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V-66, Boston's Video Channel of the 80s

This page is for people to share info about Boston's only local video channel, which is very deceased at this point. Most recent comments are at the bottom of the page.

Hi! Great to see a page being started for this fondly remembered experiment in local MTV! This station was a blast: great tunes, local vibe, call-ins, visiting stars, funny VJs, contests, and great exposure for local bands! I was in high school at the time (84-86) and this station was a constant friend.
Comment by: Eric Barisano
The video from local artist Face-to-Face, "10, 9, 8... I'm always coutin' down ..."
Comment by: Wilson
WVJV-TV was the first video channel to premier aha's "Take On Me", with the motorbike race in the comic book, you no doubt recall. One of the VJs, Ian O'Malley, seems to be a DJ for Q104 in New York (unless there are two Ian O'Malleys running around in the music broadcasting biz). V66 is wicked in Watertown! Big in Back Bay! Lightning in Lynn! It's the beat of Boston! I have a poster somewhere with all o' them VJs on it. It cost $1.66, of course. Can you tell that I'm obsessed with V66? Why, I sometimes see New York license plates with 'V66' for half of the plate. Nutty! V66!
Comment by: Morgan Chase
At the time V-66 was on the air, MTV was nowhere and not everybody had cable TV yet (can you teenagers even IMAGINE that?) -- so you saw music videos only on TV shows like Friday Night Videos -- and they actually played videos instead of weird shows that have nothing to do with music. The VJs were some of the best and the brightest in Boston -- John Garabedian (now doing "Open House Party" on Saturday night radio) and David O'Leary (now at WBOS 92.9) among them. Also, I remember a bizarre commercial that Garabedian and Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsberg did when the Patriots were playing the Bears in the Super Bowl -- they had a teddy bear bound and gagged and tortured it between videos. I used to have a V-66 T-shirt, but it probably disintegrated in the bottom of my closet long ago. A little trivia for you -- what was the first (and, I believe, the last, but I'm not sure of this) video V-66 played? Answer? "Abracadabra" by the Steve Miller Band (I don't know why I know that, but I do...)
Comment by: Chris H.
I was just talking about this the other day when I had two fingers up and every time I have two fingers up I think of V66, and when I ask people, Do you remember the free music station V66? they look at me like I am crazy well I am glad I found it, it brings back memories. Birthday 02-08-73
Comment by: Greg Stewart
I was really young maybe around 8 or 6 when I was watching V-66. I remember V-66 The Beat Rolls on :-) I still have one of the bumper stickers up on the door to my room at home.
Comment by: Brad
WOW! A page about V-66!!! I was in high school when the station came out and I actually blew off MTV for awhile I loved it so much! Does anyone remember the group "New Man"? V-66 showed their video "Bad Boys", it was great and it was SO 80s!!!
Comment by: MJ
V-66!! Rip-roarin' in Rochdale!! ^_^ This is *so* cool - I didn't think *anybody* remembered that channel! It was *really cool* - I wish it was still around. It was the first place I ever saw a Deep purple video, and it was from their song "Knocking At Your Back Door". Before then, I didn't think Deep Purple did *any* videos. It was also the first place I saw the A-HA video "Take On Me". Excellent site you have here - keep up the great work!! ^_^ Seeya!!
Comment by: Jesse Robinson
I remember it well. I lived down the street from the station in Natick back in 85-86. When I drive by the building the V-66 flashbacks just take over. It was a sad day indeed when it went off the air. Remember the song "Countdown" by the Drive, I used to work with the drummer's wife so that station was special to me.
Comment by: RB
I remember the girl with tossled hair dancing to "How Soon is Now?" by the Smiths. I remember David O'Leary coming on air and dressed all in leather for Halloween and he said he was dressed as David Leatherman. I too remember New Man and still think of the Bad Boys video. I am almost ashamed to admit I have this album on vinyl because I couldn't get the song out of my head! I remember going away to college and coming home to tune into V66 and seeing the Home Shopping Channel and feeling sad.
Comment by: Scott V
I'm from Philly and remember visiting Martha's Vineyard and getting a very fuzzy reception in 86...I remember seeing Depeche's People are People and Maze's Back in Stride..a similar channel was Ny (actually Newark's u-68) which is now also a ^@@&& Home Shopping Channel ...
Comment by: robt
V-66 was the greatest! I really enjoyed watching that channel, & was very sad when it left the airwaves. I used to watch it more than MTV & had a lot of stuff from that channel on videocassette, but it was eaten up by my VCR. What I liked the most was the way V-66 showcased Boston bands: The Fools, Digney Fignus, New Man, Rods & Cones, The Lyres, Rubber Rodeo, Ball & Pivot, Til Tuesday & The November Group, were just some of the many local talent I remember watching. And obsure stuff, like my favorite one hit wonder clip from IAM SIAM called "She Went Pop". The coolest thing I remember from V-66 was when Prince announced that he was not making music videos anymore, so V-66 made THEIR OWN video for the "Raspberry Beret" single! It was a simple overhead shot of the record playing on a turntable & close up shots of the album cover mixed in. As we all know, Prince later changed his mind about making videos, & made his "Raspberry Beret" version. I still liked V-66's better! There will NEVER be another channel like V-66, & I am proud to say that I was there "back in the day". Peace.
Comment by: Scotty C.
A buddy of mine told me about this site devoted to fans of "The V". Have to thank you all for providing me with some laughs and a trip down memory lane. Currently i'm living in NYC,doing voiceovers for commercials,working part-time at Q104.3,and freelance tv hosting(TLC,Discovery channel,etc).I also did a six week stint on CBS's "Big Brother" this past summer,which i compare to crawling on hands and knees through broken glass while chewing on razorblades.It'll be the last time i listen to my agent when i hear"But Ian!! You'll make a ton of money!!". The critics had a field day,and in general,it was a drag,although the people i was working with could'nt have been nicer.

Anyway.....Sitting in my clost gathering dust is my original V66 black satin staff jacket. Needless to say i would'nt be caught dead in it now,but i hate to see it go to waste. If any of you can come up with a valid reason why you might want this,i'll gladly hand it over.I have fond memories of the V,but this jacket will eventually get tossed,and needs a good home. Otherwise,is there a place in Boston devoted to Boston media memories similiar to a Hard Rock where it might be housed?

Feel free to email me at Thanks again for making a Wednesday afternoon so entertaining. Happy Thanksgiving to all.. Ian O'Malley New York City.

Comment by: Ian O'Malley
i loved v66. my town didnt have cable yet in the mid 80's so we had to wait for mtv. but the V-kicked ass...fewer commercials, funkier videos, and less vjs. viva la v. but we did get v66. and we all watched all the time. remember the *2* different versions of mButterfly?[i think] and one night in bangkok...ahhh, those were the days.
Comment by: j benn
Ahhh, The V. David O'Leary, Tony Garabidian, Ian O'Malley et al. Remember it fondly. Growing up in a central Mass. suburb that was slow on the cable revolution, it was thanks to The V and Bill Smith's 'Hot Hit Video' (Channel 7) that I could see anything at all -- besides Friday Nights on ABC of course. And to think, they were trying to compete with MTV by playing videos!!! ... because that's what MTV used to do. My fondest V memory is when they came to Emerson College and VJ'd what was supposed to be a dance with videos. All it was was a disaster, in just about every aspect. Now the V is gone, my dorm is a luxury condo, and you still can't find good videos anywhere on TV.
Comment by: Jon M
Aah, The V! I've still got my V-shirt packed away in my closet -- V66 logo on the front, an ad for Strawberries Records on the back. The local tune I remember seeing most on The V was "Out of Touch" by Lizzie Borden & the Axes. I was pleased to see someone else mention the afterschool "Hot Hit Video" program (wasn't that show done in conjunction with WHTT hit radio?); where else could you count on seeing After the Fire's "Der Kommisar" video every day of the week? It never dawned on me while viewing that godawful "Big Brother" show that Ian O'Malley used to be a veejay. Ian, if I were you, I'd be thankful you got canned from that gig. It doesn't appear that Julie Chen will ever regain respectability after that fiasco. And regarding the veejay jacket -- Ian, if you're not gonna give it to me to wear on stage (I'm a singer -- as an anti-MTV statement, we oughta see if the Boston House of Blues would consider framing it and displaying it on the wall. V-66 definitely deserves a place in the pantheon of Boston music history!
Comment by: Rev. Lucifer Love
I remember V66 being grainy most of the time. Duxbury didn't have cable back then and wouldn't for several years after the V was history. Most people in town didn't even get V66 as well a I did because I lived on a hill. It didn't matter. When it's the 80's, your'e 11 years old and a local station is broadcasting an Aerosmith concert... you don't care too much about signal quality. V66 was the only local video channel that I ever heard of. It was the best music channel on television and I've seen nothing better since. In retrospect the coolest single thing about the V was that it was Boston. It was ours. Try calling Mtv and requesting a video for an obscure, ten year old song. Are their VJ's gonna answer the phone? Are they going to play that song in the next half hour? Right. I live in L.A. now but when I get back to Boston on occasion I will see a faded old V66 sticker on a stop sign or the like and I have to smile. By the way Ian, there is a Hard Rock in Boston down by Deluxe- a bar in the South End.
Comment by: Colin G
V-66 did a great job helping turn "The Girl with the Curious Hand" into an underground classic. I still get e-mail asking me where it's available. Thanks to everybody who remembers the video. Good news, Sony Music is releasing a compilation of Digney Fignus tunes. The CD is called Anthology and should be out in the next couple of months, and of course, "The Girl with the Curious Hand' will be included on the CD.
Comment by: Digney Fignus
The video I most associate with V-66 was "Summertime Girls" by Y&T Like many of those who wrote above, we would watch the same two dozen videos over and over again when MTV got lame, and once in a blue moon you'd even see the Drive and Digney Fignus on MTV... When I went to Syracuse University in 1985 all the Bostonians gravitated toward one another to bond over being "Natural in Natick" or "Bitchin' in Boxborough." God knows the kids from New York and Philly didn't know what was up with that. Even now when you meet someone who put in their adolescent time in Boston back then it's a shared cultural touchstone. And Mary Jo, the Martha Quinn of Metrowest. Only ten times cooler. I still remember my Dad calling me at school and telling me the plug had been pulled on the V. A dark day, that.
Comment by: Drew Fessenden
I remember watching the V. "Bustin out at BU!" They were clearly the best video channel of the day! Who will forget "The Stompers" with 'East Side Girl' when they danced and sang around Logan Airport? I know listen to John Garabedian on the Saturday Night House Party and smile remembering his V-66 days! Sister Pat (Hi to Eric Barisano)!
Comment by: V66 Rocks
V-66 introduced music videos to many adolescents, like myself, stuck in cableless (uncivilized) towns in central Massachusetts. Like my colleague, Drew Fessenden, who has already contributed to this tributary webpage, I too was particularly fond of Mary Jo. She had a girl-next-door quality about her while still retaining her hipness. Loved her 80s hair (no irony here) and faint freckles. My best memory of V-66 is its coverage of Live Aid. I got to see and hear U2's inspired performance at Wembley Stadium, the Hooters' opening act in Philly, a Black Sabbath reunion with Ozzy...I could go on. When my town finally got cable my senior year in high school, a couple of years after the V's demise, I watched MTV with relish at first but soon discovered it lacked the local flavor V-66 provided. I think I can come up with a good reason for why Ian O'Malley should hand over his satin V-66 staff jacket to me: Not only was I a devoted fan during its brief existence, but I am still a Massachusetts resident who would guarantee that such a relic of Boston music history would live on forever as a family heirloom and would only come out during my lifetime for the occasional 80s theme party.
Comment by: Bob Lacey
I never got to see V-66, but I remember a blurb about it on a 20/20 documentary about music videos and the message they were sending young people. I saw it on a plane but it probably was broadcast too. Since my family didn't have cable, I kept hoping something like that would someday arrive in Kansas City. There was an LPTV in the area that tried and failed, but it was too far away for me to see it. Some people may not believe this, but there was a time when you could see music videos on MTV.
Comment by: pat s.
Wow, how cool is the Internet to be able to read Digney Fignus reminiscing?!? The Girl with the Curious Hand was an amazing song and video...I have the LP somewhere, but I just ordered it on CD to make sure because it's been too long since I heard the song! Now if only I could get the video somewhere... Along with Mr. Fignus, my greatest memory of V66 was Obsession, by Animotion. What a cool video that was...
Comment by: Geoff Speare
I live in Philly now, but used to live in Connecticut and often visited friends in Boston. I thought V66 was way ahead of its time -- a lot smaller budget than MTV, but their choice of music was much better. MTV is and always has been too corporate - there was a lot of stuff that they wouldn't play and if they couldn't get an exclusive play contract from you, they might not play your clip. I had friends associated with Iam Siam and after they premiered their video on "Night Flight" (not MTV) they had a devil of a time getting MTV to play it. I saw it regularly on V66 though... I often wish that somebody would find a way to bring back the freedom that stations like V66 delivered. And when I use the 'V for Victory' sign, I still think of V66 too..
Comment by: Steven
Hey all you lovingly nostalgic people...nice to see such positive memories of two years in Boston TV. What is even more amazing is the very specific memories of minutia like Lizzy Bordon videos and Halloween promos. Behold the reincarnation of, now playing on a computer near you. We even stole the basic concept of the V66 logo. Cheers!
Comment by: john g.
Oh Jeez...this site is way too much. V66 was a treat and a blessing for anybody that didn't have cable. I remember my cousin coming to visit me from CT and making fun of V66 for not being up to MTV's standards. I replied "Hey not to shabby for a local station~ Thank you very much." Remember Kim Mitchell's "Go for Soda" or Aerosmith's "Let the Music do the Talking." (and you saw that long haired hippy/biker dude in the photomat booth?)I think they had a contest where you could win tickets to be in the video if you were the correct caller. Autograph's 'turn up the radio' was another video they played a lot. I also remember Face to Face's 10,9,8 like one of the readers above had mentioned.
Comment by: Steve
I still have the video tape of David O'Leary interviewing Fiona (no, not this Fiona Apple, but this 80's dirty hottie who sang "Talk to Me") and yes I too remember the summer of 1985 watching Y & T's "Summertime Girls", Bon Jovi "In & Out of Love" and Don Henley's "Boys of Summer"....those were the days. I also remember seeing the V66 logo on that building next to the Natick exit off the Masspike. Every time I pass it I say "VEEEEEEE66" and do the 2 finger thing. It can really piss some people off.
