
Richard Ayres- December 24, 2009 - Report this comment
In the 1940's I lived down the street (South Quinsigamond Ave) from White city. I lived near Joe Whites Store. Do you remember the large stainless steel water fountain lit by many neon bulbs. This fountain was moved from 1939 Worlds Fair. Also do you remember across the lake at S. Lake Ave, all the hotdog stands?
Sandra Poole- December 30, 2009 - Report this comment
I left a comment on this site earlier that I'd forgotten about. Guess I just felt nostalgic, and was looking up areas around Worcester. I was born in Worcester, and left in 1952. My mother, aunt, uncle, and I made trips to White City often. I loved the fun house! The barrel, and the giant wood slide....and yes I had a sliding malfunction regarding the burlap bag. I also loved the roller coaster....even though it did look a bit unsafe, even then. Of course we ate good stuff there, too! Nowadays, kids will never experience the good ole' White City days. They probably have a MP3 player or a cell phone hooked up to their ear, anyway! Oh, such memories! At least they are still very much in mind.
John- April 01, 2010 - Report this comment
Pretty interesting history white city had. I found a book that google has put online for free from the public works project all about White City entitled "Remembering Lake Quinsigamond From Steamboats to White City" Here's a link
CJ- April 02, 2010 - Report this comment
I am a teenager of shrewsbury today. It is amazing, because all of the kids of shrewsbury hang out in white city. Nobody has anything to do. All the kids sit in their cars. I remember when i was young they had the movie theater. I wish they never got rid of the whole amusment park. I can tell for sure that all of the kids today would love it. It would be a beautiful site to see. A blast from the past. I truely love worcester, and shrewsbury.
Deb (LaCombe) Fitzgerald- April 30, 2010 - Report this comment
My grandparents lived on Villa Road, I remember their upstairs neighbor Judy taking me to White City, also my mother's family lived across the lake on Agate Ave and my Aunt and her boyfriends used to take me there too.. Joe White's store was still in operation a few years ago, run now by his grandaughter!
Alicia Shing Solomont- June 16, 2010 - Report this comment
My Dad owned the Golden Horse Chinese restaurant way back in the corner - they opened in 1978 and sold out to Chum Lees in 1994. Great memories of browsing at Cherry & Webb, the crinkle-cut fries at Friendlies and oogling make-up at FaceMakers (where I had my wedding make-up done!)
Ricardo Casanelli- July 19, 2010 - Report this comment
can anyone give information of the names of magicians that performed? and the story of what they did?
Joan Viscetto Burke- September 25, 2010 - Report this comment
can't get back to you because I don't text on my cell phon Was born in Worcester, lived there until 1953. graduated fromSt . Stephen's HS 1950
Joan Viscetto Burke- September 25, 2010 - Report this comment
I lived very close to white City on Frank St. Lived most of the time on Grafton Hill . Hope someone remembers me I came back for two class reunions.
Harry Cole- September 29, 2010 - Report this comment
I just found this site and have been thrilled reading all the comments. Looks like I'm not the only one with fond memories of White City! My uncle had a door & window shop just up the street (Route 9?) and I could always convince my dad to travel from nearby Marlboro to White City by reminding him that he could also drop into Spags! I sure wish I could find photos of White City.
Erik Larson- April 26, 2011 - Report this comment
The old White City carousel has been restored and is located in a small shopping mall called Peddlar's Village in Lehaska, Pennsylvania. They have a Web site and your able to view the carousel and read about it's history and restoration. Erik Larson - Shrewsbury Historical Society`
kitty- July 12, 2011 - Report this comment
my grandfather has a roll of tickets from white citys amusement park
Jon- August 11, 2011 - Report this comment
Orginally built by my great, great grandfather; (on my mother's side) good old H.H... Nice to see so many people remember it as an amusement park.
Paul - October 01, 2011 - Report this comment
Joe Pellegrino- October 19, 2011 - Report this comment
Aww...What a great amusement park. I spent many days at this park as a child.What fun it was to go on all these rides.I can still remember those smells of Hot Dogs and Fries.The boat ride on Lake Quinsigomond.I the Bumper Cars was i think my favorite ride.I was very upset when Bradleys Plaza moved in.
Roger C.Elliott- November 14, 2011 - Report this comment
I went to work at White City amusement park.Best job I ever had.Got to meet all the big names that played a dance in the outdoor theater.(Bobby Darin-Little Eva-Bobby Ridel-Jack Scott-The isely Brothers and I could go on for pages and pages.) I ran the cat game and the merry go round-the whip and the Ferris wheel.Every winter they would close and go on the road to Florida,I told my mother I wanted to quit school and go with them!! well that was the end of that career lol
Chester Tozeski- January 03, 2012 - Report this comment
I remember most of the park. Aside of the Merry-go round on the corner of route 9 was the boat ride. Does anyone remember the string pull game? You were given a handful of strings and had to pick one and pull on it. If you were lucky... the string would be attached to a prize. That was the first time I won anything. I was 7 years old and thought I won the lottery. My prize was a cupie Sailor boy doll. I have been looking on E-Bay for the last 10 years for that White Whale with no luck.
