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Worcester,Mass - Places of the Past, Greenwood Park
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Greenwood park is surrounded by Greenwood Street, Forsberg Street, and Victoria Ave. These fifteen acres were purchased by the city in 1905. In 1910, it was one of the few chosen to have a city playground.
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User Stories and Comments

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Jacques Villefranc - Report this comment
Greenwood park is in Quinsigamond Village near the envelope company
Rick Lemoine Sr. - Report this comment
I think you at the wrong end of the city.... Think this park is off off Greenwoood St. I lived on Greenwood St in the early 70's and a newly wed. My wife and I used to walk around a park that was behind our three decker.
Sarah Bartelson - Report this comment
Greenwood park is surrounded by Greenwood Street, Forsberg Street, and Victoria Ave. My grandmother lived on the edge and she used to take me there when she watched me during the day. I'd go swimming, go on the swings, and then we'd get ice cream from the "ice cream man" that came around in his truck.
These fifteen acres were purchased by the city in 1905. In 1910, it was one of the few chosen to have a city playground.
Yes, i believe it was in Quinsigamond Village. Didn't they eventualy have a public swiming pool or was that greenhill?
Greenwood Park was renovated a few years ago. It has had a public pool, baseball fields, basketball courts and a playground on it for a long time.
Greenwood park is in the Quinsigamond Village it has a newly renovated swimming area,2 basball diamond's, a Basketball court and what people don't know is there is a cemetary plot on that location also
Richard Smith - Report this comment
I grew up at Greenwood Park.It is in Quinsig village.They used to have bonfires there on July 4th.everyone would bring all there junk and throw it on the pile and then July 4th they would light it.Also there was the rec center there and we called it the White House..The picture shows the grill that was there for everyone to enjoy.As teens ,we hung out all over that park.There were small caves on the top of the hill and a beautiful flag pole.Sully was the caretaker and the Bergerons lived in the park. Also Salmonsens dairy was at the corner of the park.What great memories I have of this park.I lived on Harwich St at the top of Forsberg St
Richard Smith - Report this comment
This picture shows the pit at Greenwood park.I spent my whole life growing up in and around this park.We played pick up ball all summer.Used to have bonfires on July 4th.There was a big building on the hill and we called it the White House.They had a huge 3ft deep public swimming pool and had no filtering just emptied slowly and filled slowly.Some of the best times of my life were spent there.Sully was the park boss and he was so cool.
Greenwood Park is up off of Greenwood St. Greewnwood St. connects to Route 20 and is down by Route 146 entrance.
Smitty!!! The same Richard Smith that lived up near Brenda and Leslie?Remember this park fondly too! We all had a lot of great times here; yes 4th of July was the best and of course the horshoe pits, it was a great park to grow up with & I'm hoping it is still great for all the folks still living in Quinsig Village!
Mike Wilson- August 27, 2007 - Report this comment
I remember both Smitty and Pinky from Greenwood park days.
Suds- September 05, 2007 - Report this comment
I too remember Pinky, Smitty and Mike from the park I spent a lot of time there A lot of good memories with good people
Hank Brote- September 05, 2007 - Report this comment
I lived on Tatman Street almost at Jay Street and the park had an entrance at the end of Jay Street. My brother spent more time there than me but I can remember not being able to use the wading pool because of Polio. That should say how many years ago it was. I can remember the bonfires on the 4th. One year in particular someone put a set of close together to look like a person and set this in a chair on top of the fire. Pretty cool for a little kid.
JAMES PROVENCAL- June 01, 2008 - Report this comment
i grew up in quinsigamond village, and have very fond memories of Greenwood park. i happened to play Baseball for greenwood park, i grew up on Tatman st. i too remember the bon fires on july 4th. i remember swimming in the old pool, and playing tackle football there as well, thanks for the memories.
jim sadowski- April 15, 2009 - Report this comment Greenwood Park Greenwood Park is located on the south end of the city in the Quinsigamond Village Neighborhood section. It is bustling with lots of activities during the summer months. Initial Purchases were made in 1905, from Ezra A. Day and William Forsberg. There were subsequent purchases from eight others in 1912 and 1917 making for a total of 14.85 acres. The women's NCAA sanctioned basketball league is hosted there during the months of June and July. Additionally there is a public pool, softball field and tennis courts available to the city public. gps 42.2268 -71.7960
Carlson- July 14, 2009 - Report this comment
remember the black tar bottom pool. what a nice place to cool down during the hot summers. remember pickup hardball games, basketball courts next to Victoria Ave and Bonfires on July 4th's. remember tackle football played on the big field between Conway and Rydberg Tr. The funny smells coming from the Weigels Meathouse. the village was a great place to grow up during the sixties.
Natasha- August 19, 2009 - Report this comment
This place is still a great place to live and raise a family. I live off Steele St. and couldn't have wished for a better neighborhood to raise my 6 yr old son. Its like country in the city. I love it hear in Quinsig Village Hills section!
Cassandra- May 31, 2010 - Report this comment
Well I don't remember the bonfires and the old park I am only 23 but I was around when It all got renovated and when they did the new pool. i grew up from 4 1/2 till around a year ago at the park. My family still lives in the "village" very fun park.
AJ- July 24, 2010 - Report this comment
pinky mikey willson smitty long time .. remember lots of old freinds dayna benson haggy rickey timy ect... hope every one is well hello to all..
Mike Wilson- July 29, 2010 - Report this comment
Is AJ really Alan? Hope all is well with you.
jim sadowski- August 18, 2010 - Report this comment
to "Carlson" 2009july14 posting. Remember Weigets also, got their cold cuts and hot dogs every weekend circa 1950-1960. They made the hot dogs for Coney Isand on Southbridge Street. My grandpa was a butcher there 1930 to circa 1960.
Carlson- November 08, 2010 - Report this comment
Moved away about 40 yrs ago. Was wondering if the pond over by Mass envelope is still there. Remember going iceskating down there i think it was called Jefferson's pond or something. Remember going to some of the steeper side sts off of Greenwood and sledding or tubing down the street in the winter time. Playing football every fall in the empty fields or lots was big back then. Always lots of kids for a game whenever you wanted.
Suds- December 07, 2010 - Report this comment
The Envelope Co. just closed. "Jeffs" pond has been filled in for a while. Any first name to "Carlson" [There was a few in the village]
Mike L- March 08, 2011 - Report this comment
i dont know how big the pond was but i know there still is a pond to the left of the envelope company behind a house
Bob C- March 24, 2011 - Report this comment
The pond to the left of the envelope company was always known as "Becks"
Tim- September 26, 2011 - Report this comment
Ha ha becks .... What a great turtle pond ...
Kane- October 17, 2011 - Report this comment
Grew up over a Barber Shop on Greenwood St. Played all day in the summer from 8 in the am to 8 at night came home for an hr for lunch. Swimming in that black bottom pool. Walked down to Helens for the great chocolate donuts and that sweet smell of the Swede bakery... Village was so much fun and fine memories...
Nancy- December 01, 2012 - Report this comment
Growing up in the village was great, the park was always a place we could meet up with friends and a safe place to go. Fourth of July, the black bottom pool, I even remember neighborhood family dogs walking around in the pool. Not really sanitary, but was fun when you were a kid!
Pamela- July 25, 2013 - Report this comment
Chucky, is that really you? Tried several times to post to this site. Me, and Marie and Chris. Stebbins St. Falmouth St. And Victoria Ave. Apparently you don't want to hear from us, because every entry of the security code fails. I quess I have to go to another view of the village.
Dickie D- July 29, 2013 - Report this comment
I grew up across Forsberg street from the pool.Kane, Jimmy? Must be, over the barber shop...Bob C.?.Bobby Cabana??? Richard Smith..a name from the past!!
Paul Bergeron- August 27, 2013 - Report this comment
So cool to have lived in the park lots of great times.Still live in the village.Does anyone remember the strawberry foam
Kane- September 03, 2013 - Report this comment
That would be me. Jimmy Kane. You are Dickie Dimarzio? I remember Bobby and Kevin Cabana. But couldn't Bob C be Carlson? Anyways, great times at the park. Everybody knew everybody, it seemed, back then.
Suds- September 04, 2013 - Report this comment
Hello to Paul and Jimmy Kane Come to the Quinsig reunion on September 28 2013 Contact me
Bob L- October 16, 2013 - Report this comment
I remember hangin out at the basketball court and running from the three wheeled motorcycles thru the woods and all over the park, Ed's spa and Strawberry Foam, Mae D's, Indian rock fun times what memories.
Alex G- November 07, 2013 - Report this comment
Greenwood Park is great and about to get better. They started renovating it late October. It will have a walking track loop and a soccer field in place of the baseball field. They are putting in lights for night play as well.