Comment by: Steve G
I loved V-66! I had MTV at the time but found myself always watching V instead. There was one video from a local band they played alot. I wish I could remember the song or the group. I want to say the group was "New Man" I can picture the video. It was filmed in Boston and they were all driving around in a convertible... Anyway.. V-66 Rocked! They played the best videos, played alot of local bands, and just felt like home. Too bad it went down hill. But then so did MTV...
Comment by: Blaze D
Does anybody remember that V66 was broadcast in stereo? I remember John Garabedian advising us all to "disconnect the crappy 3-inch speaker" on the TV and hook it up to the stereo. I never did it because our stereo situation at home was a dubious concoction of mismatched components (as was the wiring in our old New Hampshire farmhouse). I also remember the Smiths' "How Soon Is Now", which was a home-made production of ill-gotten footage of the band, if I'm not mistaken. Anybody remember "Congo Bongo", one of the first ventures into computer animation? I forget the artist on that one. I once caught Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy" and never saw it again. Where else could you see videos of bands like 'Til Tuesday and New Man who were still playing venues like Keene State College in those days? I have never liked MTV or VH1 because my first exposure to music videos came from V66 and nothing else has ever come close. It was so 80's and so local that I often think that it was a figment of my imagination. When someone occasionally asks, "Do you remember V66?" I have to take a second and remember that it was real and that it was broadcast to a few million people in several states. Now the whole world can hear about it. Maybe the new version should be called E66.
Comment by: Tristan M. Chase
Wow... I did a search on Lizzie Borden and the Axes and found this page! Cool. Yeah, I remember the kielbasa video, and I can almost remember the riff. Whoa. I do think that the low point of the 80's was flicking between MTV, VH1 and V66 and all three were playing "Dancing On The Ceiling" :) OK, does everyone shudder when I mention "New England, the Patriots and We?" :P (and the V for Victory!) Dave
Comment by: Dave Oliver
Actually sometimes I still watch V66 cause I taped some of my fave videos.
Comment by: karinja
Favorite memories of the V: when they played "How Soon is Now?" and "She Sells Sanctuary" and other moody, good videos. I also loved annoying people making the V logo, and using V as a verb ("Let's V.") My brother made a video art piece, of a kind, out of Susan Beauchamp's news updates. It's sort of an homage. Anyone remember what the final video was, that fateful night when John G. singned off and all went to fuzz?
Comment by: Mary Mary
Remember Susan Beuchamp? Roxy Myzell? Mary Jo? V66 put me on the air a couple of times, requesting videos. I had a conversation with Perry about Christmas traditions when I called up to request Tears for Fears' 'Change'. Perry made my sister sing a Christmas Carol when she called to request Howard Jones' 'What is Love?' I remember they had Howard Jones on as a guest and supposedly he said something about how everyone there smelled bad. And I remember the long, long collection of celebrities that they brought on the make a 'Happy Birthday v66' collage. And they never let poor Emo Phillips sing his entire song. "Happy Birthday V66, My name is Emo --" and they cut him off, every time.
Comment by: Jeff in NYC
I'm very surprised to see a site dedicated to Bostons own v-66. I have very fond memories of this station , as it was way better than boring m-tv. I was about 16 when this station came to be ( man, half my life ago! ) and for some reason i always remember watching this station over my aunt and uncles house while watching my twin cousins. I have very vivid memories of The Del Fuegos ( Dont run wild, I still want you ) The John Butcher Axis ( Only life can take a life )Lizzie Bordan and the axes, The Drive, Lone Justice, The Fools and The Stompers to name a few. Sometimes I too see a faded Blue and black V-66 bumper sticker ( In the strangest places !) and It brings me right back to those years . Great memories and great station. For the record, the jacket does belong in the hard rock cafe or the house of blues!!!
Comment by: Thomas sperounis
I'm 31, and all my friends speak of the V66 days with reverence. MTV stunk compared to V66. I remember seeing Katrina & the Waves' "Walking on Sunshine." I remember Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio." I remember Animotion's "Obsession" with particular fondness because it cracked me up when they had that quick recurring shot of the guy raising his eyebrow. I also seem to foggily remember a song by someone named Sonny Terry...I think it was called "It's a Fine Day For a Reunion." MTV never played that one. V66's influence reached as far as Mexico City, because an exchange-student friend of mine was up here during the time that the station was on. When I went down to "El Ciudad Amiga" to visit him in the summer of '87, (this was well after the station had gone the way of the blue suede shoe) guess what was on the back of his clunky Chevy Citation? A V66 bumper sticker. When I lived in Framingham from '98-'99, my roommate used to point to a building on Speen Street in Natick as we drove by and say, "You know, that's where V66 was." Don't know if this is an apocryphal story. All in all, V66 kind of embodies a very happy time in my life. It makes me happy to think about coming home from school, turning on V66, and grooving on the vibrant 80s while they were still happening. I know all my aging, paunchy and balding friends can say the same. I think the fact that its existence was so fleeting made it all the more sweet and precious. Alas, V66, we hardly knew ye!
Comment by: Paul D.
It was Tony Carey who sang "A Fine Fine Day". Great song! Another V-66 video classic was Feargal Sharkey's "A Good Heart". I swear, half of the stuff in my vinyl collection was bought because I saw the videos on V-66.
Comment by: Bren
WOW! V-66 was ahead of its' time. MTV was still new and only ran videos. It was actually V-66 that started the 'special programming' (to the best of my knowledge). I was the drummer for Lizzie Borden & The Axes and remember doing The Axes Slumber Party with MaryJo. Was it really that long ago (checking out my gray hairs in the mirror *smile*). Now what they need to do is a local "Where Are They Now".
Comment by: Cyndie B.
Oh man... V-66 was around when I was 11 and 12, living in Nashua N.H. One of my biggest memories was a parody video I watched, I think on v-66 called "No More Madonna." And YEARS before MTV knew who REM were, I remember seeing the video for "Can't Get There From Here" on that station. Tears for Fears, Animotion, Wall of Voodoo, esepcially Howard Jones... wow... a real trip down memory lane. I'm actually writing an article on the V for a nostalgia/humor/opinion website called Perhaps some of the recollections here will make it into it. I wish someone would start up something simialr around here again.
Comment by: Jason S.
I used to love Lizzie Borden & The Axes? Where is Lizzie Borden? What is she doing? Are any of the girls playing? I talked to Lizzie once at a Show at Spit, she was so cool!
Comment by: jess
Reading these entries is FLOODING my brain with random memories of being 12, 13, 14. Yes, the first I ever saw of The Cure, The Smiths, REM, AND they'd play The Doors and (of all things) Creedence videos (which were two of my faves at the time). I guess that John Garobedian and Perry Stone were on drugs. They were my 2 faves, for their wackiness. NOTE: I just saw a person name Henning play a show at the Baystate, in Northampton, MA and he has A SONG CALLED V66, which is ALL ABOUT HIS V66 MEMORIES. It's all 80's sounding and was great!!! I bought a CD and it's on it.
Comment by: Duncan
I grew up in Marlboro, Ma. where V66 was located and to us it seemed awesome that we'd have a competitor to the mighty MTV in our town! Then you'd drive down to where it was and it was a crappy little building in the woods. It may have just been the antenna site, to this day I don't know. But I do remember thinking, "This is gonna be BIG TIME! Maybe Van Halen will come to Marlboro!" Yeah...okay.
Comment by: Jeff Garcia
Mutha, don't wanna go to school today!!
Comment by: Eric
What I remember most is seeing the Extreme Mutha don't want to go to school today video before they made it big.
Comment by: Chris M
I used to tune to V-66 almost every day (when I could get it...I lived in Provincetown at the time). Since I had no cable, this was my music video connection. Even after cable came to me, I preferred the local flavor of V-66 to the (even then) over-commercialized MTV! I remember when V-66 was started to become half-music and half-HSN. When it went to full-time HSN in the fall of 1986, I mourned!
Comment by: Emi Melissa Briet
I seem to remember in the very beginning when the station came out, that Rosie O'Donnell was one of the VJ's or a regular guest. Any one else remember this? I also remember fondly the songs/videos "When You're Heart Is Weak" by Cock Robin and that great video by A-ha called "Take Me On", which had a cool combination of film and pencil drawings. It was kind of a cheesy station. I loved it.
Comment by: Oenanthe Kennedy
Like many you, V66 was a huge part of my adolescent life. When I was 15 years old, my town (like many at the time) didn't have cable yet, so MTV was something you only heard about. I would faithfully watch Friday Night Videos and Hot Hit Videos, and record them as well so I could watch them over and over. Then, on one Friday Night in 1984 I was flipping through the UHF stations on the 12" Black and White in my bedroom. For some reason I decided to crank it all the way over to channel 68 (not sure why that channel always sucked), and on the way I saw a flicker of something. I went back two clicks and it was a video of "Turn Up The Radio" by Autograph. I figured it was just a new video show on Friday Nights, but the videos didn't stop playing! I stayed up until 6am that night because I wan't sure how long this was going to last. Needless to say, it stayed on that old Black & White for the next couple of years. One memory I do have of V66 that sticks out is when Ian O'Malley went totally ape s**t about some critic or columnist who did a bad write up on Amy Weaver (i think it was her). I couldn't believe it! I just thought it was so cool that he was sticking up for his co-worker on live TV knowing he could lose his job when they went to commercial. But he didn't lose his job, and that's what was cool about that station - no B.S., hype, or scripts. Just good songs with cool personalities in between.
Comment by: David Johnson
This is so cool...I still have my VHS tapes of videos from V66! No cable at the time, just Friday night videos and V66...I think I have the New Man video on one of my Dave...I not only remember "New England The Patriots and We" I was in it! Thanks to V66 for all the local music... I am happy to have the Lou Miami video on tape...Lou RIP
Comment by: Susan D
When Prince's "Raspberry Beret" came out, MTV had the exclusive on the video. But V66, desperate to play the song made their own video for it which, if I remember correctly, consisted of a close-up shot of the 45 (yes, the 45!) spinning on a turntable. And, even more bizarre, was the fact that we actually watched it. That was an awesome song!
Comment by: Brian
Remember seeing that V66 logo off of the Framingham exit and all the local music it supported! Quite a scene back then in the music/band/ club scene; especially the Channel,Metro, Spit and ManRay (drinking age was 20 until late '84!). Went out with some younger folks in their twenties and revisited some of the "new" old haunts. All I can say about how much has changed is boring and uptight it all is!
Comment by: Ace
I was in junior high when V-66 started and of course had a big crush on Ian O'Malley. I remember seeing a lot of David Lee Roth videos. "California Girls " where he walks down the road with all the gorgeous women in bikinis standing like statues... and "I'm Just a Gigolo". . I also loved the "Obsession" video, wasn't this the one where the woman was dressed like Cleopatra and lounged by a pool? Ahh the 80's...I feel so old Liz M.
Comment by: Liz MacWhinnie
Holly - The Polish band with the tank was called Lady Pank and the video was called Minus Zero. Living at the bottom of a hill in Dorchester without cable meant having to wrap tin foil around the UHF to pick up V66. Remember the cheesy promo with David O'Leary driving around in a sports car waving at people? How could one ever get sick of seeing AC/DC's Jailbreak, U2's A Celebration, The Stand by the Alarm, Look My Way by The Vels, Ghosts by Lou Miami, Don't Say Goodnight by Jon Butcher, My Ex by the Sex Execs? WooWoo, why did you sell out?
Comment by: John Costello
Ball and Pivot's "Down" video, Fiona's "Talk to Me", Bon Jovi's "In & Out of Love" and (I can't believe I remember this" Fred Schneider of B-52's fame had a song called "There's a Monster in My Pants" Anyone remembe that little ditty? : )
Comment by: Kat
ok kids,here's one for ya: a year before mtv debuted,channel 68 in boston aired music videos at 5:00pm every night until their starcase/starchannel programming began at 6:00pm. anyone else remember watching hall&oats private eyes, kiss on my list or you've lost that loving feeling? or john cougar's ain't even done with the night and this time? or crazy joe and the variable speed band's eugene (written by ace frehley of kiss,who also appeared in the video) or what does sex mean to me by human sexual response? c'mon someone else has got to remember........
Comment by: christopher
WOW! This is cool to see so many people who have happy memories of V66. The Polish band that some of you remember is Lady Pank. They have a web site: I was very influenced by V66, to the point that I went to broadcasting school and even got a job working for a cable TV system in Andover, MA. I also made a few videos for Boston bands The Phantoms and Dopler Effect. Where are the other V66 jocks now? We know where John and David are, how about Mary Jo? Awsome in Andover (by way of Cincinnati) Terry
Comment by: Terry Burke
I just came online to search for v66 cause a friend of mine and i just watched hours of a v66 aerosmith tape. The boys were there hosting a little show and promoting their done with mirrors tour. We actually have about 30 tapes to go through one at a time. It is so much fun. We also watched dee sneider hosting a christmas heavy metal countdown, very fond memoriable videos on it.
Comment by: Liz Powers
I lived in Boston for only 2 years and thought that I must be the only person who has ever heard of V-66. My cousin's band Ball & Pivot played on this station. I remember hearing a song on V-66 called "Burning Flame" by Vitamin Z. I heard this song last week on a satellite 80's station for the first time since listening to V-66 in 1986. Great memories folks!!!
