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Epitaphs from the Cemetary of Worcester Common

Page 16

scan of the page

169. Elisabeth Brown, dr. of Sam'! and Abigail B.; d. June 22 ; a. 10.
11 She often made our hearts for to rejoice, her pleasant nature and her chearful voice, But God * * * * *
* * * * ." (Epitaph partly indistinct.)
170. Daniel Bigelow ; d. Aug. 29; a 48.
[He was a brother of the distinguished Col. Timothy Bigelow (post No. 237), and the names of his other brothers, his sister and parents, with further particulars of interest, may be found in Line. Hist. p. 277. The name Bigelow was formerly written Biglo-by corruption from the ancient name Bedloe ]
171. Elisabeth Howe, w. of Ezekiel H.; b. Oct. 25, 1718; d. Sep. 13, 1776.
Sweet soul, we leave thee to thy Rest,
Enjoy thy Jesus and thy God,
Till we climb up the shining Road." (Ep.) 172. Luke Brown, Jr.; d. Nov. 6 ; a. 31.
[Same epitaph as in No. 40. His son, Luke Brown, Esq.,
graduated at Harvard University in 1794, and practiced
law in Hardwick. Linc. Hist. p. 270.]
173. Thomas Brown ; d. Dec. 11 ; a. 40. [Same epitaph as
in No. 136 ante ] W
174. David Young; born in the Parish of Tarboyn, county of Douagall, Ireland; d. Dec. 26; a. 94.
[See note, ante No. 2. The Young family first introduced and planted here that valuable esculent, the potato. About the time of its introduction, a few were presented, by the Irish, to some of our early inhabitants, who, being suspicious of their poisonous quality, threw them away as unsafe to enter their homes. Line. Hist. p. 49.]
175. "Nathaniel Lucy
& Adams, Adams,
176. Dec'd 1776. Dec'd 1776." (Inscription on one stone.)
177. Nathaniel Fullerton ; d. Feb. 16, 1777; a. 38. [The
name " Mary Raymond " is below this inscription.] 178. Amos Holbrook; d. March *; a. *. 179. Capt. William Jones; d. Ap. 6; a *.
180. Simon Gates ; d. Ap. 11 ; a 66. " Blessed are they who do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through ye gates into ye city." (Ep.)

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A Note About These Pages

This is the total extent of what I currently have on cemetaries in Worcester.

I don't have a list of graves from any other cemetaries available.

I don't know how to find your long lost relatives online, etc.

Futher information on this subject can be probably be found at the Worcester Historical Society. I'm not a member, and don't know much about what they have, but I'm sure it's more than I have.

This is not an official page of the city of Worcester. The views contained within this site is not from any official or funded by the city in anyway.

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