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Epitaphs from the Cemetary of Worcester Common

Page 30

scan of the page

322. Nathaniel Curtis ; d. June 28, 1818: a. 52.
323. Abel Stbwell ; d. Aug. 3 ; a. 66, [65 by T. R.] His epitaph is:
11 Mark well this rising mound of earth,
Approach, and then will cease thy mirth.
'Tis here where sleeps a Parent dead,
'Tis here where rests the aged head."
[lie was well known about the commencement of this century, as the manufacturer of church and tower-clocks in this place. The " Old South" clock was made by him, A. D. 1800.]
324. Eunice Rice, w. of Jonathan R. (No. 243;) d. Mar. 5, 1819; a. 79.
325. Samuel Flagg, Esq., eldest s. of Richard and Grace F.
(Nos. 281 and 300;) d. Sep. 24; a. 83, [92, by T. R.]
[" Capt. Samuel Flagg" about sixty-five years ago occupied a house nearly on the site of Judge Allen's present residence. The house was burnt in 1786.]
326. Mary Maccarty, w. of Nathaniel M.; d. Jan. 13, 1821 a. 64.
327. Elizabeth Maccarty, [7th child of Rev. Thaddeus M. No. 213;) d. Mar. 25, 1823; a. 70.
328. Dolly Flagg, w. of Sam'l F. Esq. (No. 325:) d. Mar. 10, 1824; a. 84. [d. Mar. 11, 1824; a. 85; according to T. R.]

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A Note About These Pages

This is the total extent of what I currently have on cemetaries in Worcester.

I don't have a list of graves from any other cemetaries available.

I don't know how to find your long lost relatives online, etc.

Futher information on this subject can be probably be found at the Worcester Historical Society. I'm not a member, and don't know much about what they have, but I'm sure it's more than I have.

This is not an official page of the city of Worcester. The views contained within this site is not from any official or funded by the city in anyway.

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