Comment by: Bryan Pearlman
Hi everybody , As a nightclub and function disc-jockey (free plug !) , V-66 was important to me, I had cable for a while, but not being a TV guy , didn't want to waste time staying home watching crap ! (57 channels and nothing on-springsteen) "pro" beach volleyball tournaments anyone ?? please !!!!!....... BUT---I got something on all you people ,,,,,how many people remember that the V66 BUILDING CHANGES COLOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............. To this day , the building (on Speen Street ) changes from light pink during the day to kind of a dirt colored brown at night !!....Check it out it's TRUE -----David o'Leary should remember that since he worked most of the shifts !!!! p.s.-If anyone has heard of a similar building anywjere ,let us know !! i
Comment by: Michael Serrecchia
Hey Everybody- Thanks for the continued trips down memory lane...Hearing about your favorite video's and moments always brings me back to some special place and time.... A couple of my favorite and more entertaining moments on the V.... Interviewing Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. As we all know The V was live Tv. As i'm asking Nikki a question he has a huge sneeze and looks into the kleenex he used. Then he grins and says"Well, there goes 50 bucks!!". He was coked out of his head... Cheech and Chong...They used my dressing room before we went on air,and were smoking a joint the size of a baby's arm. The whole area reeked of Pot.... Making my ill-fated bet on air with a viewer named Rich that even though i loved the Pats,thought the Bears would win. Everyone went ballisitic and my boss near had a heart attack. We kept the bet going for a few weeks until Super Bowl..You know the rest.... Reaming the nit-wit reporter who went after Amy Weaver..... Watching Perry set the studio on fire during one of his stunts..Framingham FD was not amused.... Howard Jones insisting to Perry that all he wanted to talk about during his interview was Vegetarian restuarants,and Perry trying to convince him that the viewing audience was'nt interested... Having the hots for Mary Jo..Who did'nt? Walking in for my airshift one morning at 5:30am and seeing this woman on the lobby television trying to sell a ceramic poodle on Home shopping club. "Why in the world is HSC on in the lobby"? I thought our stoner overnight tech Mark had finally lost it. Little did i know that the V was history as of that moment...... After a stint on VH1,i've now been in the Big Apple for 12 years. I'm currently on air at Q1043 in NYC on Sundays from 10am-3pm. Tune in if your'e in the area. Miss Boston tremendously. Thanks again all,and i'm calling the Hard Rock to find out who i send my V66 black satin staff jacket to... All the best...Ian O'Malley NYC.
Comment by: Ian O'Malley
Wow! What a montage of memories! Where to begin? I guess I'd start by pleading with any of you to share your old tapes/vinyl of some of these V-66 gems! Here's my list of local bands who we'd only see on the V (pardon if some have already been listed!): - "Bad Boys" - New Man - "This Kind Of Love" - Push Push - "Let The Rain Come Down" & "Doin' the Countdown" - The Drive - "Girl With The Curious Hand" - Digney Fignus - "Education of Love" - Rods & Cones - "Down" - Ball & Pivot - "10, 9, 8..." - Face To Face - "Don't Run Wild" - Del Fuegos - "Voices Carry" - 'Til Tuesday *Don't forget this got it's start on the "V"! Of all these gems, I only have "This Kind Of Love" on tape. I would jump at the chance of hearing some of these others from these people here who claim to have "hours of V66 tape". One sidenote - everyone keeps asking about "Where are Lizzie Borden & The Axes" now? The bass player actually works at my company at our IT helpdesk. She says that Lizzie and her are working on another project on a part-time basis in and around town. As Emo Phillips would say... "Snakes...Razor Blades...and V66!"
Comment by: Tony Ruvido
Does anyone know who currently owns the rights to the shows. Also how could I get in touch with them. V66 Funky in Framingham!
Comment by: Mark
I remember going to Strawberrys and getting my shirt and bumper stickers. I remember watching Mass and Xdream now (extreme), on V66 i loved watching this and being able to put faces with bands i was listening to. I miss V66 i was glad to be in a part of history that not to many people know about. Sort of a little clique. When i talk to people i ask do you remember V66 some say heck yea and then you have people that have no clue. Thanks V66
Comment by: NancyM
It is the only place I got to see a Robert Ellis Orrall video, whom I worked with for a short time. The song was, I Couldn't Say No" After that he went mainly country, but BCN used to play that song frequently. Also Doo Wah Diddy by the ever great FOOLS. I wish I had been more in tuned to my early 20's music, I thought the early 80's music would stay forever. I would really like to see that R.E.Orrall again, but it, I'm sure can only be a memory. Sad...........
Comment by: Mike
By the way does anyone have anyway of finding out who has the videos from V-66 they got to be somewhere!
Comment by: Mike
Wow! It was so great to find this page. I remember watching V-66 constantly during the summer of '86. John Ryder (I think that is his name), who was in the band Face to Face coming into the B&D deli in Brookline where I was a waitress. Wow - he was awfully cute. Loved waiting on him. I also worked for a summer at Steve's Ice Cream in Coolidge Corner, and one night John Garabedian came in. Cool! V-66 was the coolest, best video channel ever. I still remember that New Man video...thanks for the memories!
Comment by: Robyn
I was talking with some friends about V-66 last night. What a kick ass channel. I remember a lot of Lizzie Borden and the Axes (loved that song) and Face to Face. I remember seeing the Cure "In Between Days" and realizing at that point that I had to make music. What an amazing music channel. I would love to see some old tapes, especially the interview with Belinda Carlisle...all I remember is that she looked really really high. Good Times.
Comment by: Brian
The best part about V-66 is that is was all live. I was watching one afternoon and in the middle of a video John G's voice came on saying, "Get the camera on, get the camera on". The video stopped and there was John at the desk telling the camera operator to look out the window. The camera panned to the right to show a car fire at the toll booth outside the building. Not a big deal news-wise, but off the cuff moments like that that made V-66 cool.
Comment by: Dan U
They played anything and everything in such a wonderfully random fashion. And they had those great contests--our video (The Blackjacks' "Dreaming of Saturday Again") won a few times and was a staple of the station for a while, too. The vid cost maybe 300 bucks and was a massive help in terms of pulling people into shows. It was raw and gainy as hell, too. It was funny and garage-y and a an apt reflection of the band, scruffy and struggling. Now, music television really doesn't exist, videos don' get much attention and with radio playlists painfully tight, it's a hard time to be starting as a musician. Then, it wasn't. I wonder if anyone has a copy of that video--I don't! Johnny Angel.
Comment by: Johnny Angel
I remember the V very well, it was great! I also remember the Blackjacks and a free out door concert that ended in a mini riot over by BU. Ahh... the good old days.
Comment by: Greg Byrne
I started putting together a website for V-66 a couple of years ago, but hit a roadblock. I have no content! I did some research and have some Bio's on the VeeJays, and the layout of the pages. But I really need some images to make the site what it should be. I emailed David O'Leary and Ian O'Malley to ask if they might have some video footage from V-66, or know where I might be able to find some. They were very helpful in giving me info on their life after V-66, but did not know the whereabouts of any footage. I also tried contacting John Garabedian, the owner of the station, but haven't had much luck. If anyone out there has footage of V-66, please contact me. Footage of actual V-66 broadcasts would be invaluable to me in putting together this site. I just need to make a copy of whatever you may have. Email me at Thanks!
Comment by: David Johnson
8/1/4 I remember picking up cassettes at Strawberries based on what I had seen on V66 - anyone remember Platinum Blonde? <> How about Charlie Sexton? Oh, the hair alone... But I also remember songs that were very cool for the time, like David Bowie's Wild is the Wind. Bowie doing a Nina Simone cover. Who knew then? And one of my all time faves that I see mentioned here - Digney Fignus - where can I get that on cd? I keep trying to get FNX to play it during leftover lunch, but they can't seem to find it...
Comment by: dot rat 88
I remember so many great things about V66 and reading these accounts is a please walk down memory lane, takes me right back to HS. But what is troubling is that there was a video that I cannot quite place. I think it was by a band called "tour de force" possibly? It was a bit beatlesque with the band running round the streets of boston...might have even been in black and white... just can't recall. But if anyone can place the video I would be forever grateful. Thanks!!
Comment by: Rob
i loved v66. especially mary jo! i remember watching the v during hurricane gloria. their power went out and they had no audio so they were holding up signs. it was ridiculous!
Comment by: melvern taylor
I was going through some old VCR tapes and wouldn't you know it, I've got about 2/12 hours of V66 on them. John H and David O'Leary. I dont even remember why I taped it. It has their take off of We Built this City by Starship- preety lame but funny. I now live in Marlboro and everytime I walk out to the mailbox I see the V66 tower- now used for a spanish station. Too bad, V66 was a great station- Garibedian was a nut but that's what made it so special.
Comment by: JACK
I remember watcing vids like Oran "Juice" Jones' Walkin in the Rain thinkin this was cool. This was great at the time as cable was taking forever to come.....Wasn't Jay Leno a guest VJ???
Comment by: Jed101
I loved V66, all the local groups etc. but the best thing was the homemade video of "We Built This City" by Starship. There were shots of Boston and it made me realy like the song. The song was bad but I like it to this day. The bumpersticker was highly prized because you could cut it in half and make it v69. It makes me laugh. It was the kind of stupid stuff that was cool in high school.
Comment by: frank
Thanks for the reference to Strawberries and V-66!!! Keep posting - this is fun!
Comment by: Bryan Pearlman
Thank you for the trip down memory lane!! Wow! I was in my early 20s when, as a radio rock jock, I made the switch to TV to work as a VJ on V66... now I have a 14 and 3 year old son! It was my oldest son who told me about this site... These were some of the best years in television history because John and Arnie knew exactly what Boston music fans wanted... After working as a TV news anchor and reporter in both Boston and Virginia, I came back to Boston to raise my boys. Worked as editor of Today's Parent magazine (now Bay State Parent) for five years and currently work as a freelance writer for several dozen magazines across the country. Though I am better known as Sam's Mom or Joey's Mom today, I have great stories to tell from my years of rock radio and rock video... and the V! Best to all you "happy campers"... thanks for sharing the trip!
Comment by: Mary Jo
I especially remember the really weird stuff late at night when I was supposed to be asleep... The 'Bob' cult thing? What the heck was that??? We didn't have cable and I loved the music because they played stuff you didn't hear on the radio. I haven't respected mainstream stuff since. P.S. MTV sucks beyond recognition.
Comment by: Steve
The best local station EVER. VJ Mary Jo read my letter on the air and played Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home" and Black N Blue's "Miss Mystery". Just for me!!! Mary Jo was all about the metal. She also sent me a nice letter thanking me for writing. I remember seeing Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry" and Bang's "Summertime" on heavy rotation. We didn't get MTV in Littleton until 1986, so I depended on V66. Remember how the late night VJ--I want to say John Garabedian, but I'm probably wrong--would cuss right before the station signed off for the night??! Awesome.
Comment by: Jessica
Wow. I just did a search for V66 and came up with this page...amazing that so many people remember it and these posts have reminded of a bunch of stuff I'd forgotten. V66 was hilarious and cheesy but we watched it all the time. I loved that they played local bands. My clearest memories - that goddamn "New Man" video they played over and over. Drove us nuts but it was funny as heck. "EAST BOSTON IS NOT AN AIRPORT" from that Stompers video (what happened to those guys?), and of course The Blackjacks video that Johnny Angel mentioned in another post. That always made my day. There was a Del Fuegos (they RULED) video for "Don't Run Wild" but I can't remember if I used to see that on V66 or somewhere else. And the Del Lords "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live". That was definitely something you wouldn't see on MTV. Wasted in Waltham...
Comment by: Cliff Truesdell
I used to love that station! I remember seeing The Stompers "East Side Girl" on there.
Comment by: Luanne
V66 was awsome!! I was stationed at Fort Devens in 85-86 and V66 was a big part of that time for me. I can remember all of the troops sitting in the dayroom in the barracks for hours watching videos on V66. Take On Me by A-Ha is the one I remember the most.
Comment by: Lee Coffelt
How can our generation not remember V-66? I want to say we had cable in Raynham, but this was still far better than MTV. I will always maintain that the years from '80 to '84, Boston had THE best local music scene in the country-as mentioned numerous times-Digney Fignus, The Stompers, Robert Ellis Orrall(a personal favorite, and I do have all his videos on tape, but would give anything to upgrade), New Man, The Fools, and so on. The alternative, and my hazy memory can't remember if they were on at the same time, was Channel 68, who had a daily one hour show called Boston Live, with incredible live performances by local bands, and a monthly show called Videodisc, hosted by Mark Parenteau, which showed promos and live clips. I have some random videos taped from V-66, but I'd love to get more if anyone has some. I believe V-66 was the only place I saw "Steady" by Jules Shear. Now can anyone give an accurate timeline of when the station debuted and when it converted to that stupid shopping channel?
Comment by: Tom
I loved the V... You could call and say it was your Birthday and they would play any vid for you. RUN DMC had a special Happy Birthday message they would play before the King of Rock Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by: Rich
OH MY GOD. You guys!!! I was just copying an old VHS tape to DVD. I had long ago recorded some of my friends and we were watching V66 and the Bad Boys video. I could not for the life of me think of who sang it. It's nowhere on the web. I finally found a reference here and found out it was "New Man" Wow! The video is so awesome and I wish I had taped more of it ( I only have 1/2 of it) but what memories! Brought me right back to 1986! I watched V66 day and night back then. When it began to be gradually replaced by a home shopping network it was very disturbing. Finally it went off the air much to my dismay. To see the logo again on this site brought back so many memories. V66 Rules now and Forever!! Jason.
Comment by: Jason Seltsam
I was promoting New Man back then with my company Verge Productions and V66 was a godsend for a local promoter with a good video to push. "Bad Boys" set a record on the MTV Basement Tapes contest for the most popular video ever (48% of the votes out of 6 bands) but that didn't get it into rotation on MTV itself. However, that was easily good enough to get V66 to play it, since they loved the good local content. It then lived on their charts for 17 weeks, I still have the weekly chart reports. They spent four weeks at #2, right behind David Lee Roth's "Gigilo". They peaked at #1 for one sweet week and then were abrubtly unseated by the impossibly catchy and deliciously animated Ah Ha's "Take On Me". But while it lasted, "Bad Boys" ruled high schools and Jr. highs throughout Eastern Mass. And New Man was the hottest show in Boston. V66 was also great because it was BROADCAST and that was all most of us had at the time. Penetration of cable in 1985 was about the depth of XM Radio today. "Pay for TV, you've got to be crazy, right?" It was also locally controlled which allowed them to program the music as they chose. Sadly, the station was sold to QVC and decended into the wasteland of home shopping network hell. But while it lasted, it was a shining example of what can be good about television. Hold up that Spock salute and shout, V 66 !!! - Yea! More history of Verge and New Man at my current company site
Comment by: Dave Caputo
Nothing new to add that hasn't been said really; I loved V-66 and recall fondly the Blackjacks Dreaming of Saturday video and ones from Til Tuesday, the Lyres, Del Fuegos and all. They had it all over MTV back then, don't even bother comparing V-66 to the charicature MTV has become now. I still have a whole stack of those square V-66 bumper stickers that were freebies at local record stores. Of course, being the infantile fool that I was back then, with some clever scissor-work I made up some wicked cool "V-69" stickers that made nice substitutes (especially dashing when affixed to the Mass Pike Toll Booths); they're still glued to my guitar cases after all these years. Long live the memory of V-69!! er, 66
Comment by: Sheez Late Alum
Ah,…the memories. V-66 was an excellent music video channel . I remember it well. I must have been about 10 years old when I first saw V-66, back in ’84. I lived in Fall River Ma. at the time. I recall all of the local bands music videos.As well as many of the well known bands too.V-66 was far superior to Mtv in my opinion. I always liked how V-66 had fewer commercials, than Mtv .It was amazing, that you did not have to have cable to watch this station. The V-66 decals were awesome too. It is very sad that most of the videos from that era will never be seen again. Someone should start a new V-66 that plays these vintage videos. The best thing that I remember is that there were no stupid shows on this channel. Only music videos…all of the time . Sadly, My family and I moved out of Mass in early 1986.I never had the pleasure , of seeing another Music video station as excellent as V-66 And doubt I ever will again.