Jack Grady- April 26, 2012 - Report this comment
Yes, I remember both the White City amusement park and, as has been mentioned a couple of times here, the Paxton Navy Yard. I recall a boat-like building that housed a restaurant in Paxton. That was the Navy Yard. I remember that they had port-hole type windows. Someone mentioned the frappes and hamburgers. Well, let me tell you, they also had outstanding hotdogs. I remember the buns being buttered and toasted on the side, really added to the flavor. In addition to the animal farm/petting zoo in back, they also had a miniature train going around it. I remember one of the people from the restaurant driving my sister and I on that train. Great memories.
Marty- August 09, 2012 - Report this comment
August 2012 - Wow! It was fun reading all the memories of people like me that enjoyed White City. I moved from Massachusetts in 1955, so all my memories were from the years just before that when I was about 5 or 6. I loved the Whip and the fun house. The first time down the slide, I sat at the top, and not even being able to see where the slide dipped in, finally let go.. from then on I loved it!
Joan- August 17, 2012 - Report this comment
I remember meeting the Hilltoppers at White Ciy. Was with my girlfriend, was quite exciting for us.
Ann L.- September 06, 2012 - Report this comment
I was watching the PBS "Old Amusement Parks" presentation--and got to thinking about Whalom, Norumbega, Nantasket--and WHITE CITY ! This comment page is a great place for memories. My aunties took us to WC a few times--to the fun house--many "burns"
Bob Leal- September 16, 2012 - Report this comment
My Dad grew up in Worcester and he took me here as a kid. I remember what I thought the most remarkable was that someone who worked there remembered him. They had a neat funhouse and I remember a rocket ride (on cables) that sent you out over Lake Quinsiggamond.
Joan (Viscetto) Burke- March 06, 2013 - Report this comment
Hi: again hope someone out there is still on this earth that I went to school with at St. Stephens's High School, Grafton Street Junior High and Grafton Street School. I have a brother Paul who lives in California as well! Let's hear from you.
Joan Viscetto Burke- March 31, 2013 - Report this comment
Loved going back to Worcester last Fall September 25 2012. Do hope someone is still alive and still remembers this gal who moved to California because her parents made her move. Worked New england Tel & Tel then and my folks moved to Anaheim, CA Worked for the telephone company in Los angeles and became chief operator of some dept the telephone company does not even have anymore. Married and met my wonderful husband in 1955 we were married in 1956 and have 3 betutiful children to prove it and 7 grand children my husband went to meet his maker in 1995. have been a widow ever since. I went to college in Pasadena , CA graduated and had marvelous jobs over the years. I retired from Real Estate after being a top producer for 37 years. Now, what have you all been doing/ Please let meknow.
Joan(Viscetto)Burke- April 03, 2013 - Report this comment
those were wonderful days of my youth when we lived up the hill from White city and it was more fun who still lives outside of Worcester and took us to a restaurant that is where White City was once many years ago. So glad we went back last September.
Joan (viscetto) Burke- April 03, 2013 - Report this comment
Does anyone remember the Ormond Family from Grafton Hill. This was a large family and their father was a fireman who died while putting out a fire. Gracie Ormond Bovenzi was a good friend. Is she or her family still on this earth some where?
Joan (Viscetto) Burke- April 17, 2013 - Report this comment
Have waited for some response thru this. Is everyone dead or is it that they don't know how to use a computer?
Joan(Viscetto)Burke- May 02, 2013 - Report this comment
Guess there is no one who cares for computers in Worcester anymore. I am very saddened by what has happened in Boston and do hope they will catch up with all the other people who seem to be invoved.
esther- May 08, 2013 - Report this comment
marcy- May 11, 2013 - Report this comment
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Patty Johnson- June 12, 2013 - Report this comment
I was born in 1958, so I missed this, however, I believe there was once side shows there. I happen to see one one time years ago in the 60s. It was years after they actually had them. It was held on the sidewalk in front of the stores. It was a special day commemorating those days. Shortly after that though they banned them. That was the first and last time I had ever saw one!
Robin- June 17, 2013 - Report this comment
Does anyone remember the name of the last owner?
Louise E.- August 03, 2013 - Report this comment
In reply to JOAN VISCETTO BURKE, my grandmother's first cousin's name was Mary Viscetto. I believe Mary's daughters were named Adele and Sylvia. She may have also had a son, but I'm not sure. I think Adele married and had a daughter whose name was Phyllis Lodi. Do any of these names sound familiar to you? I live in southern California now and love it, but I do miss some things about Worcester. I remember going to White City when I was little and having the time of my life. Hope to hear from you as we may be distant cousins!
Bob Finlay- August 10, 2013 - Report this comment
Does anyone remember the fire engine that drove you though the park ?
Yes, Dr Wicca is real- August 11, 2013 - Report this comment
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