MB Cabana- December 05, 2013 - Report this comment
Remember the summer arts and crafts activities offered each year at the park ?and the wonderful one legged races and games at the Fourth of July celebration .? The winners always were given the best prizes! We spent every day doing something at the park.really great to cool off in the pool.
jodie sokol- December 15, 2013 - Report this comment
remember the game house? all summer we played snaps,and the bean game. summers world would put on events. we were never board! had to watch for the street lights to come on, you knew it was time to go home! great memories
Fritzy- December 24, 2013 - Report this comment
Bring's back real old memories for me. Remember walking home from school and stopping at Izzy's for some candy bar or gum. Hang out at the Park on wkends. Ride my bike about 8 blocks to get there and play hoops or for a swin in the summer in that tar-bottom pool with the broken glass. Game of baseball going on in the main field or just watching the older kids play ball. There was Gleason, Jimmy Suchocki, Suds, Kano, Smitty , Junie and many others too numerous to mention. Many of us have long since departed the area but you can't take away Worc from the boy.
jimmyb- December 30, 2013 - Report this comment
In memoriam of: Dana Safford ("Semper Fi...ole buddy") Ricky Terpstra
Heidi- August 03, 2014 - Report this comment
Does anybody remember the summer activities at Greenwood park. The "snaps" game? You played it on a "carrom board" red & green "snaps" small plastic circles you "snapped" to try & get in the netted corner pockets of the wood board????
King- August 14, 2014 - Report this comment
Snaps Game. Hmmmm. Are you retarded? Serious question.
Janice L- October 06, 2014 - Report this comment
To King: Says much about your own mentality.
Bobby T- November 15, 2014 - Report this comment
Live near the cutoff. I remember how all the houses were decorated around Christmastime. The Childrens Party at the Salvation Army after school around Christmas week. We used to go driving with my Dad up and down each side st looking at the candles in the window and lights and trees in the houses all lit up. What a wonderful time to be a kid gowing up in the Village...the fifties and sixties when kids used to dress up every sunday in their suits and go to church. All the churches had some kind of Christmas show or musical time...that's what I remember the most.
Wally Stines- May 21, 2015 - Report this comment
lots of great memories of greenwood Park , I grew up on Tatman St. I was always at the park , it had a game house , used to play snaps , also ride my bike around the old oval pool when it was empty , also basketball court , and tennis court where up by Victoria Ave in those days , we all used to hang around by the basketball court.
Paula butler- June 30, 2015 - Report this comment
Hey wally I remember u and the guy . I was trying to remember the dairy company. Sis said it was salmonsens I guess she was right. U all might remember my brother Brian butler
King- July 23, 2015 - Report this comment
if it was the big brown trucks it was Salmonsen's. You best believe that, honey chile. No I'm not retahded...say, when is da next sixties reunion..Anybody remember what we used to call kids from Union Hill School? Onion Hill...
King- August 30, 2015 - Report this comment
Hello. Anybody breathin' out there? talk a to me...ahyup. hehehehe ...whadaya bunch o' retahdo's?
King- September 07, 2015 - Report this comment
hey Wally, where's da Beave..Can he come out and play? Whot? I'm a you you are....Where's Wally and da pahk pool with Beave and Gilbert...Stay cool, y'all...hahaha
King- September 22, 2015 - Report this comment
Hey Booboo, I'm smahtah than da Avg Bear...Hey Hey. Retahdo's everyone of ya's. Hey Wally , I'm worried about my Beaver...Now June, you shouldn't be discussin' beaver with Wally..Ok? Well, ok, Ward...where's Theodore, I'll discuss the ole' Beave with him.
King Me- September 25, 2015 - Report this comment
Ok, more fun with Wally and the Beaver...Hey Wally, what's yer doin? Ah, go dry up, Beave...Hey Wally, what's 3rd base with a girl? Well, I guess it's when I get to shake Mary Ellen Rogers hand after a date, Beave...Boy, Wally, all that for a girl....I'm glad I gotsa bad yen for them. Ah, be quiet Beave, or I'll clobber ya one.
King- October 12, 2015 - Report this comment
Hey Heidi, you sure know your snaps game...wanna teach me....need to know how to make those netted corner pockets...looks so hard to do. will ya teach me sometime? hey did you know they pre-empted a football game over you? guessin' you didn't know..oh well, gotta go before Wally clobbah's me. yuck yuck.
King- November 03, 2015 - Report this comment
hey, I'm need for worry...Wally clobbered me but not as bad as he gave it to Eddie Haskell. Oh well, time to steal Mary Ellen Rogers away from ole' Wall....maybe I'll play that retardo game with Heidi at the pahk.
King Kong- November 06, 2015 - Report this comment
Hey , it's still tired of talking to myself so I created another fictional person...What should one say about the state of this city.....not much says Kong...will never be the 8th wonder of the world because Kong is. Well can it be 9th wonder? Hanging Gardens of Babylon aside (btw...gotta believe those gardens have got to be overrated. a figment of the locals imagination)much like how we remember the old Pahk. Oh well been good talkin' with ya, my old hairy friend...hope you and Fay found happiness in that old Skull Island in the sky...where's Heidi-Ho Heidi Hi...time to get my piece of the pie...and play those snaps games with her...Talk to ya latah!! buh bye.
King is here- November 28, 2015 - Report this comment
Good late nite, everyone. Well I'm back again. Hope y'all didn't miss little ole me...Had turkey by know one of those ready made plates down at the Salv Army....can't say 'enough about them until they wanted me to bang on the bells for money...Nah not my cup of teabags. So still lookin' forward to the Snaps game with ole' Wall-boy and Heidi Ho Got to have my Cup o' Jo...forget those fishnet edgeings...Hmm wonder how I can strategise a win here...oh forget it...anyways, love talkin' to ya but gotta go, seems the Army is callin' me once more....I think the next time I will go by Sgt Sad all have a Whale of a QV Time out there, ya hear? I be signin' off , Sgt Sad Sack says Gooooood Day?
Dave Kingman- December 11, 2015 - Report this comment
really King here....not the guy that could hit homers as much as strikeouts...Hey remember playing hit the bat at the park...not that girly game snaps...with the netted pockets. Where's Wally? he's watchin' June worry about the Beaver with ole' Ward. Now June when I was a kid we never had Beaver it was always Mary and her 5 sisters...oh well, I'll keep it half-clean..Wheres Pinky , Junie and Laflash....out of prison I hope...round and round and round...yeah that's what was missin' at the Pahk....a roundabout....somebody , quick , call city hall...Hey Chuckie, looks like Pam wants to talk with you....oh oh your in trouble now...time for a quick dip in the black tar pool with Ward June and the Beaver. See ya.....
King Again and Again- December 18, 2015 - Report this comment
Hey there it's me again....and again, and again, and again....yep the one 'n only Now how 'bout more on the Beave.. Wally: Hey Beave, get your dirty socks off the sink..smells to high heaven Beave: Hey Wall, when you shower up in the locker room do all the other guys smell or is just the socks. Wally: Ah, dry up Beave or I'll haul off and clobber ya one. Beave: Hey Wall, do you ever clobber Lump or Eddie Haskell or is it all just talk. Wall: well once, Eddie said he'd sucker punch me after school up the know ole' Greenwood home of the snaps game. I said oh yeah? and he said yeah? and got Lumpy over to sucker me..I told him, I'd go get Gilbert and call him rat rat rat... Beave: Hey Wally , what's 3rd base you know when it comes to the girlies? Wally: Well I think that's when Mary Ellen says it's ok for me to carry her books..yeah, I think that's it. Although I've never gotten that far with the girlies...I guess, I'll learn that in PE classes next yr with the gym teacher Mr Olgewhatski. Beave: Ya know Wally, I think I'll just be happy living with Ma and Pop until I get old and die off Wally : Gee Beave, you know you're really goofy to say that...Mom and Pop will be long gone and wont be able take care of you after they die... Beave: Gee no foolin'...who will clean behind my ears and everything. Because, I don't think any of the girlies in class will do this... Wally: Well I guess , if you just carry their books they will feel like they have to cook ya a meal or clean the back of your ears. Because , I think that's the way the birds marry the bees and have yellow jackets. Beave: Huh..ya know Wally..You know lots a stuff.. Wally: Ah dry up, ya little creep. before I clobbah ya one.
King- December 27, 2015 - Report this comment
ok back to just plain old King....I remember Greenwood Park....went up there in the dark...smoke camels with the boys and played with all of the toys. at the Park, where sometimes it got lonely and the park where a fella could really make his mark at the park..where on the 4th of July there were lotsa sparks at the Park where losin' your only hardball was a the park where swimmin' in that dirty pool was stark...that's why I liked goin' to the park.
are you king no not you- December 29, 2015 - Report this comment
The park held such great memories. Of what I did not know...was it frolicking on the lower hill, I think not..was it playing baseball with the older kids....who would rather be smoking pot...was it playing in that dirty pool....I rather kiss a ghoul..was it being pushed down on the basketball court and getting deep abrasions to your hip or Butt...nope it's the deepest cut that got me...was it burning tire smells at the bonfire? I'd rather be called a liar..or was it stealin' a kiss from an ugly girl...yeah right....than go into the water and hurl...oh the park , brings badk the memories, don't it or won't it?