Comment by: Rick McMillian
i dont remember how but back in the day me and my crew somehow convinced ian o'malley to come to one of our keg parties in andover,ma and he actually showed up.after that he was somewhat of a regular at our parties, and we had some PARTIES.we of course were all under age at the time and having ian at our bashes was like having the president at your dinner party today.needless to say,it was a very good time had by all.didn't ian also do a stint w/ waaf 107.3 back then too?i think thats where we tt him on a req call that started the whole party appearence thing to begin with.HEY IAN,if you read this a big whats up you animal from don,kevin,karen,jason,bill,jenn,april,sarah,david,brent,monica,allison and the rest of the crew and what happened in andover stays in andover!party on,rock on.god i miss those days!
Comment by: DON CONNOLLY
I love V-66. I used to run home after school and watch it. My friends and I would dance to Lizzie Borden and the Axes "out of touch" video. I loved them. One time Lizzie and the axes were signing autographs at some V-66 event and I got an autographed picture. I was so excited. I loved New Man, Del fuegos, and the Dogmatics. It was great that the mixed in major acts like Prince, Twisted Sister,etc. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of any old V66 stuff?
Comment by: Josie
I was the lead singer of the band called, "The Realm." We loved V-66! They played out video called "Crowded Places" and our live audience went thru the roof. We thought the crowds must be for another band..we were shocked and happy. I personally miss seeing Ball & Pivot and Semper Fi.
Comment by: John Denley
Jumpin' in jamaca plain! they played the fools kind of a lot. I was little only the 4-th or 5th grade, but we tuned it in every afternoon, then still looked for it sometimes, even after it changed formats. i was just at work, and we unearthed a relic scale form the store room, and there it was the blue V with the lightning bolt 66. i was so excited! my coworkers who are either too old to care about things like videos, or too young to remember the days before continental cablevision thought i had slipped a gear. I peeled the sticker and now it's fondly displayed in my office. :) sigh.
Comment by: Kristine
I was a freshman at Northeastern University when my roommate won a television from V-66. The catch was we had to pick it up (we paid $20 to a stranger from our dorm for the use of his car) and she had to do some promos while we were there (much to her dismay the camera added a considerable amount of weight). I can't begin to count the number of times she had to say "I'm Beth, from Northeastern, and I won a 26-inch color stereo television from V-66!" Cynthia
Comment by: Cynthia
I remember that I used to work there as on air-personality on overnights but alas, much to my dismay, I see that many don't remember me! No matter, it was a very,very fun time in my life and probably the job I felt I've been best at to date. Of course, I remember David, Mary Jo, Ian, Perry,and Amy too. I remember very fondly, David Beedle (a behind the scenes man),who gave me my chance at V-66. He saw potential in me and put himself behind me and that always meant so much. I stayed in Boston for several years after V-66 bit the dust. I was the first to go when financial reports started to become scary as I was the last hired and they figured overnights could be run by the machines and a tech. Ah well. Time marches on. Its so neat that people remember V-66 so fondly, I know I do!
Comment by: Annie Saxon
I am so JAZZED about this site! I can't believe i found it when I googled V66. what ever happend to digney fignus? and I still love Charlie Sexton as soon as I read the post with "dreaming of saturday" mentioned in it, i started singing it. i don't think i have even thought of that in almost 20 years. nasty! also, what about ball and pivot - and those dudes that sang: "minus zero" where the band wore these crazy pants everyone was eating foot long hot dogs? and platinum blonde? HAD THEIR ALBUM! KNOW IT BY HEART! V66 was such a huge part of my development. i miss it so so good to have this site! thank you!!
Comment by: sue
Mary Jo: THANK YOU! I was (and still am) a proud fan of the band RUSH, and Mary Jo not only played RUSH videos, she hosted a special on RUSH.... I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was a 16-year old drummer-geek from Lynnfield Mass, watching a somewhat fuzzy V-66 in his bedroom on an old black-and-white TV.... MTV had long abandoned RUSH videos. But not V-66. And here is a local tie-in: After V-66 went off the air, RUSH released a record called "Hold Your Fire" which contained the single "Time Stand Still" - - which featured Aimee Mann of Til Tuesday on backing vocals. She was also in the music video for that tune.
Comment by: The Igloomaster
John Garabedian had an absolute ball zooming the camera in and out, setting multiple or cone shaped frames...he was like a little kid! He cracked me - and himself - up! Remember when you could vote for an artist block of the afternoon? Remember how you could vote for any artist - EXCEPT U2 - because that is all we ever voted for? V-66 played U2 before MTV figured them out. The classic videa "A Celebration" is still great today. Local music will NEVER be the same. What was the name of the Lizzie Borden song where she is jumping on the turntable.! Kayje
Comment by: Kayje
It was fun while it lasted! I live in western Mass almost into Berkshire county, but I have a good antenna set up on my roof to aim in that direction so I had no problem getting a good picture and sound. My younger sister used to call in requests, and never had too much time to wait before the requested vid would be played. The female VJ one time asked her where she's calling from, and when told said that she was amazed that their signal could be received that far. I never called in requests myself but would often have the telly on and listen as I did my work.... drl
Comment by: David R Locke
During an Aerosmith interview, I remember that Steven Tyler had brought along a boombox & repeatedly played a snippet of James Brown screeching. I loved seeing all the local bands' videos on V-66, especially Rods & Cones. I do miss the V!
Comment by: Kristen
back in "85" I was a senior in High School and I went to a christian school. we had those texas instrument keyboards and we were learning how to type. our monitors were 13" black and white TV's when our teacher left the room we would switch over to v-66 and watch videos I learned about til'Tuesday and susie and the banshees, and some really great boston bands like extreme and the cars.then our teacher came in and caught us watching it and yanked all the knobs off the sets so we couldn't change the channels
Comment by: Beckie
I was listening to some old Smiths stuff on my computer and started thinking about the video for How soon is now.I thought about when MTV used to play it, then I thought, It was another station that played it regularly but couldn't put my finger on what station it was. Like one of the earlier posters said, it was like a vague dream like memory. I knew it was a UHF channel and then the flood gates broke. V66, how could I have forgotten. What happened was, friggin MTV became so all incompassing that it made you think it was the only show in town...ever.But we all know, the little station that could was Better!! V66 played what we wanted to see. At 8:30 2/14/05 I remembered V66. I was 15-16 and I miss those days and I miss V66. PS. I almost feel ashamed that some how the memory was suppressed for so long but no more. V66 lives on. I'm a graphic artist/ screen printer and I'm going to find out if it's possible to get some V66 Tshirts and if there are no legal issues, I'll print them.
Comment by: Joe L
Does anyone remember the video with the paint drip transition? I am trying to remember the name of the band and the name of the song. The most memorable thing about the video was that the guitarist played the first roland synthesize guitar. Please help me remember! -Matt
Comment by: Matt
Any of you 80's era New Englanders, former (in my case) or current remember Tracy Cox? I'm pretty sure that was her name; I'm certain her last name was Cox in any event. She was the V-66 jock I had a crush on, I guess figuring she had that poor man's Martha Quinn girl-next-door perkiness going on. So I guess it's the more obscure stuff I recall first: Tracy, and second-rate but awesome-for-the-80's artist's videos like Banarama's "Cruel Summer," Peter Wolf's "Come as You Are" and Nu Shooz's "I Can't Wait." I even got a t-shirt once for writing in and trying to enter some contest or brother, old enough to drive and own a hand-me-down P.O.S. vehicle by then, had a bumper sticker. Heck with slick production values and overblown media frenzy...give me good, honest local TV, free of charge, the way it was meant to be. "Decade of Excess," indeed! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna hunt down my old Rubik's Cube.
Comment by: Dan Man
i remember that living out of the range of cable tv was a drag until v66 came along!great concept- free! great vj's - they actually talked about music. how about extreme's mutha & aldo nova's fantasy! i'm glad i found this site approaching 40 makes you get nostalgic & v66 was definetly the good ole days! rock & roll!
Comment by: ROB FISHER
yes i remember this i strongly agree with my fellows gen-xer for those who did not have cable back in those days.i was a l.a. it came on channel 22 video 22,in between airing videos shedder report mr bill being f%%$# up before.they use to aired alot of english new wave groups,that were kinda unknown remember {vitamin z }.what ever happen to {face to face}.we did have the luxury to have cable,but i really like v66,due to its home like feeling.
I was a boarding school in the 80s and we all watched the V religiously. Of course our dorms didn't have cable, so V66 was a godsend. It opened me up to a lot of music that I never would have heard about in such an isolated environment. I remmeber going into Boston on the weekends and hanging out at Newbury Comics in the Garage in Harvard Square, buying oversized rock posters and getting V66 stickers. It seems that 'Til Tuesday, The Del Fuegos and other Boston bands were played constantly.
Comment by: Whitbo
What do I remember about V-66? I remember V-66 was the greatest thing that could ever happen to television. I sat for hours on end watching and recording some of my favorite videos, and thank god I did, because I can still enjoy them to this day. One of my very favorites was Doing the Countdown by a local band called the Drive, love it, love it love it!!! THANX SO MUCH for this site!
Comment by: mary
I'm psyched to see a page dedicated to the V. Remember when Aimee Mann was working at Newbury Comics? O Positive, Digney Fignus, the Lines? And the Del Fuegos charging down the side of the Charles in the "Don't Run Wild" video? Now their lead singer, Dan Zanes, makes CDs my 18-month-old listens to. I never got to visit the big pink building in Marlboro, but the station surely gives me fond memories of Massachusetts summers ...and Ian O'Malley played a number of my requests. So glad this page is out there.
Comment by: Isadora Fox
V-66 played a huge part in my life in 85-86. I would come home from high school every day to watch it. I wish it came back but only to view the classic videos from the 80's. Today's music is all junk. Videos that come to mind were, "We Close our Eyes"- Go West, "The word is out" -Jermaine Stewart and of course "Never Surrender- Corey Hart. That video was always winning whenever they had their countdown of the favourite videos of the day. It was just as good as MTV back then. I miss it so much. BRING IT BACK !
Comment by: Lenny
Boston in the mid 80s was an incredible music scene and V66 signaled the high point in my recollection. I was booking bands and playing in one (New Man)and felt like we were all in the center of the universe. The airplay we received on the Bad Boys video at V66 put us over the top for a record deal with Epic..and thats saying something because there were so many great bands in Boston during those days! I'm now in Nashville and managing some great acts down here...but nothing will ever eclipse those great days in Boston! Rock On V66
Comment by: Mark Jones
i remember living in boston in 85-86,a transplant from chicago....kind of homesick too at that time...just loved v-66 and the music videos! mostly remember the 'we built this city on rock and roll' video, focusing on boston...and also thought john 'be your dream' garabedian was so sweet. it was a great breakthrough bit of programming,and i do miss it!
Comment by: PATTY
I remember the VJ's, Dave O and John M and the local acts that took the majority of the rotation. I worked at the Channel Club - "Boston's Best Live Rock" for 10 years and met and worked with just about everyone in the local music scene. From Digney to the Stompers "American Fun" to Joe Perry Project to the return of Aerosmith - the contest as one previous scribe mentioned was the contest by V66 to be part of the filming of the video at the Orpheum that took 3 days for "Let the music do the Talkin'" - a Joe Perry solo song redone by the "Toxic Twins" as Steve Tyler & Joe Perry were once called. Those were the greatest days of music for Boston. It started with The CARS (RIP Ben) to The Neighborhoods and ended with the destruction of the scene due to the strict DWI laws and the goddamn insurance liability laws that closed the big clubs. (And let's not foerget the mob trying to turn the Channel into a strip club without no one noticing!) It's hard not to notice when the Salemme's are beating-up a band for getting in the way of a stripper! But hey, it's a great walk down memory lane. Boston had it all that they even had a video channel like V66! God, I miss those days!! Long Live Boston Rock, The Channel and V66! (Remember WCOZ and The Best of Boston Rock album?) I still have my vinyl no record player. PS What's a vinyl LP?
Comment by: Jim Mitchell
This site brought back some great (sometimes hazy)memories. My family didn't have cable so before V66, I had to watch an afternoon music video show on channel 7 (WNEV), one on channel 56 (WLVI), an occasional video on Solid Gold and a weird educational show on channel 2 (WGBH) (Color Sounds?) where music videos were closed-captioned and the verbs, nouns, etc. were highlighted in different colors. Somehow my brother and I caught V66 on its first broadcast day. The station didn't start off with a large selection of music videos and after a couple of hours of viewing, we saw the same ones over and over again. It took them a little while to correct the problem but I still watched anyway. I remember three versions of station identification. Two parts of a cartoon V would crash together to form the station's logo behind a star field. There was the V66 logo next to a guitar. The announcer came on and a strange guitar strum sounded. The thrid version was similar, but a picture of the earth took the place of the guitar. One early video at the station was Madame Butterfly by Malcolm McLaren, of interest to me at the time because I was 11 years old and the video featured partially-naked women lathering up in a spa. (Don't ask.) There were so many unforgettable videos: The Art of Noise trashing a piano in Close(to the edit). Face to Face with 10, 9, 8. Like Schindler's List, it was in black and white with a few objects highlighted in red (and green). ABC's How to Be a Millionaire was a cartoon with members of the band trying to escape materialism. The low budget No More Madonna (a Dr. Demento type song). Oddly enough, I even saw the video for Mornin' with a live-action Al Jarreau singing to a cartoon bag of Cheerios. (Go figure.) V66 was my best source for music and sadly, many of the songs I heard aren't played on these so-called "back to the 80s" radio shows. When the station first started out, it had an edgy feel to it. VJs did their shows with monitors and other equipment in the background. (It was like they were broadcasting out of some pirate transmitter.) Later on, they added some cheesy sets. I remember seeing John Garabedian getting a shave (and/or haircut?) during his show. On another broadcast, there were brownies in the studio so he just ate them on the air while trying to announce songs. I couldn't believe the station was only on for a couple of years. Growing up, it seemed longer than that. What fun it was to play "army" with my friends on a hot summer day and then go inside to cool off by watching videos on V66. Back then, I never thought the station would disappear. Without V66, I would have missed seeing many great videos.
