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Worcester,Mass - Places of the Past, Lake Crompton Park
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The picture was taken on Canton St. facing Endicott St. Endicott St. Hall is seen at near the far left. A slope is seen on the east side of the park near Harding St. It is still there, near the basketball court. The wading pool was used for skating during the winter months. It no longer exists.
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It almost looks like Crystal Park in a way!
Mary (Manning) Galliher Muenzel - Report this comment
This picture looks more like Elm Park or Institute Park. Crompton Park was down off Millbury St. or Harding St. I went ice skating in Crompton Park, inthe late 30s and early 40s.
If I am not mistaken, Indian Lake was on the other side. One was cleaner than the other. i think it was compton. WE ued to go there a few times a week and bring ground up bologna and ground pickle sandwiches. Mixed of course.
this could very well be cromton Park off of Millbury street. It would have been many years ago. The black Stone river runs under most of that area.My mother remembers a lake there. I lived across the street from this park for 15 years
Anthony Michael - Report this comment
I'm guessing from the little hill on the right of this picture that this may be Crompton park. I recognize the hill from when I used to live in the erea and used to go to Crompton park all the time. The lake isn't there anymore. I'ts all grass now and there are no buildings, just play areas.
This is Crompton park on Endicott St. I lived in this area for six years and it looks almost the same today except where the lake is, there is now a baseball diamond.
Jack Couhig - Report this comment
The Crompton estate was located off of June street, within a half mile of the intersection with Mill street. There is a rather upscale appartment complex located there now, and the small pond south of the appartments is more then likley the former Crompton lake.
Did Crompton Park really have a pond in it, now its just a park in a bad area because i lived around it once and it doesn't have any body of water in it.
Dave LeBoeuf Sr. - Report this comment
I remember when I was a young fellow,dad and I would to a Crompton & Knowles park on Coes pond,I think that the Knights of Columbus is there now,on Circuit Ave.It was across the pond from where the bowling alley is now.
Michael Klewinski - Report this comment
This is most certainly Crompton Park, I spent lot's of time there. The GReen island district is one of the lowest Points in Worcester, It got it's name from that small green hill you see in the right background. This area was all swamp at one time and that hill actually was an island. It ran adjacent to the old Blackstone canal. Where you see this water I believe is where the tennis courts are now.
Matt Hagopian - Report this comment
The small hill on the right hand side of the picture looks like the hill which is still at Crompton Park today. Possibly there was a small pond that was filled in to expand the playing fields. Judging from the position of the hill, I think that this view would be looking towards Endicott Street.
Patricia Reardon - Report this comment
I believe this is Crompton Park. The picture was taken on Canton St. facing Endicott St. Endicott St. Hall is seen at near the far left. A slope is seen on the east side of the park near Harding St. It is still there, near the basketball court. The wading pool was used for skating during the winter months. It no longer exists.
the picture is of crompton park lookig toward endicott street. tha baseball field is to the left and on the other side of the hill on the right were the basketball courts.
RICHARD E. MILLER - Report this comment
When I was a kid, the body of water in Crompton Park was affectionately known as "The Mud Hole." We swam it in the summer and skated it in the winter. There was a water pipe in the center which fed the pond. It was located right where the current, mostly closed, swimming and wading pools are now located. Crompton Park was the central recreational area for we kids who lived in the Worcester district known as "The Island." It was never ever called "Green Island" and I have no idea why it is so referred to by some today. Perhaps a misguided advertising person thought it would sound better, sort of "clean up" its reputation from the days it was known as "scalpintown" and even the police were leery of entering its borders. On the far left, through the trees is the tower of the building known as "The Mines," a Lithuanian Social club with a bar downstairs ("dimey beers") and a large function hall upstairs where so many of the "Greatest Generation" and their children celebrated their showers and weddings. Directly across the pond from the Canton St. side was a city building (which is still there) that housed a large boiler,lockers and showers (5 cents for soap and towel) which provided a weekly treat for we kids of the cold water "3 decker" flats. The hill to the right was a fun and safe place for sledding in the winter. The hill was built up of deposits from the digging of the Blackstone Canal which runs southerly under what is now Harding St. and is just in back and to the right of the hill in the picture. Nice memories.
Robert Pitchman - Report this comment
That is Crompton park i lived on Ellsworth st.We were known as the Islanders (a gang) but not like the gangs of today.We hungaround a gang from the four corners on Cambridge st. and Southbridge st. We played a lot of baseball in that park I remeember the old men playing chess and checkers on tables next to the shower rooms.Those were peaceful and serene days.Iloved it back then what happened? I would appreciate if anyone else knows anything else about the park to e-mail me at thank you very much Robert Pitchman
Will (Billy Sturtevant) Marengo - Report this comment
I went to Crompton a few times. I really didn't like it. I couldn't stand the smelly natural gas facility across the field. I had no idea it had a "lake", I don't remember one. Where was it located?