Kingley- January 03, 2016 - Report this comment
Yep, ole buddy King you don't know who I am...but I know all of for some more Beaver tales...Hey Wally, is Eddie Haskell more than a pal to you? Wa wa what do ya mean, Beave...well , I was reading in my Pysical Education class. Mr Dryhumper , gave us a pamphlet about the 2 sexes and said that there was even a 3rd sex when 2 people of the same sex explore birds and bees together. So , that made me think that you keep Eddie around in case you go on a nature hike and need him to explore all the different birds and bees on the nature trail...Ah dry up, Beave....I don't think of Eddie that way at all. He's just a good guy to have around when you are in the mood to clobber someone...and Eddie is about as good a guy as anyone to beat on...Hey Wally, if that's so, why did Mr. Dryhumper want us to study birds and bees? Oh, I don't know Beave, maybe it's when Mary Ellen Rogers tells me not even go there when I ask her how her biology class went for her yesterday....she seemed to get all flushed and redfaced when I asked her about question 4...something about the female anatomy...Wally? what's female anatomy? well, I don't know Beave, but everytime it's mentioned either Eddie makes a wisecrack or the girlies in class get awfully red-faced....either way, I think it's a subject you better not ask Mom or Dad about or you'll get pounded.
Andrea L.- January 04, 2016 - Report this comment
Who is this King Person...He or she seems to enjoying posting to him/herself...Good Lord, someone is in dire need of a life.
Andrea King- January 15, 2016 - Report this comment
No it's just me, King....was that you Andrea with all your clothes off doing unnatural acts behind the Funhouse....Hey Wally: is Andrea your new girlfriend? Wally: Nah, she's one of those fast girls Mom says to stay away from...Beave: what's a fast girl, Wally? Wally: Ah shadap, Beave, or I'll clobbah ya one. Beave: Hey Wally, would ya ever clobbah Andrea? Wally: Nah, she's a goil...even if she is a know the kind Beave: Yeah, Wally , I See what ya mean....Shes real fast and quick too, huh Wally? Wally: Hey Beave gotta go downstairs to watch the goin' Beave: Nah, after all this fastgirl talk, Wally, I think I've got somethin' to do. Wally: Yeah? like what? Beave: Ummm, I think something suddenly came up?
Smitty- January 20, 2016 - Report this comment
Don't know this King character. But he's a cruzin' for a bruisin'...keep ya head on a swivel, king-meistah!!
Smitty the b**tch- January 25, 2016 - Report this comment
Hey Smitssy....youse a biggy toughy dudette huh? you'se biggah dan um...I'm a shakin and a bakin'' eh? Smitty: King I'll clobbah ya one King (that's me, dummy) Oh Yeah, Smitsa: Oh Ya, King (that's me retahdo) Oh Yeah, Smiggy: Ah, go away you dope...Kingy(That's me, coocoo bunny...Oh Yeah? Smitty: I don't wanna talka to youa....King: Hey Smiitt a retahdo? ferret face.
Kingy Man- January 28, 2016 - Report this comment
Hey retahdo a fool you a need Andrea's love but treats her fool...yep yep , she's so cruel she's so cruel...she thinks your a d*ck but treats you like a fool....Smitty Smitty cocoa puffs Smitty Smitty Coocoo.....
A King by another Name- February 09, 2016 - Report this comment
Kingley, here!! Ha Ha....I love youse guys in the Vill....Hey remember the snaps game with Wally Cleaver ain't a human bein' unless you know how to beat Andrea in Snaparooney....I saw what you and Walter did behind the Snaps house...I'm tellin'.....hey hey , well I'm off to go swim where the doggies pissaroo in the park pool exhilarating...Well goodbye for now, all my Vill buddies...hey Smittsiey you rmember me..Kingsy...I grew up on the top of ole Smokey St. you know behind Krasco's...ya wanna fight, meet me at the pahk...Vernon Hill pahk and I'll kick your face in, ya weaklin'. hehehehe.
I'm missin' my Kingstah- February 19, 2016 - Report this comment
Well, me again. no feces, hah!! time to say hello to all the good patrones of the ole Vill...that's the Village to the undergraded kids who took up residence at the ole' grammer school until they were 25 or so...yep could never understand how they got so old except society being what it was back then turned them into retahdo' know who I the older older older kid who kept riding the Vilage sts with his English racer until, I got old and decrepited...He must've been like 85 or somethin' still a retahdo, stll couldn't speak right and wonderin' why the Vill as no longer a haven for Swedes. So, adios for all you remaining retahdo's that means goodbye in Mexico...I'm sure we have several thousand of them in this tiny hamlet of excrement. Arrividirtchy as well...That's Italian, right Dicky fave guinzo in the entire Vill. prob the only one..that I can think of...ok noughs'enough as they say back in QV st lingo.
King once more- February 21, 2016 - Report this comment
Okay, just previewing some of the names on this whatever it is..oh yeah a picture of ole Greenwood Pahk.....hey remember the pool..oh what a treat to step on broken glass and swallow some doggy piss..yep dems da days, I tell ya...well lets see it's Bobby T..hmmm who does dat T stand for...ooh oooh oooh ,,, could it be Bubby Tubby that would be 2 t's. but maybe he's a retahdo in the ungraded class at the old brick schoolhouse and couldn't count the number of T s so he made it T singular. Does any of youse morons get what I'm sayin'?? no?? oh why am I not surprised...Well, hey we had fun didn't we? that's a question and maybe a joke but somehow I just don't think any of you dopes get it.
kingman the kingstah- March 05, 2016 - Report this comment
Hey it's me again and again and again....You know the Kingley one...King Kong if you that's a hairy subject....maybe Andrea can be my Fay know just outside the Cave tearin' at her negligee...nah..she wouldn't do..She's probably married to that retahdo that kept riding his bike up and down Greenwood until he was over 70...prob shocked that a girly like Adrea would even look at know the kid I'm referring to? No? not wurprised , you're as retahded as that kid , probably. than theirs the old Bakery...well we had several...but fat Dicky D knew all of them I favorite and only ginzo I knew from the Vill...unless you count Archies...(hmmm the only guy I know that goes by a plural first name..) anyways he always looked a little ginzo to me...Well I must shove off now...A naval know when a sailor talks to his girl and his shipmate says come on Mack, we must shove off...No I didn't think you would know what I'm talking about. Tell me than did any of you make it past the 4th grade at Quicycigar School? ...I know the name..just having a laugh at my own expense. Right, you didn't think that was funny. Not even just retahdo but no sense of humor...wit or smahts for that mattah!! Well have fun at the pool this summah.
Park pool- March 05, 2016 - Report this comment
Hey King too much park pool water for you. Someone should have told you not to drink it. Too late now brown cow.
King of Kings or Jeff Hunter- March 07, 2016 - Report this comment
whomever you choose...for all retahdo's outh there including the bike riding retahdo of the undergrade class...who could barely speak retahdo. Let their be life, I thought I was the only one remaining..yep that dog piss water from the doggies that the park drunken attendant allowed in the pool was certainly great at yellowin' up the watah....while Mr Pahk attendant was singin' "How Dry I'm Am""" .....I don't think he meant pool water by that title btw...judgeing by the pint size booze bottles behind the ole Park building...broken and unbroken....but ole' Park Pool spelled every word of his sentence correctly..He should be awarded a dime for winning a spelling bee....So Pahk Pool were you a hangout at the ole' pahk like ole Smittsy? Or are you jest another retahdo like Wally and the Beave playin snaps with sexy Andrea in the woods and other fun games with her as well...Hey Wally did ya hit a homah with Andrea yet....Ya Ya Beave, I really got to hold her books at lunchtime...that was a grandslammer. Gee Wally, You like Girls...Wally likes Girls...I'm never gonna hit a grandslam with the girlies because, I think girls are rat rat Lumpy.
Park pool- March 08, 2016 - Report this comment
King me stupid pants
The Kingley One- March 09, 2016 - Report this comment
Yep, dems da they say it in the ole neighborhood...lookin' back , really, the songs about gettin' out of the neighborhood really appleied to ole' Swede-Ville....where blonde hair and blue eyes were the order of the day back then no non-swedes applied, is my guess for most....I personally preferred cute doe-eyed tanned skin Italian lookin' girls myself...had much bigger vava va boomskiya's...if you know what I mean....Dickie D remember's the Ville's toden ITIE....or as some of us refer to as Ginzo...Oh it's back to the land of piss watah and broken Mr Kelleher pint bottles in that old wretched black pool...while watchin' that same old retahdo trying to form a 5 worded sentence together while riding by you at the age of 70...wondering about how great his life is collecting his undeserved Medciare disability check for not reading a 2nd grade level...buh bye for now you unfortunate fellow villagers...obsessing about the good ole days growing up here, is most definitely a head scratcher.