Comment by: K-car Matt
Correction: Now that I think about it, the first version of station identification I mentioned was inaccurate. It should have read: It was a computer graphic showing a blue monolith floating in space. Lasers cut out the letter "V" and some force pushes this "V" toward the TV screen. The extra triangular pieces of the monolith float away into space quickly and at the same time, a yellow lightning bolt forms into the "66" part of the logo. Interesting sound effects accompanied the whole segment.
Comment by: K-car Matt
Damn this site is great. The memories are just coming back. One of my favorite vids was the Fools and World Dance Party. Like the majority here we did not have cable so V66 was it until it turned into a Shopping Channel. I would get home and just sit and watch all theses local bands (remember the Drive?) Ahh what memories.
Comment by: Bill from Southie
I remember calling in to request a song. When I did they took my number and told me they would call me back. Perry (one of the VJs) called me back finally and I requested the Rods n' Cones song. I also made Perry stand up - not sure why - but he did. I loved that station - they do need to bring it back. And whatever happened to Rods n' Cones anyway?
Comment by: Susan
Wow! When I saw some of these posts, it brought me way back. I was in the thick of local and college radio at the time. V-66 was this super cool alternative to MTV. In fact, we all wanted to be VJ's, and thought we could do it better! I was the resident DJ, Station manager at WBIM, Bridgewater State College. We were groupies of Til Tuesday and Digney Fignus. In fact, Digney was a regular at the station. We played cassettes of their "unfinished demos" and got great responses. We then followed the band from venue to venue, including our own "outdoor concert" where Digney blew the place away. We called V-66 to endlessly push our heroes' video onto their playlist. "The Girl With The Curious Hand" was #1 at WBIM for 14 consecutive weeks!!Now, I'm 40 years old and have these odd memories of local bands making it thanks to college groupies. Digney Fignus was WBIM in 1985 and '86. We loved this band, and V-66 for being as cool as we were.
Comment by: David J (WBIM station manager 1985-88)
Wow Ohh my god this is great web site that a buddy of mine came across.I can not tell all of you how much i miss V-66 it was the best station and it is good to talk about the good old days.I do remember Rush Videos those videos rocked big time.I also remember a very funny VJ PERRY STONE the guy was so funny does anyone know what happen to perry stone and also the rest of the staff at V-66.I also found that the guy that start this station Artie Ginsberg did a great job as CEO AND owner of V-66 and who also was part owner or General Manger of Kiss 108 and also Wrko 68 am when it was music in the 70's.I am just amazed how many people knew about V-66 when it was only on the air for one year.I also wanted to add someone ask if they remember music videos for a short time on Channel 68 star case i remember big time and it was also great.I was still in high school when V-66 came out and i also belive that V-66 was the first station to FIRST SHOW the Video A-ha Take on me.I still think that video rocks and i also rememebr a number of other videos on V-66 and yes i also remember getting bumper stickers FOR V-66 at strawberries in Medford next to Wellington MBTA TRAIN STATION in a small block of stores..I want to thank the person who started this web site great job.This is Michael rocking from Woburn on V-66 WVJV.V-66 20 YEARS since then and the memories of that station still rocks big time.I also wanted to add God bless to all of our Troops that are over in IRAQ please lord send them home Soon. God Bless the USA MICHAEL
Comment by: Michael
I remember V-66 very well, since I lived right up the street from it. V-66 was on Speen Street and I live right off Old Conn in Framingham, MA. My fondest memory was seeing Extreme do 'Mutha' from a local high school. (Don't remember which one) It was shot in black and white and Gary Cherone was doing his best Paul Stanley impression. I also saw Weird Al walking out of the building once. The thing I hated about it was when on Sunday nights, they would play I believe a number of videos from the most requested band. It was ALWAYS either Duran Duran or U2. NEVER anyone else.
Comment by: Jim Elliott
v66 was all that and then some. the 80's were such a great time and The Boston music scene was in it's heyday. Three words: JON BUTCHER AXIS. V66 really supported the community by showcasing local artists. I was in my early days of my career working odd hours of the day and night. V66 was a great friend to get home to after a hard day in my steel toeds and goofy hairstyle.
Comment by: amish wiseguy
I recall in 6th or 7th grade Eric Cutler brought in the lyircs to AC/DC's Big Balls and a group of us boys all were lying down in a circle chanting it. Some secretive ceremony which was probably equal parts dumb macho and homoerotic. This was a rare moment when music and my peer group collided into something exciting. Mostly they discussed the awesomeness of Led Zepplin, ZZTop and AC/DC in the same way they discussed hot cars and girls with boobs. Their dumb male blues rock seemed to me like the lame soundtrack they would use to kill squirrells with their wristrockets. I just couldn't quite relate but no longer would I have to. Because at this crucial moment in my life I saw Siouxsie Sioux's armpit and the wild hair that lived there as she windmilled and posed through Dear Prudence and my mind was blown. There was a whole nutha world my parents neglected to tell me about. A world of non-conformists, misfits, and miserable sensitive artsy types.A world where men wore make up (the cure), women had armpit hair (siouxsie) and people danced. Thank you to all who birthed V66 and tended to it in its short existence. Memories that stand out today are the contest between Chess and Murray Head's version of One Night in Bankok. Perry's wise assery in general. Videos for Ball and Pivot - Down, the Vels - Look my Way, Crazy like a Fox - Let's go all the way, Del Fuegos, O Positive, Til Tuesday, Run DMC, Art of Noise, the Drive, Fools, Animotion - Obsession, Gino Vinelli - Black Cars But the Holy Grail would have to be Nolan Thomas - Yo Little Brother! Where the little kid runs away and spends his time in clubs impersonating pop stars like Prince, Billy Idol while his brother sings this cautionary tale of fraternal protectiveness while roaming the seedy streets of some cardboard metropolis. Nothing tops this novelty song. Way better than the Beatles. V66 iswaswillbe 1000% better than MTV ever iswaswillbe. V66 certainly occupied a big chunk of my time in my youth. I don't know if I'm a better person because of it but it certainly reassured me knowing their were strange people making strange music and prancing about lip syncing. -Ros Bobos
Comment by: Ros Bobos
I lived in Somerville and the North End from 1983-1987 and was addicted to V66. It was better than MTV because the bands were much cooler. Face to Face was my favorite. We didn't have cable and the station didn't always come in so great in Somerville but we watched anyway. I had a lot of the V66 stickers at one time and God knows what other logo stuff. Boston in the 80's was the best.
Comment by: Greg Garner
Do I remember V-66? Do I ever! It was the only Boston area TV outlet(other than Channel 5) to carry the Original Live Aid concert back in 1985! I watched a good part of that coverage and it was a big bang!
Comment by: Richard
Boy does this page bring back some memories,V66 was my first exposure to videos along with Friday Night Videos on NBC, i did not get the best reception sometimes , but it was a real treat to watch videos, Walpole did not get cable untill 1985 and back then MTV was still pretty good untill it became the Real World and that even more godawful Nick and Jessica show station ,and also in 1985 VH1 started broadcasting ,and once we got cable V66 was part of the basic cable package which meant that smaller stations like channel 27 and V66 had improved their reception ,but as bad luck would have it V66 became a stupid home shopping network , does any one out there have any videos or DVD's of any V66 broadcasts I can be emailed at
Comment by: tom whalen
Like so many people who have posted here, I lived in a remote rural area of CT, and we did not get cable until most of the world had it. We did get great reception from the Boston channels, 4, 5, 38, ch 56 (remember the original zoom? I speak ubbi-dubbi with my two kids all the time), but when we found 66, we were in heaven. As a bass player in a local rock band at the time, I thought that the V was the coolest thing, and can still remember songs like Cal girls, take on me, etc....had a V66 Bumber sticker on my guitar case.....good times.....
Comment by: Scott in CT
I've been waiting for content to put a site together, but not having much luck. I decided to put the framework up in hopes of inspiring anyone out there to contribute footage, pictures, or anything V-66 related. This is a great site for everyone to share their memories, but V-66 and their fans deserve a good tribute site, help me make it a reality! This is all I have so far: Email me if you have anything, especially video footage!
Comment by: David Johnson
Hey! So weird to see a site dedicated to the V! I worked there for nearly the entire time the station was on the air. I was the director of the morning show with Bill Stephens (and Amy Weaver doing the news), as well as David O'Leary's afternoon shift. Later on we added some half-hour shows that I also directed ("Boston Tonight", a talk-show with John Garabedian, and "Boston Sportsbeat", a live nightly sports highlight show hosted by Bill Stephens and Tank). I also manned the control room on Saturday nights when Sunny Joe White hosted our dance music show, "Live From The Palace". (Is that what it was called? Memory fades!) I've got a bunch of snapshots around here somewhere of the station and some of the staff; if you're interested I'll try and dig them out. The Beat Goes On!!
Comment by: Jim Smith
First of all, they actually played videos. There was some great stuff from the 80's like Rush and Triumph and even Boston bands like Extreme. There was one Boston band called Bang. I loved their song "I wish it was summer." Now I wish I could get a copy of their recordings. Anybody here know how to do that?
Comment by: Tom Berkowitz
I just heard Lizzie Borden & The Axes are doing a Halloween show at The Skybar in Somerville! Very cool. It is October 29. It's all the original band members except for the keyboard player. I better grow some hair and make it big!
Comment by: James
Wow - you have all sparked great memories. I loved the videos from the local bands such as Till Tuesday and New Man (remember them?) which were filmed on Newbury Street. How cool was that! Loved V66 and still talk about it when going down memory lane with my friends! Wild in Waltham!!!
Comment by: Fran
yep...I used to watch it religiously. I spent a lot of time at my grandmothers in Dedham who did not have cable. V66 was my only escape from not having MTV. Greg Hill from the Hillman morning show on WAAF 107.3 talks about his stint over at WVJV often. Ian Barret who produced Real Rock TV and the mantown DVD's( as well as Godsmack videos) was also at V66 for some time. How long did it air for?
Comment by: CyrusZain
Being a child of the eighties growing up in the Lowell area, I have very fond memories of V66. MTV was good but V66 was great because it was local and showcased bands I could go see in Boston or even at ULowell where I went to school. Jon Butcher Axis, Face to Face, til tuesday, Digney Fignus, The Fools, The Stompers, The New Models, The Cars, Aerosmith, could see them all on V66! One video I remember particularly is JBA's "Life Takes a Life" because at the end there is an ambulance and it's from clearly from Boston. V66 and WBCN. The golden age of Boston music (1980s) wouldn't have happened if not for their efforts.
Comment by: Ronin
Oh yea! Back when I lived in Boston my landloard won't let cable in our building, so V66 was the only way to get to see music videos - plus -they played local bands! One of my old bands, One Fish Two Fish, even got played a lot (and we wern't that good!). The funniest thing was waking up one Sat & turning on the TV & seeing the video - I thought I'd left the VCR on - but no - it was on TV!
Comment by: Greg Urbaitis
i remember watching fiona flanagan's "talk to me on there.
Comment by: laurie
I remember a show on V66 which was the pre cursor to VH 1's show Behind the Music. I don't remember the name of the show, but it would show you the history of a band...The Cars, Boston, Aerosmith, etc. just as BTM does now. I loved that show...very insightful.
Comment by: Mike N
Lizzy Borden and the Axes - Out of Touch! And the VJ John Garribedian. Nice.
Comment by: AJ
1. John Fogarty "Vanz Kant Danz" 2. parody of "Just a Gigalo" called "Just a Big Ego" 3. they used part of "Dirty water" in their promo
Comment by: JS
Wow - what a great day, finding this page and re-living some of the best days of my life! I would love to get my hands on a copy of Face to Face and New Man...but does anyone remember the name of the MASS song they used to play all the time? I loved is killing me! Great site. Keep up the good work and keep the obscure references coming.
Comment by: Kristen
V66 was the BEST! I never understood why it went off the air. Remember Extreme's first video for "mutha, don't want to go to school today"? It was an anthem. I also remember this metal band called MASS who I REALLY got into for a few years (I think the video they played was a song called "I Won't Forget You"). And Jon Butcher Axis? Amazing stuff. I stumbled on this site by accident, but I'm so glad I did. What memories!
Comment by: Justin
They featured local favorites -- New Man, including their one and only video, "Bad Boys", with the pink Cadillac driving down Newbury street. You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting "New Man" and "The Lines" at some local joint in this days. Man, I wish I had all of my wickedly-feathered hair now!
Comment by: Jim Milbery
I remember being 15 and just watching it and watching it. My mom used to get mad but then we stayed up all night and watch it together. The music of the 80's were great and v-66 got me into music and i have some great memories!!!! I want it back.
Comment by: heidi skehan
My favorite group was "New Man"- I loved that song "Now I know where bad boys go...." It's hard not to get kind of depressed, though, to think that it's already 20 years ago that we were watching that!
Comment by: Rob
I remember "Music 66" was awesome, my dad used to work 3rd shift when i was a kid and when i would get home from school we would watch this together. I also remember it was odd when they would play 'money for nothing' although i didn't know the word irony then : P I was also remember it being there one day then waking up and it was changed to HSN or some such....
Comment by: Rob
I remember Ian Omalley living in the same apartment complex that I did (Bayberry, up on the hill behind the old Chateau De'Ville), and his car broke down. My friend and I gave him a ride to work. I also remember, after seeing Robert Plant in concert in I'd say 1986 (?), calling to get the "Big Log" video played, but I was having a hard time just saying the name of the video and laughed with the person on the phone for about 1/2 an hour. Sighhhh. If I knew then what I know now...
Comment by: Sue
I remember being able to call up & request whatever was my favorite video at the time. Who sung the song "Might As Well Go For A Soda". That song was pretty cool. I was devastated when it turned into a Home Showing Network. As for some of the personalities, I met John Garabedian, after V66, when he was doing ""Open House Party". My brother was working for him as his right hand man. I went to the show one night & John started to insult my brother. And then he introduced himself to me, without a clue who I was. When I told him, he felt so stupid. Classic. As for Ian O'Malley, you were great on V66, but on NY's Q104, you suck. First off, tell your program manager to take a look at a Rock & Roll timeline. Your station plays a lot of new U2 & barely any Rush. Check out a timeline. And 2nd, how about not playing the same 5 songs from an artist. Last time I checked the Rolling Stones had more than one album. PLAY SOMETHING THAT ISN'T HEARD ON THE RADIO FOR GOD'S SACK. Pathetic. I see why people are going to Satellite radio. Still, go V66.