Dan Murphy - Report this comment
I remember Crompton park but i do not remember a natural lake there -- wasn't the swimming area a man made pool made out of concrete ? The time area i am talking about about is the late forties, & fifties.
This is Crompton Park looking from Canton St. towards Endicott St. The pond I remember didn't have a "center" water pipe, but had one on the Harding St. side. That's where the ice was thinnest in the winter. Sledding down the hill was always fun. And if you got a big box from Millbury Furniture(apartments now) that was even more fun! In the spring and summer you could always get into a pickup baseball or basketball game.
Gina Marie - Report this comment
This park is where my high school, St. Mary's (class of '02) used to play all of our sports. Though the park is not as nice as it is pictured here, I still have some nice memories of it. I never knew there was a lake there. It's too bad the park can't be cleaned up to look like it used to. Now it's just a mess and there are scary people who go there. I wouldn't go there for any reason anymore.
R Zubowich - Report this comment
I lived on Lafayette St from 1940 to 1955 and always went to Crompton Park. This photo looks more to me like Cyrstal Park, but that little hill to the right in photo does resemble the little hill at crompton park. A mystery. There was no water in park in 1940 on.
tom sullivan - Report this comment
It's Crompton Park. In the center is the bathouse. It could still be there.Right on about the "mines".
Robert Pitchman- June 25, 2008 - Report this comment
I miss Crompton Park I had a lot of friends there we did drink there at night when we were kids but we never looked for trouble.I can tell you we had bomb fires and fireworks there every year.A- D.J. from W.O.R.C. came down and played music and us kids would dance in the basetball court.Every saturday & sunday the park was filled with people not like today gangs (punks) took over Its funny the cops out number them but nothing is done.Its a shame You know the city can do something about it but they don't. If you know what to do let me know .
jim sadowski- December 27, 2008 - Report this comment
Responding to comments of RICHARD E. MILLER. Yes Crompton Park was a fine park in "OUR DAY", it's another park today and will be another park for kids of the future. Remember the Lithuanian Social Club and it's bar on Endicot Street as the place where Mom walk us past at double-time quickly (as a 6 year old). The small hill was a great place to slide in the winter, just about the right size for a kid under 10 years old having to walk and carry a sled or box up the hill. And I remember when we only got a worm bath once a week (Saterday), having to fire up a hot water heater using gas and it took somthing like a half hour to get the water temperature up.
Robert Pitchman- December 18, 2009 - Report this comment
Since the last time i was on here i gave a lot of thought to Crompton Park, and the time i was in the gang The Islanders back in the 60's.So for the last year i started to wright a book about Worcester and Crompton Park.Part one is done i got help from a good friend from Clemson University down here in South Carolina(Professor Romando James,Ph.D) You can look him up on the web.Anyway if you know me or have any stories that you might want to tell,Send them to me at They might end up in the book..
Robert Pitchman- September 07, 2012 - Report this comment
Well the book it out. It's called The Boy From Worcester. And It's about Crompton Park and the gang I hung with. I all so have a website that tells a little bit about the book. I been on T.V.WCCA TV13 produced Soapbox show is hosted by WCCA Executive Director Mauro DePasquale. Mauro welcomes author Robert Pitchman. Mr Pitchman penned the book The Boy From Worcester: Survival Check out our website. Let us know what you think.
Robert Pitchman- October 18, 2013 - Report this comment
george j kleczka- August 18, 2014 - Report this comment
My mother moved to Lodi st. in 1917 No lake then or since at Crompton park period.Richard E Miller has it right.Myself,brought my own towel,picked a piece of used soap off the floor and only wished I had a nickel.The hall,the carpenters union.the Mines was also known as Bolshevik hall after the war because of all the many meetings of Communist known unions that spoke from the then porch.
Keith LaRose- September 16, 2014 - Report this comment
Good ol' Crompton Park! In 1960 Dad moved the family (10 kids) from Amsterdam NY to Worcester(9 Kansas St) looking for work. There was always work for the unskilled laborer in Worcester. We rented a run down cold water 3 decker flat. Boys room, girls room, kitchen and living room. Mom & Dad slept in living room. No phone, no car, no TV, no hot water. Bathroom was toilet in hall closet with water tank overhead and pull chain. Once a week, Mom would give the older brothers and older sisters some towels and they would take us to Crompton Park to use the public showers. Mom could give the little ones a bath in the large black stone set tub in the kitchen, Mom heating up big pots of water on the huge gas stove. Walking to Crompton Park, the smell of the Nissan bakery on Quinsig Ave was unforgettable.
mickey zereski- June 19, 2015 - Report this comment
Crompton park was my playground I lived on e Ellsworth st. in the summer my sisters would take me to swim in the mud hole and come home dirtier than before! the best time of the year at Crompton park was the 4th of july. before anything happen the neighbors of the area would bring wooden doors chairs and even couches to help build a pile as high as twenty feet or more for the bonfire, we also had a movie on a bed sheet and fireworks everyone there had a great time!
ron sharleville- July 25, 2016 - Report this comment
A F- May 25, 2020 - Report this comment
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