My King-a-Ling- March 10, 2016 - Report this comment
My King-a-Ling , I wanna play with my King-a-Ling....Hah Hah!! Betcha ya don't know that song...well it ain't no written by no blue hair and blonde eyed dumb's God forgive a negro...yepm much like a ginzo, negroes were a token few back in as all youse guys say dem good ole days. When non-swedes should be seen and not heard...and not so sure about the seen part, either. Rembember the Pond....Jeff's or Heff's or Deaf's skatin' without skates the freezin' cold no doubt...just hoping to break on thru to the lower side...Hey didn't the 'Doors do dat song...see what I did...I'm speakin' like a QV know one of youse guys. Like the retahdo that attended the Undergrade class until he was 30...Hey remember all those rumbles after school.. you know like say the 4th grade vs the 6th grade..yeah they were fun especially when you were a 4th to get you face punched or thrown down into the mud..Yes sir, getting a kid 2 yrs older to beat on you must've been the hilite of your grammer school career...Oh and great teachers who looked the other way...Yep, they were really helpful. Well, Park Pool, swede or no swede, it's been sentimental.
King Me- March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
ah, it's the king of Kinsley or kingme...youse guys must knows me by now..hey I lived way up there on Whipple St no not the one that squeezed the charmin'....ait's ole' Whipsicle...more sweedes than ya can kick a ginzo with..sorry Dickster know you're my favorite ginzo, though admittedly the only are a good ole ITIE.....olly olly oxen my...Hey Porky, I kissed a girl and I liked it..Jeff ya mean ya hita homah with a girl....Jeff likes girlies Jeff likes girlies...whad she look like Jeff, will Porky she sort've looked like Lassie, but how da fark should I know...I mean it's not like I hit a grand slamoli and got to hold her books she kinda had the breath of a dog too. Well that's all for now...happy swimming in the ole yoyo's...go back to retahdo class, you 80 yo retahdo..probably had to do many handjobs because what QV girlie unless she's an ugly retahdo herself would let he touch her.
the Kingstah~~- March 30, 2016 - Report this comment
Hi all retahdo's...yeah you know who thou art!! I had a thing for nice lookin' Swede girlies, but they weren't all that good lookin in the Qv. So I turned my sights to other smokin hotties but hard to find in the village even when going to QV grammer school who was the prettiest...I'd say ot was Karen Stee;e......yep got my first bonah from her in junor hs...jerked off maybe 100 times over her...but other than Karne pickin's got kind of slim and I wasn't a qieer so I guess she was the one that rattled my dingaling. Oh Well good bye you some other time.
My King-a-Ling- May 22, 2016 - Report this comment
Hey Pahk Pool, you too busy taken a doggy doo in the ole pahk pool....musta had to go real bad, huh? maybe you can play snaps wit Heidi and wally...ole Quinsig....Me hahdly recognizez you...wat you ben doin? learnin how to be an older retahdo or hopin' to grad soon from the undergrade class at the grammah school....ride your new bicycle until you're 80 to impress the great gramma's who were your dream girls of the fifties and sixties...well...back to work, all you yoyo's....da king-a-ling is signin' out....for now.
Lester- June 11, 2016 - Report this comment
Hey King for almost a year now , you've been making a fool of yourself. How 'bout giving it up? Hmmm?
King Meister- June 21, 2016 - Report this comment
You can call me, Sir...Lester the molestah!!Hey I know ya'll....not that I want to know ya...especially retahdo's like you, Lester molestah....wot'samaddah? nobody likes you? well, good...ya'll rudy barkus...he sucks on his bro's jim and their's a prickly 3 some.....swear, they were born inbreds from w virginee....along with the retahdo that rides his bike from ungraded class to the fair and back for recess.....yep, ole greenwood park...where was i? oh yeah...saw him lookin' kinda funny at the girlies handing out (figuratively) at the wonder I saw him down by the river blackstone humpin' his bike...oh for another long for now , Les Nessman.
Donkey Kong King- June 28, 2016 - Report this comment
paging all retahdo's....I know you're too many especially in retahdo land...In case you don't know dah Billage.....yep where all ungraded retahdo's live...they are inbreds born of inbreded sis's and bro's...they did it wit each know duh type,,,right? sorry can't explain , have ya inbred uncle esplain it to ya sistah and she can explain it your ugly a**...hmmmmm? Well anyways, keep havin' nitemares of Wally playing wit himself behind Sully's pvt drinkin' saloon at dah pahk....he was playin' wit duh retahdo in dah ungraded room along wit mah favorite Itie Dickie D.....AKA: 5 by 5.....ya know who I'm talkin ' so ya Walla Walla and Dickie D my favorite Itie....only Itie in dah Village, I guess....and see all ya udder aholes on the flipside. heheheheheh.
blah blah Kiing King Street- July 10, 2016 - Report this comment
have you any wool? yes sir yes sir, six bags in the Park tar bottom pool...yep, the ole' park pool where the dogs pee and cacah in.....I'll bet Andreal and ole Wally took a pee pee in there at one time or anothah> hah!!!and my favorite of faves retahdo kid wit da bike took a massive dump in da poo yeah baby. While Andrea played snaps wit da retahdo so impressed wit da way he rode dat ting.....yep I'm talkin' retahdo to impress da billage only Itie, Dickie D....he an Itie for show for show.....So ole wally said to the beave: Beave I'm worried about Ward...and dah Beave said back why wawah....wally said, he seems grumpy Beave like he didn't get to 2nd base wit Mah..Beave said but gee Wall, how'd we come out of Moms tummy if ole' Wardy Poo is grumpy and only got to 2nd...(scored a double to you many retahdos out there)...Wall Wall: well heck Beave, don't ya tink maybe Uncle Billy the old codger did it to Ma....nah said Beave Uncle Billy so fat his peepee is's your's ya little pest now go back to sleep or I'll clobbah ya one.
King of Queens and Retahdos- July 18, 2016 - Report this comment
yup, that's me...the Kingley one...speakin' to all you shallow retahdo's of my favorite land da Billige....ya hair me out retahd figgers....lucky strike can't be stepped on again....never knew a cigarette wrapper can be so hugely significant in the recollection of ones chilehood? ya know? or drinkin' koo laid....obviously I know how to spell...just trying to get down to your level of understanding. I can see I have much more wotk to do to get down that far to reach most of you illiterates (that also means retahdo's in case ya didn't know)Ah da billig where one can hang out at da pahk and go footsies in da out for the doggy doo hate to see anybody step on brown doggy doo in da pooh...ya git figgers...anyways, I will sign out again as I'd hate to thing my brain will go down in infamy over this website about da pahk....I know ya not gettin' it...did you evah git it? No? go figger.
King of Whipple St- July 30, 2016 - Report this comment
Yep , me so smaht youse billagers...including you bicycle ungraded man....nope getting to 3rd base is not lookin' at da girlies, retahdo...well, we made it another month in the books and wot do ya got ta show for it exceptin' mammories of da pahk....yep ole, Greenwood pahk...home ta many dog ugly girlies and boyees...hah , made a joke.
Kinger the Klinger- September 06, 2016 - Report this comment
yeah, that's it...or dats it as you retahdos in ungraded say....It's me the King of da Billage...who's thought or tauts are really really welcomed here....Yes da Billage, where even Wall Wall and da Beave hang out...Hey Wall: what that in your pocket...ah get lost or i'll give ya a clobberin'....Hey Wall...ya ting ma and pa evah did it? Ah get lost ya squirt...or I'll get mad and beat ya down to Chinatown...Hey Wall ya tink Eddie Haskell ever did the Lump...ah wot ya drivin' at ya lil squirt? Well, if ma and pa never did it and maybe Lump and ole' Eddie did the backdoor alleyway...maybe we're just a couple of kids born o' Eddie and Lump da Dump? Ah , Beave ya know it don't work dat way, didn't ya take that up in Biology? Why heck no, Wall Wall, I'm only in the 3rd grade still and you're just a Freshman? Did they teach you that in Biology..Think so, but not sure that's when the teacher got mad at Eddie and the Lump and started throwin erasers and clonked me off the I had to go home with a I missed that part.
King of the Ville....- September 12, 2016 - Report this comment
I'm the King of the Ville...Figaro....that's an opera all you retahdo's out in Billage land..Especially you, bike-rider of the Undergrade. You can really ride that English Racer, however...yep, bet you'd like just for once feel an arousal other than your hand...yep no such luck for you...go 'head sing We gotta Get you a Woman.....ok, I'll just call you Leroy Boy and hope your post-hanging days are Eddy told the Beave: Get Lost Ya Shrimp....Before I'll annihilate ya....Yep, got to like such well thought out sentiment on that show...Well so long for now brown Pahk Poooh said to me...I saw him drinkin' with Sully behind the Game Room while getting aroused by ole' ugly Andrea....