Comment by: Pendragon
unbelievable!!!v66 rods and cones infatuation w my education in love.been so long i wonder if anyone else. remembers summertime girls, face to face,its outa my head.
Comment by: jimmoore
I remember they played these two videos all the time: 1. "out of touch" by Lizzie Borden and the Axes 2. "burning flame" by Vitamin Z
Comment by: Kevin
They had some video battle bit everyday and New Order's The Perfect Kiss kept winning over and over and over. Does anyone remember what that was called? I am listening to the video version of The Perfect Kiss right now and that's what made me think of looking up V66. Oh, I also remember that the Worcester Centrum had a giant V66 add on their scoreboard...
Comment by: Christine E.
I remember the cool commercial they had for V-66 with the guy running over to the girl at the picnic table with the hot shiny black polyester V-66 jacket with the logo emblazoned on the back. When my parents put me to bed I would wait till they were asleep and sneak out to watch it. First time I saw the AHA video something shifted in my brain. I'll never forget V-66, and I was shocked to find this site with all you guys and girls reminiscing about this local legend. VICTORY!!!!
Comment by: Mike Condon
V66 was a great provider for local and (inter)national acts and it was at a time when not everyone had cable (mtv). I have fond memories of seeing "Black Cars"-Gino Vannelli, "All of Me for all of You"-9.9 (local), "No More Madonna"-Disappointed Sisters, "Female Intuition"-Mai Tai, "Sink the Pink"-AC/DC and many others. V66 provided diversity and was not influenced by corporate strings as MTV is today. It impacted my ability to embrace a broad spectrum of music!
Comment by: roger
v-66 was a great alternative to the already successful mtv. it gave a local feel to what was happening in and around boston, at the time. there were many up and coming bands that would have never got exposure if it wasn't for v-66. too bad that it did not last throughout the '90's. there were alot more bands at the end of the '80's and into the '90's that did not get very much, if any, exposure. does anyone remember a band called "girls night out"? well let me tell you i remember going to see them at the channel club. they put on probably there best live show ever! there was a band that opened for them called "sally and the sophisticats" who were also great. in the past, i have had lp's of each. it would be cool to have video footage of those two bands on that particular night. others i remember were "mass" & "the stompers".
Comment by: Tom Lynch
I remember watching V-66 and fantasizing about being in a band. I fondly remember my friends and I dressing up like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Wang Chung and ABC. I remember one Halloween a friend and I showed up at the same party dressed up like Adam Ant and we had like this dueling Adam Ant's. It may sound a little gay in 2006 but it was pretty cool back in 1986, I think I got my costume idea from watching the Ant Music video on V-66.
Comment by: John Denley
I stumbled across this site purely by accident!I was looking for stuff on Digney Fignus and the V66 logo popped up!Oh,man,instantaneous 24 year time warp.Funny thing,I stumbled across the station by accident,too.I was bored one day and just for the hell of it,I started tuning up beyond channel 56 even though I knew there were no stations there.To my surprise,a video appeared,crystal clear.Then another and another,I thought I'd somehow tapped into MTV,but then a guy came on and said,"Welcome to V66.This is our first day on the air.We know you're seeing a lot of the same videos,but were taping new ones as fast as we can,so please bear with us.We hope you enjoy the station."And I thought,"COOL!"There were a lot of repeats that first day, but I didn't mind,man I was lovin' it.I remember some of them:"California Girls","Just a Gigolo","Saved by Zero","Madame Butterfly"(naked chicks rubbing each other down with oil;I called all my buddies and told them to turn to channel 66,quick!).Having a local video station was so cool.Perry Stone used to crack me up.He had his"message urinal"and sometimes he would put on this hockey mask,like Jason's from Friday the 13th.I have many fond memories of hanging out with my friends and getting wasted,while watching V66.Ah,the good 'ol days.... P.S. Hey,Matt,I think that video with the paint dissolve was,"Catch Me I'm Falling"by Real Life.
Comment by: Darren Lee W.
I never had cable and was a huge huge fan of British rock and New Romantic stuff, punk, goth, everything, and SEEING videos like "In Between Days" and "Slave to Love" and "Smalltown Boy" and "A Girl in Trouble is a Temporary Thing" just was tremendous....I can't explain it. I was a geek in high school and I remember thinking "I have found my niche, and it is with V66"
Comment by: Andrea
OMG! This page is bringing back all sorts of memories. I did a college internship at V-66, answering the phones on the weekend overnight shift with Mary Jo. (Of course, I was a total geek then; it took most of college to shake me out of that!) I remember all the great videos we used to play and how everyone would call over and over and over again requesting the same bands/songs! I know I taped some - I'm going to have to go through all my old videos to see what I have. Peace everyone!
Comment by: Patty Welsh
That was the best thing from the 80's. We always talk about V-66 and end up doing the hand movement to show while we say it.. David O'Leary, John Garabidian we're my favorites.. I wish we could get it back.. I think VH1 should get the rights to do it, to add it to their "I love the 80's" shows that they do.
Comment by: Kim J
well seems like forever for me since i watched V-66 but I loved to rush home and finish my homework in my room on my little black and white listening to all the greats! but does anyone remember the V it was a show about aliens that was trying to take over earth but one was kinda the informer to the humans and cant seem to remember all the names but it stuck in my head but when i bring it up people dont seem to remember. lotsa hugs thanx for letting me remember the easier times ;-)~
Comment by: Dianna
Ya this was early on. V-66 pretty much was it around the time. I shot a bunch of local bands that would be broadcast there now and then. I have a website that has a number of live boston bands from the 80's. Check it out at Look in the music video and archive portal section. icu
Comment by: icu
Oh man! I was at Emerson College in 1985 and all kinds of folks wanted to be a VJ on V66. They had a casting call at a room in the dorms near Kenmore Sq. (Charlesgate & Fensgate) and the line was VERY long. They also played a video by Scruffy The Cat that was cool, I saw them at The Channel... The Cave Dogs warmed up for them, but I digress! There was a lot of local music they did not play, hardcore, SSD, Mission of Burma, all that stuff was too much I guess. But the memories remain... back in upstate NY in 1983 there was one girl in our neighborhood with cable and MTV and we'd all go over her place to watch those early videos, some were recycled from Don Kirshner's Rock Concert! Same on V66... it was so cool to have a channel like V66 that was earnest and untainted by the inherent greed and stupidity in the music biz nowadays.
Comment by: Joey Daytona
I still have a lengthy tape I made of Aerosmith appearances on V66 Steve & Joe playing Blackjack or some wacky game show type of thing. I also have a couple of songs of them at the Manning Bowl in Lynn which was very badly broadcast on V66 (I was actually at that show) they were the only ones playing "Let The Music Do The Talking" video when it came out and the Joe Perry Project "Black Velvet Pants" Found memories of this station!
Comment by: Billy
For Jim Smith: In regards Bang I am not sure about getting a recording of that song (which was a complete Van Halen rip - good tune though) But 2 o2 3 of the guys, Paul guitarist & Rob bassist, went on to become the band, Spread Eagle out of NY and had 2 albums on MCA.
Comment by: Bill
OMG V66~~The Beat Goes On!!!! I won a contest to be a VJ for the day and they came to my house and shot live for 4 hours!!! The contest was...If you were VJ for a day..where would you shoot live from? I said my bedroom and they picked me!!! The VJ was Perry Stone. I was 16 years old and I had a blast! I have that whole show on VHS...perhaps I will transfer it to DVD and upload for everyone LOL I'm still stuck in the 80's..recently became a HUGE INXS fan! They are touring the country and I have tickets to 6 shows...They are the best LIVE band in the world..and I'm not just saying gotta go see them if you haven't yet!
Comment by: Cindy
Remember they had that game where they'd show a video and then ask three questions about it and you could call in and try and answer them? I was 15 years old and I answered three questions about "Born In East L.A." - I don't remember what the questions were, but I remember my excitement over the promised black V-66 mug like it was yesterday. They never sent me the mug.
Comment by: Ripped Off
Mary Jo, was that really you blogging??? Have to admit, and I think I speak for all male teenage V-66ers from 85-86 what a crush we all had on you :) Not just your looks, but I really saw you as a young classy act doing your thing for an up and coming hip local TV station (I remember the time you wore those big fangled earings and everybody was calling up the viewer line to rag on you for them!) Also liked Tracy Cox a lot -- wonder what ever happened to her! Wow, I've spent the last couple days reading through all these messages. Found it when I got this sudden inclination to try and find an old Stompers song I hadn't heard in over 20 years ("One Heart For Sale") and lo and behold I find this! Memories, memories -- Morrissey being interviewed live in studio when the then unknown Smiths came to town to open up for Frankie Goes to Hollywood, seeing this weird Emo Philips spoken word video on April Fool's Day, and of course following BCN's lead -- constant U2 video airplay for the first time -- video for Sunday Bloody Sunday is what converted me -- have since gone on to see them 17 times. I haven't lived in Beantown for 15 years -- and am now on the other side of the world (in Israel)...but...first the Sox finally break the curse, the Pats are an NFL dynasty, and now reconnecting w/ the V-66 community! Hey if Dick Albert comes on Channel 5 and says New England's never going to see another snowflake, I might just come back...oh, I also think there should be a dedicated website and how about some sort of a V66 reunion party? That I would surely come back for...
Comment by: Rick
I was one of the Lehman twins(Lynne & lisa) who did a Playboy interview on V-66. The Lehman twins favorite places in the 80's BUNRATTIES, THE CHANNEL, SPIT, METRO, NICKS COMEDY Does anyone have a copy of the twins interview? Lynne my twin past away,sept 4,2001 and I would love to have a copy of the tape. Sincerely, Lisa- Lehman twin
Comment by: Lisa Lehman
OMG! I was just mentioning this to someone the other day too and of course they had no idea what I was referring to! AHH, I remember tuning in on my old B&W TV in my bedroom--reception could be on again /off again but the music was there. I remember thinking it was the coolest thing. We didn't have cable yet, and even when people started getting it my dad held off for a long time, so this was it for us. Wow, and I had forgotten all about Friday Night Videos. Wow, man I feel old! Thanks for the site!
Comment by: Meredith Fowler
It was awesome for starters. Free videos, all day long. I remember Jon Garabedian. Perry Stone and his "mudflaps" vest. Most of the VJs went on to careers in Boston radio. What I'll always remember is that Sumner Redstone (the guy whose company owns MTV) bought the station and turned it into the Home Shopping Network. I will always hate him for that.
Comment by: Frank
great channel - would have been better if they played more springsteen. in fact, what we need is a 24-hour springsteen video channel....
Comment by: Pete
Everyone thought Mary Jo was so hot. I still have a V-66 bumper sticker she autographed for me at an appearance at Harvard Coop. When the station switched over to home shopping we made sure we watched everyone's final show. Garebedian said, "Stop calling and complaining. It's just a TV station." Mary Jo was pretty emotional. It was sad. We never saw her again. Maybe someone can post some pictures of the VJ's from then and now.
Comment by: Joe
Arnie Ginsberg was on my bus today. I see him from time to time. I drive for C&J Trailways out of Portsmouth NH and every so often I'll be loading luggage into the bus and one of the bags will have V66 stickers all over it. He does this to make it stand out at the airport so he can find his bags easier. He said they had 'millions' of those stickers printed up and now he still has some. He gave me 3.
Comment by: Barry Ellis
AWESOME memories of the 80's! The Boston music scene hasn't been the same since. Of course, I had to be in stupid middle school during V66's tenure, so I missed out on all the live shows in the clubs. GRRRR... But I LOVED the fact that you could see so much diversity on one music channel. At ANY given time, you could see New Order, Fleetwood Mac, New Man, Judas Priest, The Smiths, Run-DMC, The Fools, AC/DC, David Lee Roth, Joan Armatrading, Huey Lewis, Digney Fignus, Bronski Beat, Axminster, Autograph, The Drive, Hall & Oates, U2...... Let's see that kind of diversity NOW!!
Comment by: Pete Bowers
V-66 Rocked! Panama by Van Halen! Voices Carry by Til Tuesday! Take On Me by A-ha! That confusing Safety Dance video by Men Without Hats! V-66 was all about playing videos for the children of the '80s. Bravo. P.S. - Please send me a bumper sticker. I'm fresh out.
Comment by: JimmyP
Man,does this all take me back!I stumbled across V66 by accident.I was bored one day and started tuning my TV up past channel 56,even though I knew nothing was there. Suddenly,a video appeared,crystal clear,"What's this?",and then another and another.I thought I'd somehow tapped into MTV,but then a guy came on and said,"Welcome to V66.This is our first day on the air,my name's Ian O'Malley." He apologized for them playing so many repeats of videos and said they were taping new ones as fast as they could.There were a lot of repeats,but I didn't mind,they were great videos! V66 Day One:California Girls,Just a Gigolo,Saved by Zero,Madame Butterfly. Remember Madame Butterfly?It had very glum-looking naked chicks soaping each other and rubbing each other down with oil.When that video came on I began calling all my friends and saying,"Turn to channel 66,quick!Yes,66!Quick!" God,it's all coming back now.Perry Stone and his 'message urinal' and sometimes he'd put on a hockey mask,like Jason. I have many fond(though fuzzy)memories of hanging out with friends and getting wasted,while watching V66. Man,those were some of the best times of my life.I wish I'd realized that then,I would have appreciated them more. Thanks for the memories,this was fun! P.S. Hey Matt,the video with the paint-drip transition was,"Catch Me I'm Falling"by Real Life.I loved that video.
Comment by: Darren
V66 was all we had in Central Mass until real cable came around in 1985. My biggest memories are requesting "We are the World" a bunch of times, calling 911 by accident instead of the station (I was 11), and seeing the Dire Straits video for "Money for Nothing". That one sticks out because Sting's voice was changed at the beginning and the end. Instead of singing "I want my MTV!", when the video played on V-66 he sang "I want my VJV!" And that was very very cool. I had a V-66 bumper sticker but being 11 all I could do was put it on the side of my 13 inch black and white tv that I won from a boy scouts candy drive. Oh, those were the days.
Comment by: Sean D
What I remember most was being able to watch videos over broadcast tv. The town I lived in during the 80's (Marblehead, MA) didn't have cable yet so I had to drive to my girlfriend's apartment in Salem (Love 'ya Renee!) to watch MTV. I was a huge Stompers fan (aka groupie) and was so psyched to see "Eastside Girl" on tv! I miss the 80's so much, it was the best time of my life.
Comment by: Jack Mitchell
Wow!!!!! I remember V66 like it was yesterday....I loved New Man and called everyday and talked to the vj's to have them play it. I would love to hear that song again or see the video...anyone that might have anything they want to share with me can email me at Something about the Stompers, the Del Feugo's and all those great bands really bring back some great memories....
Comment by: Kelly C.
I worked the phone lines as an intern in 1986. I was just out of college, working a corporate job, so would head to that pink and grey post-modern building off the Mass Pike after work. Best memories were Joe Perry of Aerosmith, in the pre-comeback days, calling me and yacking about music. And, when the next DJ was late, and Mary Jo had already taken off her make-up, she stuck me on the air. I did my little V sign and introduced the next video. Also remember Sonny Jo White swooping in the offices, David,'s all foggy, but it's in this head somewhere. Some awful, crappy videos...but then, we'd get to play The Smiths or The Church or some local Boston stuff...and I was happy again. I'm still kicking around music things, and I keep meeting people that watched the channel as kids. And the respect when they find out I "worked" there! Still have a few stickers and a pen left right here...
Comment by: Karen
V-66 was huge when I was in 7th and 8th grade. I remember some of the high school kids used to turn the second 6 around on the bumper sticker to make it V-69. What a great station it was...
Comment by: Mark
I came here looking for ways to find some of the great music that was played on V-66; unfortunately, what I remember most about V-66 was how Garabedian got rich selling it to the Home Shopping Network! Hey, Tom Berkowitz: I remember Bang....I hung out with them a couple of times, as they were friends of a friend. I've searched for their tunes a number of times, but have never been able to find them (I still try though!)
Comment by: eddieo
V-66 changed my life!! I grew up in rural farm country in NH and when V-66 came on the air, Wow...there was hope! We watched it any chance we got! I remember David O'Leary & John Garabedian, We built this city on rock & roll! Yo yo little brother, Animotion!, the Madame Butterfly video was cool, One Night in Bangkok, AC/DC, Ball & Pivot, David Lee Roth video made me want to look good in a bikini! V-66 was the best, miss it!
Comment by: Cheri Beauchemin
I remember calling in and always requesting the Ah Ha video "Take on Me". I was young, about six, so don't blame me for always seeing that video played. I can still remember that Saturday morning when I tuned the TV to 66 and saw the Home Shopping Network instead of my beloved V66. You bastards took away my videos, no I'm not bitter.
Comment by: Larry Capriotti
i was really young when V-66 was around. . . first or second grade i think, but i remember we lived in Haverhill at the time and me and my sister's were playing in the backyard and a skywriter was writing V-66, it was cool. during the summer my sisters and i watched V-66 on a daily basis. . . . awesome music, awesome videos. . . thanks for the memories
Comment by: Shannon
I just discovered this website today, quite by accident. What a kick! I had no idea someone had put something like this together and it's very cool to read all of the comments posted. Ian checked in, so did Mary Jo, and my former morning producer and all-around "go-to guy", Jim Smith, who I affectionately nicknamed "Young Jim" has also swung by. I won't go into detail on where my career has headed since V-66, but anyone who's interested can go to my website: and get the story. Every broadcaster I have ever known wants very much to be a part of something that truly touches people and becomes a lasting part of their life experiences. Based on what people are saying on this board, I think V-66 fits that description. We were all so jazzed about the whole concept of what we were doing and I think the energy and passion which we brought to the V came through on the air. Other than ol' George Fennell's "Five All Night" show on Channel 5 years before, there had been nothing on local television that had caused as much talk as V-66. It was an exciting time and although just about everyone on the air had been a successful DJ previously, becoming a VJ in a state-of-the-art facility topped anything we had ever done before. The camaraderie, unity of spirit, and the opportunity to meet, interview, and get to know some of the real stars of the rock scene back in the 1980's was as good as it gets. I think I can speak for everyone from the old crew that we wished it could have lasted forever. But on Memorial Day Friday in 1986, we were all summoned to a meeting room and John H. and Arnie gave us the bad news. The realities of the TV business and the lack of adequate advertising revenues had forced them and the investors to sell out to the Home Shopping Club. The ride was over. I've had the privilege of being part of several significant moments in Boston broadcasting history. I was at the old WVBF in Framingham when we became the first FM station to beat WRKO in the ratings. Later, I was the last music disc jockey ever hired by 'RKO before they switched to News/Talk in 1981, and I was the only jock who remained onboard after the format change. But being the first face ever to be broadcast on "Boston Rock Video, WVJV" on the morning of February 12, 1985 will always be one of my all-time favorite memories. I hope other fans of the V will find this board and share their memories, too.
Comment by: Bill Syephens
I was a snot-nosed kid journalist and burgeoning rock critic for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette and I desperately wanted my editor, Jerry Goggins, to let me do a story on the V when it first emerged (or when I first became fixated by it) long about February '85. I even designed a drawing for the 80s-era Telegram's "Time Out" magazine supplement cover -- the V66 logo being used as a slingshot by a hip young "David" as he takes out a much bigger but more evil and corporate looking MTV "Goliath." But Jerry didn't want to spend the money on the drawing, and I wasn't good enough to do it myself, so the story never happened. I actually interviewed New Man when their V66 video became a local sensation (it later won an MTV award on their short-lived program about indie videos -- "Basement Tapes?" -- partly because so many New England fans phoned in to vote for it after seeing it on the V!) and I did a story on 'til tuesday just before they clicked nationally -- V66 was a research tool that kept me hip and current in the eyes of my bosses (if I had liked Andy Williams over Perry Como they would have thought I was hip and current actually...) I also remember the Prince video for "Raspberry Beret" the station generated -- just a record on a turntable, but also a message: Nobody tells us what we can and can't broadcast, including the artist. I thought that was SO punk rock! And does anybody remember the Fools' "She Makes Me Feel Big" album? There was a V66 video from it, I'm pretty sure. That record made me laugh and laugh... Lastly, I think the V's community flavor was not only very cool but also very educational. I'm thinking of my surprise at the time over the success of Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy" on the station, which I think clicked mostly because it dealt with a gay bashing and its aftermath, and because the Massachusetts gay community kept calling in to request it. Blew my mind to realize that a) There was such a numerically large gay community around me and I never knew it and b) that things like gay bashings were a real part of their daily experience. If that sounds naive now, well, the world seemed smaller in the 80s. The V made my world just a little bit larger than it would have been without it.
Comment by: Ray Greene
Mary Jo always wore wild earrings and was a cute vj to boot. What ever happened to her???
Comment by: PATCAT
I loved V66!!!!! There was a band that I loved so loved I would watch for hours to catch them The Bang or I think just Bang I wish It was Summer I would run and get my "microphone" and sing and dance. I never speak to anyone that remembers V66. Just today I asked someone actually two people and they had no idea. This site is awesome!!! Thanks!
Comment by: TH
I used to live in Stafford Springs, CT & we received lots of Boston channels, including V66. My brother and I loved it because they showed lots of metal videos. He still has one of their hour-long metal shows on VHS. I also remember the RUSH show that Mary Jo hosted. I think I have that on tape somewhere. We sure were in heaven during the summer of 1986 watching vids on V66 and Gumby on channel 38!
Comment by: Mark Vincent Smith
"It's the V!!!!" I remember "Yo Little Brother" being played wayyyy too much and some latino band or artist named "New Man" being played all the time. I also remember - sice it was when I was in High School, thinking it was "so cool" that their bumper stickers were on the toll baskets on the Mass pike. I also remember how cool it was since my parents refused to get cable until around 1988 - because we had V-66, so it didn't matter... Like so many others that visit this site, when I see a V for Victory, Vendetta or Verizon, I think of V-66. And it's one big happy memory.
Comment by: Eric
I'm blown away to find this! Every once in a while I will ask someone about V-66 and if they remember it and no one can relate. I was about 6-8yrs old when I remember watching. It was great because we never had cable and it offered us continuous videos, night and day. They would play obscure ones "The Girl With Curious Hand" and "Ride a White Pony". Thanks for being here to let me reminisce!
Comment by: ESTEY
Every morning (Spring 86) David Lee Roth's California Girls video would come on at the same time.. i then knew when it was over I had to drive to school! ...Face to Face, New Man, Digney, Jon Buthcer Axis.... etc., great memories.. I remember ther was a due t between A hot blonde and a guy on piano.. anyone remember the name? or the Jon Buthcer Axis video shot at Hanscom Field?
Comment by: Jase
I was a student at the equally defunct Northeast Broadcasting School (Marlboro Street at Fairfield) when V66 hit the air. Reception was always good, as I lived near the corner of Westland Avenue & Hemenway Street (back when we called it "Hooker Hollow" - MY, how things have changed!). Like many of us, I had V66 stickers on all my guitar cases, my amp, my TV, and plastered more-than-a-few on MBTA property. Such great memories! Too many videos to list - and a GREAT venue for local artists like Lizzy Borden & The Axes, Til Tuesday, O Positive, The Stompers, The Del Fuegos, etc etc etc. (Who did that tune, "Worlds Collide?" Weren't they a local band too?) I remember walking down Boylston one day, and right across from The Lenox, I passed John Garabedian and Arnie Ginsberg! I don't know if these guys ever really knew what they loosed on Boston, or what it (obviously!) meant to us on the receiving end of V66. That station was there for not a few romances, breakups, one-night-stands, and generally just being the background music for that part of my life. I was *crushed* the day I found it gone. It was a HUGE part of my late-adolescent growing up, and I will *NEVER* forget it. Just goes to show ya the true power of music. THANKS, ARNIE!
Comment by: Steve Pomeroy
As a young British guy, living in West Roxbury for the summer of 85, i found V66 by chance ! I was totally riveted, as I had never seen anything like it before , and they always played such great tunes ..most of them by Brit bands ... or "The invasion of the brits" as V66 referred to it !! I phoned in to a competition one day Q.. THE KINKS WERE DEDICATED FOLLOWERS OF WHAT ??? " ........... i won two tickets to see the band live that night just outside boston ... Ok ... stroll down memory lane over for now ... Ian MacDonald - Belgium
Comment by: Ian MacDonald
My wife used to work there as a tech, before it became Home Shopping Club. I met Mary Jo and others several times, and we "inherited" a great collection of demo records (mostly Boston-based), still in our attic.
Comment by: David B
I remember a great VIDEO live from the Rat video by JOHNNY BARNES @ THE AUTOMATICS..... Johnny was running all over the club with a wireless hook up and a Flying V guitar.... The Rat and the Channel were sooo coool!!!!! I found 2 Johnny Barnes CD's on CDBABY... He's as hot as ever... What ever happened to The Rats.....?... Lefty
Comment by: jim berk
Electric in Everett!
Comment by: keith
I loved V66! I came across this page while looking for information on Boston bands in the late 80's. I loved the New Man video 'Bad Boys' and of course, the Stompers 'East Side Girl'. I remember many Friday nights watching the videos until late late while in high school. We even tuned in our dorm rooms at BC in 85 and 86, bad reception and all. Even my 'too cool for school' husband admits he was watching V66 with his buddies out in Central Mass. What fun back then.
Comment by: Kelly G
Wow. Other people remember V66. Way cool. I remember it form my college days. Aside from the 'cool' videos that MTV wouldn't play - I seem to remember alot of local videos got their air time. "Bad Boys" from "New Man" rings a bell. A lot of silly contests. Weren't John and Dave going out at the time??? I keep thinking of V66 every time I hear John on his nation house party, or Dave, who at last I knew, worked on an 'adult rock' station here in Beantown. I tell you, I really missed it when it went off the air. (and of course, now that MTV doesn't play videos any more...). My biggest regret is not having taped all that stuff - I'd love to have those videos now...
Comment by: John Mc
I remember watching V66 in Salisbury Lounge at WPI back in the early 80s (83-85). I was a commuter and that's where I'd hang out between classes. I loved "Yo little brother" - remember that? Mary Jo lives in my town now. I just found out she puts out the school newsletter.
Comment by: Leela
I almost forgot about V66 but I recall seeing it before we had cable and after on the other TV that didn't have cable. It was wayyyy better than MTV. Local artists were prominent and lots of Siouxsie Sioux
Comment by: Chris Flynn
Wow! I forgot about Emo singing Happy Birthday. That always cracked me up. V66 was awesome, I had the biggest crush on David o'Leary. Can't listen to "We built this city" without thinking of V66.
Comment by: Heather Mason
I too remember the amazing V66. I justr read every post here, and was reminded near the edn of the video I STILL long to get hold of on my computer ... I make homemade video CDRs for using in my dvd player, which does MPGs, and I'm still dying o add the "Yo, Li'l Brother" video to just one copy ... I also have somewhere among my over 1000 homemade VS tapes, about 2 hours of the V66 station, but it would be impossible to find easily, although I'll GLADLY share it if I happen across it - & I know the video I want is on it ... More memories - Herbie Hancocks Rock It, The homemade Raspberry Beret, The Romantics - One in a million, Doo Wah Diddy, Boogie Boyz - Fly Girl, Double Dutch Bus, Fogerty's Vanz Kant Danz (the claymation pig that'll steal your money), Billy Ocean's Carbbean Queen, ZZtop's Legs video - does puberty EVER end !?!, Land down under by Men at work, And lastly but not at all the last I remember - Missing Persons with Dale Bozzio ... LONG LIVE THE V!! ... Please donate the jacket !! ... Please donate to the fansite ... and if anybody here can afford a bock of cable TV time on those local area channels by community, let's get about 20 of us together & created a show that re-airs the footage we all have "somewhere" ...
Comment by: Kevin Vena
I was so excited to see this site! David O'Leary turned me on to it! I was the music director for V66 and I have to say, even to this day, memories of working there are among the best of my life! V66 was so cutting edge, so ahead of our time, and SO MUCH BETTER THAN MTV! It was a definite drag when we were sold. The local music community was so bummed out! (Sad part was I had to move to LA!) It's great reading all your comments and recollections! Thanks for reminding me of the good ole days! I now produce a syndicated radio show called "hardDrive" and it's hosted by Lou Brutus. We are on in the Boston area on Rock 101 WGIR out of Manchester, NH and 94WHJY out of Providence. So if you still have a passion for newer rock, check us out!