King Billagah...- October 04, 2016 - Report this comment
Yes that is me, the Kingstah, Kingley one....yep can ya stand it all ya retahdoes...or stupid heads as the Wah wah says...Hey Wall, whatsa hot potato? ah go get lost ya lil squirt...(gee Wah Wah ya sure know how to hurt a guy...Ah, I'll clobbah ya one , beave...Hey Wall when you were a biggie jockstah, how did ya handle the girlie question...whaddaya mean beave..well, wots getting in her pants mean? well I think that's 2nd base, beave .....ya know when a guy makes it thru 3 yrs of steadiness with a girlie, he gets to let her carrie his books one time...yeah dats it....2nd base.....ya but wahwah? ya wot, ya lil squirt...wot's the gettin' in da pants part about? how da heck, should I know beave....I ain't been dare yet...when I do , I tink it will be when I turn 21....den the real action begins that's when I ride the stork over da clouds and she rides behind me like side saddle...ok, ya sqirt dat answer ya dumb question? oh guessin' so, turnover before I belt ya one, beave..ok? ok, wah wah...geez sure hope I don't get no girlie to climb into my'd be a hoot to see me clobbah her before 3 yrs is up.
my Kingaling- November 04, 2016 - Report this comment
Where have all the retahdoes gone....To da Billagh, where else....I see Wall and Andrea in her sexy outfit behind the funhouse with Sully all drinkin' and kissin' Andrea...she's a hoot and a half...then Retahdo gets excited and climbs off his bike and stands staring at Wall Wall and And for a half an hour intrigued because he's wonderin' why isn't Wal Wal doin' a handjob...well that's for another time....lets see , ah da Billage, where girls are ugly and guys would rather jerk girl was cute as I remember....forget her name...oh well, another stupido as the latino's now say in da Billage...oh and btw, who could live there now except other retahdoes like the girl that said Life is still great in Quinsig there's a difference....Quinsig Hills is where we have to walk a lot longer to get to the old schoolhouse...yeah, like that was a &*(*(*(** treat.
Singin' Kingstah- December 30, 2016 - Report this comment
Well another year another post about da billage...yep it's me dah kingstah talkin and talkin and ooops I see retahdoes everywhere, ridin' bikes up and down greenwood st and up and down Forsberg st where my favorite retahdo you know the undergraded one who is now 90 but still enjoys reading at a first grade level takes a peak at luscious Andrea of Quinsigy hills...just another steep ole st in da Billage like Whipple..And he sees Walter and Andrea holding hands like they got to 3rd base already, which gets me to Wally and da Beave...Hey wall wall, what ya doin? Ah get lost ya lil squirt before I'll clobbah ya one...Hey Wall would ya ever get to 3rd base with Mary Ellen Rogers or are ya through thinkin about her in that way...ya know like holdin' her books or somethin' mushy like that....Well , tell ya the truth, beave, I am getting certain feelin's for the girlies now that I'm over 20 ya know the same feelin's the retahdo gets when he's got his hand under his gym shorts all the time...those kind've feelins...and it's all about Mary Ellen when she wears my 10th grade letterman's sweater...gee Wall Wall, that's real serious like you scored a homah over the wall in left or like when Mary Ellen was showin' some skin action in her 2 piece swimsuit at the ya think ya might do a hug or somthin? I don't know beave,,,got to hold more of her books to get that touchy....guess its just me and the ole' hand for now....don't know what ya mean wall wall , I'm only 70....ain't nevah liked the girlies like dat, ya know...ah ok Beave, now would ya pls lv the room so , I can be alone with my hand. now.
Queen Bee of QV- January 24, 2017 - Report this comment
my word, can this poster be any more corny...I mean Wally and Beaver and all those un pc references to retards, Italians and making fun of women and men.....I guess he thinks it's funny but he should know , that we are laughing at him not with him.
King Kong of the Retahdoes- February 01, 2017 - Report this comment
oh QBQV ....more q's to you than I would label that retahdo that rode his bike up 'n down Greenwood to take a peak at your privates...I'll bet you liked it too. Well anyways, so Beave was askin' Wall Wall if he ever got to 2nd base with you and he said no...He wouldn't touch it with ole' Beave's he settled for your handshake...don't know, must've thought he was gettin' to 2nd base with you handshake....didn't realize how busted you really were..but hey that's a conversation for another day, and we'll revisit the bustedness of Queen Bee....She's got the hots for the park super who is too busy stachin' his empty pint liquor bottles...Did you get a sip?? Ole Wally will be in that black tar pool lookin' at your tan lines with the resident retahdoe.....hope you come...literally. Well that's all for now, Lil' Queenie and I hope you love your retahdo tonite.....Ities , busted women like you and retahdoe's ...oh what a way to remember the QV.
Beanpot Dave- February 12, 2017 - Report this comment
be smart - don't mess with the Swedes. Dansa min docka...
King Fisherman- February 25, 2017 - Report this comment
I'm baaaaackkkk....just wanna say that ole Beanpole Dave is a Swede of the 5th or 50th order...why he quoted a Swede movie tirle from a 100 yrs ago is beyond me...but now you know the meaning when someone says Dumbass any event, ole' Andrea of the QV Hilly area is ready with a fresh set of puffy lips so, ole' Beanpole will be mighty satisfied as he rounds first and heads into 2nd...remember for Dave head is a 2 way st...ha ha ha ha....and as the Beave says, give me liberty or give me head, Wally...Hey Wall , who said that...Ah get lost or I'll clobbah ya one...but Wall Wall when the girlies come around after me and Larry eat up all the ice cream and Larry goes home after I punch him in the stomach what do I tell the girlies...Gee, I don't know Beave, I guess I would ask them if I can carry their books so , I can get to 2nd base...But Gee Wal 2nd base when I get head or a liberty? Ah Gee Beave, has ole' bad bad Eddie been talkin' to ya...tell him, the next time I see him, I'll clobbah him...and then I clobbah Lumpy and that bald-headed ole' man, he has Mr Rutherfart....ya know the one that is on Dick Van Dyke show...Hey Wall would ya clobbah Larry Mondello...Gee no, Beave he's too Porky, like Porky Piggy...maybe Andrea and Beanpole can make hime do Hog calls....Yeah maybe Wally...well I got to study and play with my beat it, Beave...Ok, Wally, I think we'll both beat it.
the Village KingMe- March 30, 2017 - Report this comment
yep it's me again, ole Kingstah the greatest..Well the greatest of this sorry lot...not much greatness in this pile of Nordic slosh. As the Beave said to Larry about girls...Hey Larry what's cop a feel...don't know Beave...I tried it with my Sister once and she said ah get lost before I clobbah ya one...Hey Larry ya know I'm gettin' the feelin' like the younger you are the more ya question's don't get answered huh Larry....hey don't aska me, Beave, I'm gettin' booted off this show because my mom want's more money for the episodes I'm doin'..can I have your apple, Beave. Heck no, Larry, unless you can cop a feel from someone other than your sister....Hey Beave, how 'bout dumb Judy...lets both cop a feel from her...Larry, not me, 'cause Judy's a rat rat rat and so are you for coppin; a feel from her whatever that is.
beaver and wally kingstahs- April 09, 2017 - Report this comment
Here I am, the Kingley one..The Kingstah...and the King of Kings, the Kingman himself King Kong Kinger. Saying hello from my broken down hamlet on or near Whipple St hangin' with my homeboys Wally, Beave, Larry Mondello, Lumpy Dumpy and Pesty Eddie...Hey Eddie have you ever hit a homah with a goile...Ah get lost you never did in all of your 75 years or so..Well you see Beaver, I had this little injury while on the LAPD and it effected my Love Organ down mean that little thing, Eddie...Wally tell the squirt to leave before I go tap-dancing on his head...Beave pls leave before ole' limpy Eddie gets mad at ya...Hey Lumpy Dumpy why do you let Eddie outsmart you all the time. Is it because, you're a rat rat rat or just plain ole Lumpy in the Dumpy? Huh? Squirt , I'm gonna beat ya over the head with what's left with Eddie's you know what...the ole' gazinta...Hey Lump why do they call it the ole' gazinta? shadap, kid or I'll clobbah ya with it...Hey Larry did you get to cop a feel with Judy yet..nah..I decided that she'd hit me in the stomach and that I would have to steal a couple of apples from ya to get rid of the pain..Well that's all from my friends, gotta go now..but ole Wally is still holdin' Mary Ellen Roger's books and fumblin' with his limpy at night time..just in case you were wonderin' Andrea from the Hilly part of the know wonderin' when the retahdo get around to ask ya for 2nd base.
Klingah no Kingah no just plain Kingstah- May 05, 2017 - Report this comment
sorry, no Klinger for me....I'm much too pretty for that guy-girl....and besides what would Ward and June say other than now June when I was a kiddoe, i'd walk 100 miles to school each way and it would take me no more than 3 hrs to do it...well Ward I'm more worried about my poor little Beavah!! and what that big bully Lump Lump is doing to him...btw, Ward, you haven't been visiting my Beaver lately and just wonderin' if you need a little pick me up for you know , down there....Now June, now you know why I just renewed my subscription to Nat'l just never know what exotic pics you may see in how 'bout ole' Greenwood Pahk...that's right where all the layabouts of the broken down community known affectionately as duh Billage go to. Yep when Wally meets Andrea from the QV Hills and plays a game of snaps before he and the Village Retahdo unsnaps sexy Andre's clothes for a bit of the ole' peek-thru....what would the retahdo do if Andrea allows him 3rd base...would he give her a ride on his bike?? before Andrea gets bored with his dumb dumb retahdo responses. Oh well this is the King of Kings from his tiny little hamlet on or near Whipple St say p**s off to all you retahdoes out there...buh bye!!
Your Kingley Kinstah- June 17, 2017 - Report this comment
Hello all you retahdoes....and there are many when we are talking about the olden golden days of swedeville , usa...yessuh....da billage where retahdoes were free to roam all day so long as they all go to da pahk and pulay snaps with sexy Andrea and Wally Cleaver Stiney Boy...yep dose where da days , when you could step on dog poo poo and broken wine bottles in da pooh and go thru various caveman-like rites of passages and meet up wit da billage tough guys in what one might call Billage-Like bulliyin...yep ya heard it here foist...Billage Bullies not like Bullie Boys although I tink it may be da case of Sweede overload...ya know pencil dicks and da like...take ole Wally when Ward caught him snoopin on the Beave...Hey Wall Wall what ya doin'....ah ya know Beave , I got that urge ya know what I mean...tink I do, Wall...when Miss Landers tells me to stay after when all I wan to do is peak under her dress...ya dat kind of urge, Beave...Hey Wall ya evah act on your urge...Heck no, Beave cause ya know the guys would just razz ya...and then I'd be an outcast...I'd be rather doin' the razzin' ya know what I mean..Oh you mean when Dickey D the resident Itie decides to razzle dazzle you on the park lawn...yeah, kindve Beave, except Dickey D was a rollie poly fat boy who couldn't play tackle to save his fat life...much unlike Stinsey who could throw almost 10 yards....I tink Dickey D ate too much spaghetti or sumptin...well gotta go and play handball...Beave, if ya know what I mean...gotta get in practice for Maryellen Rogers when I hold her books again...don't wanna miss anything.
Kingin' on the 4th- July 04, 2017 - Report this comment
yep, it's still ole' me, the KingStar....every billage kids favorite guy or girlie?? Well , the ole hood has no more bonfires .....that retahdoe folks around here talk about as if they just had them last's been over 50 yrs or so, get the eff over it..already...maybe sexy Angie and Wah Wah can do it in the park in public for all the rest of you retahdoes, I don't know...but don't commaknockin' on my door on Whipple to ask my permission....I won't give to ya...ugly idiots for Ward used to say...Now June when I was a kid, I used to eat Ward is that true...we ya know June, if it were , I'd make sure I'd have a gallon of water nearby...hahahaha....Hey Dad, did you ever eat June...whadaya mean Wall Wall? Well some of the guys, well Eddie mostly said he saw his Papa go down on Mama....and was creeped out by did you ever? Now Wally I think it's time for you and Beave to go to bed, don't you think and don't ask that disgusting question again...June is the something from a French Adult movie, We should see when the boys are sleeping...Now Ward,,, I will not entertain such unholy thoughts in your head...we do it the fifties way and that is, immaculate conception....the boys will just have to understand. oh well not much about Independence but a whole lot of the Beaver conversations...buh bye for now. Retahds.
kings of suds and other sundry items- July 24, 2017 - Report this comment
yep it's me me me again, the kingstraw item...of your retahdoe past...hi one and all remember me the king of whipple and all of the billage I see no other retahdoe capable of taking away the kinstahs golden throne...yep when Wally says a 2nd base is when a girl shakes your hand and ole Wall Wall sees Junie poo...not to be confused with Junie Smitthy poo , get her rocks on with ole' Wardie poo who was worried about the old Beaver....'ceptin' Edddie Haskell getting creeped out by his Papa gettin' down on his Mommy. Hey Larry did you ever see your sis with no clothes on ??? no, that would be really gross , Beave..Hey Beave can I have your apple, no Larry....and then just for kicks Beave punches Larry in the stomach and Larry goes home cryin' to his ultra fat Mommy....but I digest....Well what's new....Suds is lookin' for more boys to play Pole touchin' with and Dickie D the resident itie wants to play Sausage with Angela who thinks all boys are retahdoes and creepazoids especially in the good ole' Billage ...'cause ya know she lives in Quinsig Hills with the rest of the bike-riding idiot retahdoes who peak under her panties nightly...Someone should tell her to shave every once in awhile...well so long for now...Billage kiddoes it's time to go...
swingin' kingpin kinger- August 10, 2017 - Report this comment
Well another day another dollar...oops in da billage it's another quarter....well sexy Andrea who subletted her undies to that bike ridin' retahdo...and our resident itie Dickie dede was proud to say he lives in another town west of here...suppose that makes him Bat Masterson, ridin' thru the west of the Brookfields...shoot 'em up , Dickie we miss the chance to have Itie food but maybe Vill Pizza can make some sauce for us poorer folk still too dumb to move out of this smelley grimey hell hole of a once proud smelley grimey hell hole where the guys were tools and the girls were dog Wall said to Beave...hey Beave whatya doin under the covers and Beave said oh jest playin with my hands...Wall said comeon before oh Junie Mommy Poo catches ya.
R. Johnson- August 15, 2017 - Report this comment
I grew up on Greenwood st. Still leave in the same house with my family. Great times at the park. I remember all the stores.
king johnson- September 04, 2017 - Report this comment
I grew down not up on greenwood st...and played hide the salami in the park with dirty Andrea..who let my Johnson grow by showin' some skin...but be that as it may...R Johnson, I bet you have more thrills and chills to write about other than "Great Times at the Park" and Great Stores....yep another retahdoe makin' his point whatever that was anyways, Larry Mondello says hello and asks if he can eat your sandwich..until the Beave punches fat Larry in the stomach and makes him walk home with R Johnson...who admires the great stores and times at the Park pickin' up Sully's empties, no doubt....Hey Wally what's an empty? Ah go on Beave ya know what an empty is? I guess it's when ole Mom sends ya to bed without suppah because you said a naughty work like Butt or Dagnab it or Gosh Gee or Good Golly, Ward....yep that empty turnover before I sock ya one in the snookahs....ok Wall an empty when you ask Mary Ellen Rogers to hold hands and she says not until you marry me?
the Kinger- November 27, 2017 - Report this comment
yep it's ole' me the Kingster , Kinger and the kingley one....ole' me oh my...Hey Wally what's a Kinger....ah go on Beave I'm gettin' ready to clobber da Lump so get out of my way before I clobbah you too. Hey Wall Wall, you mind if I take Mary Ellen Rogers out this time...I'll bet I get to first base with her...Well Gee Beave, have you ever held the classroom door open for a girl before...Gee Wall Wall, is that first base I thought it was throwin' a rotten egg at a girl and hitting her square on the snookahs....nope that ain't it go to sleep or I'll throw a rotten egg at you...Hey Wall, did R Johnson ever admire the store during your good ole' days in da Billage....Nope can't say I remember him unless it's the dumb sweede that hung out with the bike-ridin' retahdo...and played hide t the salami with fast Andrea behind the Fun House along with drunken bum Sully....Hey Wall can you explain the term Hide the Salami...nah it's too complicated for a squirt like you...see ya in da funny papers, Beave...
Kingerson- January 08, 2018 - Report this comment
running out of names so I used one in Swedeville since the swedes once dominated the Billage...with sexy cute Andrea and Wally and Retahdo bike D Johnson the one that admired the storefronts of the billage and remembered all those Swedoes fondly, hey Wall Wall....What ya lil runt...hurry up 'cause I gotta go with Dad and pick up my new jalopy...Hey Wall, remember when ya said you'd like to clobbah big rat Lumpy Dumpy well he's comin' up the front steps with his bald headed dad..yeah me and the Lump are headin' down to the junkyard to pickup a junk car for the both of us and Lumps bald-headed dad is kickin' in half for it...Wally, do ya think if he doesn't cough up half , ole Ward will busta nut...nah , nothin like that, he'll just tell ole Freddy to pay it when he can or he'll kick his arse...oh, hey say Wall, would ya kick Maryellen Rogers arse...nah that's 2nd base and I only got to first base , beave...yeah, I told Fat Larry that but he just wanted half of my tuna sandwich...did ya give it to him, Beave, yeah I punched his stomach , again....well back to my hand exercises, see ya Wall.
king andrea wally- April 22, 2018 - Report this comment
yep it's me the one and only King of Andreas's and Wall Walls....hey remember white not the tire but the socks when the retahdo riding his bike was walkin to school (undergrade class no doubt) with a crewcut and whitewalls...crazy huh??? no? oh, forgot, you're all retahdoes too, so naturally you wouldn't find anything wrong with another retahdo wearing the same as Andrea plays naughty with Wall Wall and the retahdo..Enough to make Lumpy Dumpy punch out ole' crazy Eddie while the Beave asks Wall if ole' Junie pooh got the pickle last prob not as Ward was too sleepy after a rough day in the office with Fred who still thinks of Lumpy Dumpy as a fine fine fine Boy...and not the creepo we all know hime as...Life father like son, I'll always say except when Larry Mondello get poked in the eye and is sent home bawllin his eyes out..anyways always did have a hankerin for sexy Andrea who lives in the Hill Country of Quinsig Village.
oh no not the Kinger- May 31, 2018 - Report this comment
oh yes yes's the kinger...probably wondering why am I posting this sight so never mind, retahdoes need not question why, destroys limited brain, I asked Lumpy why? and he said; shutup ya squirt or old baldy Fred will pound you in the kabanza...that's Itie for Dickie D who is the Billage's own Itie for sure...wheres ole Eddie, he's chasin' Wally's girlfriend to see if she'll get to first base with him...well that's all for now, you guys have been sweeter than candy unless you have to pay Arichie....See ya later, Billage People.
not king- July 20, 2018 - Report this comment
you're a pathetic piece of puke, dare you talk ill of fellow villagers and QV itself...I mean did you even live here....You're a fraud...big deal so you knew some of the faults of the Park and some of the peoples names...Only proves what a mutt you really are...probably gotten beaten up several times in the "old" you have formed a bad opinion of the Village..Clue: don't take it out on everybody because you had a hard childhood...maybe several mtgs with a shrink could solve your problems..but I doubt it....buh-bye.
is king not king me- August 18, 2018 - Report this comment
hiya, hello, hardy ho , ho chiminh, hohoho, and a pint bottle of rum for ole' sully....yep that's right its the kingster kingfishy of da billage with today's cheery msg...first off ya'll suckaroody in the bundanza, Danielsan….yep and ya know it Andrea givin thrills up billage boys leggings..ah da swedos yep at the pahk...sayin' golly gee and a whole lotta other naughty words like Hey Wall what's Lump doin' tonite….Geepers, Beave, I dunno , he's locked up in his room with his Mary and his 5 fingahs….singin' Leroy Boy is that you, your posthangin days are WalWall, what is the meanin' of life?? Well Beave it's my knuckle sandwich to your nose and then to your teeth, get my drift...I see Wally that means ya didn't get to second yet with Maryellen, did ya...ya it was real good, Beave....I kissed her on the cheek and she kissed me in my Brojolies...whatever that is..foreign language I think so , then my pants zipper popped and I believe it tore a hole thru my boxers...never had that feelin' before never and I'm almost 17...does that mean a homer, Wall Wall...nope just means something in purple , Beave now go to bed so I can use my hand on me.
Phillips- October 01, 2018 - Report this comment
the old hometown was always great...we enjoyed the stores along Greenwood St and we all went to one church or another....can't understand why some folks need to deride this neighborhood short of having bad memories , himself..but for me, I enjoyed them , immensely...the School, Library, the Park, the Chrurches the fun activities....I guess some just need to get it off their chest ..oh well se la vie, say the old folks.....
Jonathan King Phillip King a Ling- January 15, 2019 - Report this comment
so as a child I remembered a big fatso named Jonathan Phillips....big big dummy dumm Phillips big big fathead JP or the Vill or as sexy Angie says Quinsig Hills like there's a difference...Hey Wally....did ya see Jonathan and Lumpy Dumpy getting it on....yeah, no foolin' Beave , I saw the whole thing ….Lump asked him to carry his books home from school and biggy big dum dum Jonathan said glad to....what a fatass he is....yep that must've been quite a show, Wal Wall, huh...yeah, Beave it was now get outta here so I can do somethin' with my hand....oh yeah, Wall I know what that it 'cause I do that all the time better than lookin' at the rat fink girlies at my school....hey Wall , ya think big dumm dumm Jonathan will turn into one of those wierdoes? Mah, Beave, he's too dumbass for that he will just be another retahdoe like the bicycle kid that gets it from Sexy Angela from the Quinsig Hills.
Nat King Coals- March 01, 2019 - Report this comment
ok ya heard it or in second thought maybe not....for especially the Village people oh and no not the YMCA fiellas but you the wounded Q in the know , you you....Nat King and you, with ole' Wall Wall and the Beave sayin' Hey Wall....when will Eddie give up on hecklin' me and find a love interest...Well, dunno (in Vill talk it's Don't know but hey don't want to ruffle any of you retahdoe feather because as the old fold la vie...or what Fatso, Phillips said back int the day...)anyways, Wall says, that Eddie has a fixation on the Beave and in his way he really really likes Beave but has to show how manly he is by hecklin' him...Hey Wall Wall would ya ever heckle Eddie? well Eddie heckles himself by being what all the retahdo tricyclists are at the Pahk in da Billage….OH I see, Wall my boy or son or big bro bro...he's kind of a fiery...well not exactly Beave he still likes to scoop up the honeys at school but they know he's a playa....that's short for playa del carmen the one that blows kisses to sexy Andrea of Quinsig Hilly section....well now leave me alone while I practice wearin' a book on my head to practice modelin' for my first motion picture ...The ape that ate all the models including Julie something suddenly came up and I have to get under the covers to relieve it.
King Phillips in da Vill- April 26, 2019 - Report this comment
no not quite or for those QV retahdoes,'s me the Kingman or King Kong for fat Jonathan who still likes the stores and churches in da know King Kong Jonathan Phillips...yep dats da one...him or as Lump Lump says....boys he's a fatty....but he enjoys the churches and storefronts of da billage and don't you doubt it for one minute or second or year whichever pops into your retahdoe head or as fatty Jonathan likes to la vie says the ole' folk it just goes to show ya never can tell...not quite sure what dat means either maybe sexy Angela of the Hills knows but I sure don't get da connection....Hey Wally what's Linda Lou and Betty Sue doin' tonite are you havin' a threesome...yeah yeah Beave, that means I get to hold all of their books when we all walk home from school and then I get a handshake after that...say Wall....will it be ok to come into the room after, ya better stay outside the door until I'm thru takin' care of some business down below if ya know what I mean...nope don't know what ya mean Wall Wall....Hey Beave don't ask dumb questions or I'll clobber ya one in the snookers or say se la vie say the ole' folks to get lost ya creep so I can attend to something that just came up.
King of the day who will it be..- July 11, 2019 - Report this comment
Me of course...the Kingbury, Kingamond aka Quinsigamond but for you truly retahdoes just plain King....or what ole fat boy Jonathan says, Ces't la Vie.....yep a true scholar that one....not...but when Wall Wall said to Eddie...hey Eddie ya think Mary Ellen Rogers will let me carry her books today and ole' Eddie said ya better let me ask her Wall my man....I'm hep wit da chickies if I have to explain this to you Billage retahdoes than suffice it to say you are cretins....Wall says that's ok , I think I can get to 2nd base without your help, Eddie and then I can dream in my bed with Mary and da 5 fingahs if ya know what I mean...oh yeah, I know Wall Wall, the old gettin' off...yeah Eddie, so ya better not blow it for me , or I'll clobbah ya one and ole Lumpy Dumpy as well....ok ok, you ask Mary Ellen to carry her books, I'll bet she laffs at ya, Wall Wall...Well I'm gonna anyways because if she don't I might just elbow touch her in the stick outs that she has on her chests....Yeah, Wall those are call breastables in case you were wonderin' …. well all this girlie talk has made something to suddenly come up, Wallace so I'll leave you here...But call me after ya ask her to say what happened, I might try it with my girl , whoever that will be, someday.
Queenie Kingey- August 25, 2019 - Report this comment
well well well, or in Billage speak.....obladi oblada or ce'st la vie say the ole' folks as fat Jonafat says while he admires all the storefronts...or as the Beave told Wal Wall...he Wally, what's for breakfast?? How 'bout a knuckle sandwich, Beave...oh that kinda breakfast huh Wall Wall....hey Wal, would you give Maryellen Rogers a knuckle come'on Beave, ya know I don't hit the girlies....oh I see you just save it up for the guys, huh Wall Wall....surely you jest, Beave and don't call me Wall Wall...or Jonafat or D Johnson who also admires the storefronts...cause, ya know both of them are retardoes from the get go...oh year , I know just like Lumpy Dumpy and Eddie? ya that's right Beave just like them...well gotta go Wally as something just came up and I have to cool it down upstairs in my beddy long for now Wall Wall.
King of the Hill- December 02, 2019 - Report this comment
Snowfight…..forget it too old and too retahdoe…. even for billage standards that's the kiss of death...ain't that right Ces't La Vie...Jonathan ...fat dumb dumb Jonathan....well a morning with the beave and Wall Wall...hey Wally, would you ever throw a snowball at a goil...ah cut it out Beave , ya know I wouldn't ...hey Wall what ya do on your date last nite with Julie Foster?? well it got real intense, Beave when I asked to hold her hand after celebrating our 39th yr of goin out...yeah what she say Wall Wall? yeah, she said...I'm not going to sully my self by holding hands with you Wally Cleaver when you haven't even bought me a 10k diamond I said for 10 large I can hold hands how much to touch your hoo hoo? why Wallace Cleaver...I'm gonna tell your mom on you and maybe even your Dad after our hoo hoo session...but Julie my folks are dead how long do we have to go before you let me experience everything an 80 yr old man should experience...well ok, Wall Wall just this once go ahead and touch my hand...I said nah, it's the hoo hoo or nothin and I say Hoo Hoo...hey Wally , what's a Hoo Hoo….it's something ya get after holdin' hands, I would guess...see ya later, Beave...I've got to attend to something down under.
King of VillVille- April 03, 2020 - Report this comment
oh yes yes yes it's me the Kingman of the Villy….love to look at the stores and ride my retahdo bike to the park at 70 yrs old....oh yes play snapper with the ugly ville girls...Wall what's a Ville girl....cut it out Beave or I'll clobber ya one...oh yeah, Wally...yeah and I mean it, Beave….I'll let lumpy dumpy take a poke at your fat Larry....heh, have ya seen Fat Jonathan eat up all the creampuffs at Svea Bakery? no, but I hear he will be at it on Saturday after he works off a little sweat with a walk from Reeve's to Ekman...yep that'll get him in shape, do doubt because he's big dum dum fatboy...Hey Wall what's Hoo Hoo...don't know Beave but I'm going over to Mary Ellen Rogers for her 75th birthday and she says I touch it if I have a note from Mom 'cept Mom and Dad are I hope I can still touch her dirty old hoo get outta here so, I can practice with my hand...
I admire the Kingstah- October 05, 2020 - Report this comment
here I am to save the day.....The Kingstah all the way...yessuh yessuh it's your dear longlost buddy fat Johnathan no, the retahdo, no the yoyo that admires the stores, no it's me the Kingstah who I will always admire...because I know how to stare at Angela queen of the snaps from the Vill Hill...then theirs Larry Mondello who can't stand to not be Beavah's pally...Hey Larry what did you puke up after I punched ya in the belly...It was the dumb cookies I got from Wall Wall...did you get those cookies from Svea bakery Larry? know actually I got them from your Mom..she's one hot dishey. well so long for now
King me the Kingman- April 27, 2021 - Report this comment
hey retahdoes everywhere in da billage it's me the Kingly Man...sayin' hello from Wall Wall and da Beave's house...yep it's the se la vie kid, Kingy Magwingey wonderin' how long before I see the hoo hoo on Mary Ellen Rajah's hoo hoo...I mean haven't I carried enough books of hers for a look see if you know what I mean..No big dum Jonathan, that doesn't mean raiding Hellen's Bakery of all the day old pastries, ya fat slobbo or the retahdoe 80 yr old riding his bikaroonie to the Quinsig Hills to see what's under cute Angela's nighty it's Beave asking Wall Wall if he ever got to first base on Mary Ellen's hoo hoo...heck no , Beave I'm still a virgin boy much like say la vie go the old folks...ole' Jonafat is eating out Helen's Bakery and not Helen..too da loo to you too.
King of Vill Retahdoes- November 23, 2021 - Report this comment
Yes that's me the one and only in the hills of the Ville....yessuh the ole Qv or QV hills as sexy Angie so eloquently puts it...Hey Wall...did you ever you know get it from Cherry hILL Pahk Angie...nah Beave she's a teasah in the daytime and a pleasah in the nighttime..yeah ok, Wall, Gillby is comin over so we can upchuck chunks of banana peels and place them on Lumpy Dumps front seat so we can hear the squishem's...yeah just don't interfere with Lumpy on q date with Maryellen Rogers 'cause that's my girl and I'm gonna get some tonite from her cooties, Beave..Hey Wall Wall whats a cootie? ah shadap or I'll clobbah ya one, go see Jonofat before I give ya the old hand treatment
Roxane Smith- July 22, 2022 - Report this comment
I used to play all summer at the park. Best memories.I am Richard Smiths sister. We lived on Harwich st. I now live in Springfield.I will never forget Quinsig Village and all the great people.
Color me Kingster- August 11, 2022 - Report this comment
yes Roxanne you were the not so good looking one that we all thought you'd be destined for a city like Springfield where if the girlies got any uglier you'd be their queen of ugs...and your brother Ricky the Dickie would be crowned the Village's biggest ratfest....but I defer to the Late Wall Wall who was asked if he ever got it on with Roxy baby and Wally said nope not that I'd know off or had 2 baggies to put over her head with...and Beave asked the dearly departed tv bro if he got to see her hoo hoo and Wall said oh that's what that is to which he opined no but Jonafat Phillips saw Roxie Smitty's who who and began to clamor for her to get him a dozen creamie puffs at the now defunct Svea Bakery where Ricky the Dickey Smitty couldn't find a hoo hoo to save his inadequacies.
Good King Leonardo Lion- October 15, 2022 - Report this comment
well not even close but it will suffice...oh sorry forgot the retahdoes don't understand the word suffice..well suffice it to say that Jonofat will explain the meaning after he gulps down 12 Svea la vie say the Village fat folks like Jonofat..the King of Fatso's. and Roxie Roxanne maybe the fug ugliest kid in the Vill next to oh I guess way to many to see the Beave has something to say about it when he is msging Wall Wall up in Heaven about if he ever got plain Roxie's hoo hoo...Wall said no and is trying to be good so he can get promoted to Angel 2nd Class next to Clarence the cross eyed Englishman...Hey Wall do you see much of Clarence and Harry Bailey these days up there...Heck no, Beave you know it's only make believe about Clarence and old Harry Bailey...but heck still looking as to when ole' Roxie from Springfield will pass on this way so I can see her Hoo until then...I'll just have to hope fat Jonofat can bring some Creampuffs with him when he gets to the Heavenly Gate...juries still out as to whether he makes it by ole' St Peter!!
King of the Road- February 26, 2023 - Report this comment
Sailors for Sale or Rent....Rooms that cost 50 cents....I'm a man of means by no means King of the Vill....Yep it's your old muckraker of the Village, me the Kingstah, baby...yep even good ole Roxy baby you know the hottest thing since below zero temps..for Retahdoes that's a little pun intended...oh do I have to explain it to you just ask Roxanne and she can tell you's when a goil called the Beave Sheepdog....which actually was full out put down not like how I artfully described Roxy's hotness (hot?? Not)....oh well you might get the picture but Knowin' the Vill's retahdoes the way I do don't think so...Beave did you know many retahdoes growin up...gee no Wal Wall just stinkin' Eddie and Dumpy Lumpy ergo your friends...what about you 'bout a fat lip, Beave or retahds like, Fatso Larry or Gilbert or Whitey Whitney....ah ya just puttin' me on, Wall....Hey Wally whatever happened to Dudley McMillan did he ever steel Eddie's girl with his Piano playin'...nah Beave last I heard Dud's was playin' finger putty up his kazoo..oh well that's all for now my little ones..catch me next time.
Paul Fallavollita- July 19, 2023 - Report this comment
I remember swimming at the pool here in the late 80s. I was so happy that the friend I met at Camp Blanchard, Jim, turned out to live in the neighborhood.
B.B. King in da houz!!- October 26, 2023 - Report this comment
yep the Kingman of Kingmans....sayin' hallow to Falloverbackwards...Yep the kid who loved swimmin in doggy doodoo....How now browncow, Paulie....yep another retahdo from the Villa....Hey Beave did you swallow those pesky brussel sprouts Wal Wall...I spit 'em out when daddio wasn't looking...and then sat on Eddie and made him eat 'em 'bout dat....did you get into Julie Foster's hoo hoo??? no beave, but I got to plaster a big wet one on her know the 2 melons up top...the stickouts...ole Julie has bigins for 'bout you..or are still thinkin' lewd thoughts about Larry Mondello...heck no....I don't swing that way anymore but Fall over does ....caught him towelin' off in the game room with Sully...drinkin' the whiskey bottles.

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