Comment by: Roxy Myzal
I remember one of the VJ's playing an on-air card game with a caller--blackjack, I think. The VJ asks if the caller wanted to hit, and the caller replied, "Yeah, what the f--k." The VJ's just let a beat of silence pass while he made the funniest, most subtle "well, I can't undo THAT" look. I also remember all the great videos mentioned above, forging an ID to see New Man, Face to Face, The Neighborhoods, Rash of Stabbings, Neutral Nation and other great Boston/RI bands play the original Lupos and late, great Living Room, and buying the records for the videos I saw. I remember buying both The Smiths' How Soon Is Now and Alphaville's Big In Japan after the two videos squared off in some sort of call-in "which is better" poll. And I do recall tuning into the V with bewilderment as Home Shopping spilled out of the tube--surely I mis-tuned the VHF knob. I thought. Now the only artifact I have is the "V66" sticker on the back of my BMX helmet from back in the day. Great hearing from you all!
Comment by: Peter Vieira
I've been trying to find a song/music video that I only encountered on V-66... it was an instrumental with lots of piano, and there was this loony little girl who looked like an angry child flapper, and she would bang on railroad tracks and do other weird things. Any clue? There was also a video by a group who looked kinda retro-greaser and had the lines: "...she was gone the next day, boys are stupid... oh how she made me happy, oh how she was good to me." Who was that?
Comment by: Rex
That one real hot brunet even tho i can't recall her name that and how The scum at MTV forced them off the air we need another channel like this today
Comment by: Karl in newport RI
Those were the days. I was a cameraman and loved every minute I was there. Met lots of people who I am still in touch with and saw lots of videos. Fresh in Framingham! Hi to Ian O., David O. John G. Tracey Cox, Sue Beauchamp, Perry Stone. Keep the memory alive!
Comment by: Stu Pologe
I remember when the tower went up in my backyard in Marlboro and the 1st time the call sign went up on the screen. It was exciting when they broadcast for a short time during the day. I also remember when I played against Perry Stone in an on-air blackjack contest, I lost but I did get a lot of stickers and a great T Shirt. This channel was hundreds of times better than MTV at the time.
Comment by: Lord Byron
I LOVED V66! We didn't have cable either- I remember fighting with my cousins at their house on Thanksgiving to watch MTV when it was brand new- so everything changed when V66 came along. God it was good when you could turn on the music video channel and watch actual videos! I watched V66 every day in 6th grade. We got shi*ty reception in town but I was a fanatic from the start. Ball & Pivot "Down" was one of my favorites- I remember loving them and the Drive and seeing them both sometime around then (1984?) at some all ages show on Landsdowne! One of the greatest things about having our own video channel was all the local bands that were on it. I think today you'd be hard-pressed to find a 12 year old who had a clue what any local band in their town was.
Comment by: Kristin Copley High
Use to watch it all the time, it was in many ways better than M-TV, and that was when M-TV actually played music videos! The best thing about V-66 was that they showed live concerts, with my best memory of V-66 was when they showed a live "Phil Collins" concert. Great, great memories of the 80's, twenty something years later; a sad day when V-66 went off the air. Does anyone remember that fatefull day (date)???
Comment by: Rich Hartel
doing the countdown-the drive naughty naughty-john parr drop the pilot-joan armatrading the mask-greg phillingaines sweet sweet baby mine-lone justice another thing coming-judas priest whirlly girl-xoxoxo when your heart is weak-cock robin blue jeans-david bowie talk to me-fiona nasty-janet jackson what have you done for me lately-janet jackson eat it-weird al in my house-maryjane girls men without shame-phantom rocker and slick just a few of my favorites i have on video,hope they bring back great memories 4-u
Comment by: MARY
this page is amazing. first, i didn't know John Garabedian owned it... we had mutual friends up until about a year ago. I was doing a lot of web design - i should've asked him for some archival stuff. around 2004 i saw a v66 sticker on a street sign!! i was shocked..but i failed to remember where in order to take a pic! i remember watching the video for Paul Hardcastle's 19 on there.. and Face To Face's 10-9-8.. heh man the memories
Comment by: erx
I was in a video for a Boston band "Love to Love" and we went up against my favorite Boston band of the 80" Mr Miami's "Ghost"..I loved this station !! V66 gave us all a chance to see videos that MTV never played , videos from the best bands ever all from Boston ..Remember the channel , jumping jack flash in the Fenway , upstairs at the Rat and of course SPIT...November group , Lou Miami, Liars, Human Sexual Response , the Alantics..what great memories..JJ
Comment by: Janice
Absolutely Nothing! I remember it being there... And watching it... but it's all a blur! Thank You Uncle Jack! Willie Mallard Ahhhhh Farrington St.
Comment by: Willie Mallard
I also remember seeing Rosie O'Donell on I confused? Some videos I remember. Ball and Pivot- goin down Dogmatics-can't remember the song Prime Movers - True to me -------------------- Gino Vanelli - black cars (loook better in the shade) --------------------- nolan thomas - yo little brother --------------------- Dr & the Medic - Spirit in the Sky --------------------- I don't remember this, but there is the V66 logo in the corner: NE Patriots & We
Comment by: Mikey V
This is HYSTERICAL! Something recently tripped my memory of V66 and I have been asking various people if they remember it... The answer is always the same... "NO"... I'm glad to know that it wasn't a figment of my imagination! I remember watching the video for Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark" on V66!
Comment by: Shelly
We didnt have cable in my town, and V66 was one of the only places where you could see an actual variety of them too...does anyone out there remember a short-lived video show on channel 7 in boston (now its WHDH) hosted by the ubiquitous Bill Smith from (at the time) WHTT 103.3? Bill kicked around Boston radio on WCGY and WBOS for a while, and then I don't know what happened. I also remember Ian O'Malley was at WAAF (and David O'Leary too?)after V66, and remember hearing he was auditioning at the time to take over Adam Curry's VJ spot on MTV back in the day...great to see Ian on Big Brother and hear he landed in NY radio! I'd like to know what happened to MaryJo! She was a cutie!
Comment by: Colleen
I played in the Boston band Axminster and V-66 played a few of our videos. It was such a great time to be a Boston band back then and V-66 was huge part of exposing and introducing new and established talent. It was cool to have your music played on the station and it's too bad the "V" went away. I remember dropping off one of our videos to Roxy M up at the big pink building next to the pike' in Natick and she introduced me to the singer of a band called Black Flag. It was Henry Rollins. Reading everyone's memories of the station, the bands and the people is cool.
Comment by: Steve S
Obviously there's a lot of interest here in New Man's "Bad Boys" video. So if someone's got it on tape, why not make some copies and sell 'em on eBay? I'd sure buy it.
Comment by: Roderick T. Long
I remember STARSHIP's "We Built This City" and the V inserting voiceovers specific to Boston. I lived across the street from David O'Leary's cousins so V66 was a general topic in the neighborhood. Thanks for the memories!!
Comment by: john
I loved that the VJs controlled the cameras from a control panel at their desk! I once won a prize for being the right caller to correctly answer 3 or 4 questions about what was going on in the Katrina & the Waves video, "Walking on Sunshine".
Comment by: Bruce
This was my 1st intro to music videos & believe it or not, I still have recordings (VHS of course) of numerous vids of that bygone era-just went thru a couple, curious/download to MP3. Was LOL when viewing the tapes. Still cherish them.
Comment by: Bob -Malden
I was in boarding school in Groton Mass and we had a lot of time to watch V66 on a beat up black and white television in the common room. Eventually we started to have "V-Battles" in which the object was to name the song and artist within the first few frames, before the credits came up. Some of the kids were astoundingly good at it.
Comment by: Andrew Boer
Do I remember V-66?? I was in a commercial for Great Cuts in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA and it debuted and aired there all the time! I was in high school then. Those were the days......
Comment by: Michelle
Remember it well( and fondly)...was at Holy Cross at the was one of the few channels we could get then...played a lot of great local stuff:Salem 66, Mission of Burma etc
Comment by: Jim McGonigle
WOW, I just stumbled on this page. This is awesome. I can remember watching videos after school. New Man-The Del Fuegos- The Stompers-The Alarm-Slade-David Lee Roth- Dexy's Midnight Runners. Does anyone remember a band called The Lines? What was there song. I can remember some of the lyrics but that's it. Tough getting old. But this brings back so many good times. Bill G
Comment by: Bill G
Steve G or anyone with a tape of Fiona Flanagan please drop me an email: I was and still am a huge fan. Even after all these years she still has a fan following and a really nice web site dedicated to her. Thanks a million.
Comment by: Jim S.
Tuesday,2/12/85.I was in the 4th grade,home from school faking sick.Just meandering through the channels and I stumble across "Let It All Hang Out" by the Nails...what the hell is this? I spent the rest of the day fixated by the videos that were to come. Needless to say,I was hooked on V66 and there's still V66 stickers all over my parent's attic door. What a great station,especially for a rock-obsessed 9 year old. MTV wasn't touching ANYTHING by Aerosmith in '85,but V66 had "Lightning Strikes" "Chaquita". Great old clips from the Doors,Rush,Kansas,AC/DC...V66 became my conduit for finding real music,not the standard of the moment fare that MTV pushed on us. And unfortunately it was so ephemeral-only 16 months..gone by the summer of '86 for goddamned home shopping! Ugh. To think that V66 was on a GENERATION ago is just jarring. My girlfriend doesn't remember it(she's 25-it went off the air when she was 4)and 'm elated to find this site where at least SOME people appreciate what we had all those years ago.
Comment by: The Mick
Remember Ball and Pivot, The Girl with the Curious hand, or how about Gary Cherone/Extreme in multi colored tassled pants performing Mutha Don't want to go to sSchool today - I was stellar in Stoughton!
Comment by: Adam
I remember being the nth caller to V-66 and winning two free tickets to see Katrina & the Waves. This was when "Walking on Sunshine" was just beginning its climb up the charts.
Comment by: Roderick T. Long
Just wanted to say that I love V66....has anyone made some new T-shirts?
Comment by: The Coach
I moved to the Boston area right after high school in '85. I used to watch V66 all the time. The videos I remember most are Extreme's "Mama, Don't Wanna Go To School Today", The Fool's "World Dance Party", "Do You Love Me" by MASS and "Bass Rocks" by a local band whose name I can't remember, as well as 80's staples like A-Ha's "Take On Me", KajaGooGoo's "Perfect Way" and "How To Be A Zillionaire" by ABC. It amazes me how many of the V66 stickers are still out there on street signs, car bumpers, etc. Somebody needs to bring back a channel like this.
Comment by: Patrick Harris
I moved to the Boston area right after high school in '85. I used to watch V66 all the time. The videos I remember most are Extreme's "Mama, Don't Wanna Go To School Today", The Fool's "World Dance Party", "Do You Love Me" by MASS and "Bass Rocks" by a local band whose name I can't remember, as well as 80's staples like A-Ha's "Take On Me", KajaGooGoo's "Perfect Way" and "How To Be A Zillionaire" by ABC. It amazes me how many of the V66 stickers are still out there on street signs, car bumpers, etc. Somebody needs to bring back a channel like this.
Comment by: Patrick Harris
5 All Night with George Fennell was fantastic! 5 All Night Forever!!!!!
Comment by: Jon
EVERYBODY!!! We are very proud to announce a great piece of news that I know all of you will want to hear. Christian de Rezendes (that's me) of Breaking Branches Pictures along with Eric Green of Cruising in the Van Productions are in pre-production for a documentary on V66. We have met with its creator John Garabedian, and we've contacted several of the original VJ's - O'Malley, O'Leary, Arnie Ginsberg, Roxy Myzell, Perry Stone and more!! All are psyched to be a part of this film, which we begin shooting in January, 2008!! We also have access to the original air checks and video of V66 not seen by the public in over 20 years!! One major part of this movie, however, will be about the FANS!! All of your memories, memerobelia and details are so important to have that we'd love to include everyone. So we've begun a search for V66 FANS.... to be interviewed at some point next year. So if YOU want to be a part of our film, please.... email me at and WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU V66-LOVERS!! SO WRITE US NOW =) Thanks!! P.S. I just finished another film called "41" about the life and work of Nicky O'Neill, the youngest victim of the Station Nightclub fire in RI. Read all about it at RI Premiere 10/28/07 and screenings throughout MA in November.
Comment by: Christian de Rezendes
Here is a Youtube video where Fiona Flanagan (The rock singer who played Jackie in Miami Vice's Little Miss Dangerous episode) introduces music videos on V66 around the time of the release of her "Beyond The Pale" album in '87. There are no music videos, just cuts of her introducing the videos on V66. A really rare video. Steve G I would still like to get a copy of the video tape of David O'Leary interviewing Fiona you mentioned in an earlier post. Please contact me.
Comment by: Jim S
Thanks for this great page. Yes, I'm another 30 something that fondly remembers V66 The Beat of Boston. I was living at Kimball st projects in Manchester NH and I remember kids outside the projects who had cable, talking about MTV. There was no cable in the projects, but with a big enough pair of "rabbit ears" my brothers and I could plull in V66 on the b&w tv we had in our room. Does anyone remember the contest for $66,000 if you had the matching dollar serial number they would announce? Well thank you V66 for giving me and my brothers music videos when we never could've had MTV and thanks to whoever put up this page, for all the great memories!!!
Comment by: Dennis Tucker
GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU ALL!! I remember being in 6th grade in Dover, Massachusetts when V66 was on. My second girlfriend Colleen and I used to, after school, talk on the phone watching V66, laughing and talking about the videos. Our song, and video, was "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue. They played that video everyday for over two straight months. The first video I saw on V66 was "Voices Carry" by Til Tuesday, which is a Boston band. The video I remember getting a ton of air play was "She Sells Sactuary" by The Cult. Great song! I'd just like to finish up by saying that my friend and talented filmmaker Christian DeRezendes submitted a posting about his new movie about V66. Please help if you can with any stories or video tapes you might have. He left his contact info in his posting. Should be a lot of fun.
Comment by: Sean Fullerton
Wow! What a great site this is. Talk about memory lane. I was 10 when V66 hit the Boston air waves in 84'. One thing that stand out is when the Wham video "Careless Whisper" came out in late 85' I believe. I used to sit around all day waiting for them to play that video. The hot chic George Michael cheated on in that vid. made my pee pee feel real funny. She was the hottest chic ever!!! I also remember when V66 had a "V66 Day" at Whalom Park in Lunenburg Mass. I met all the VJ's at the top of the old slide they used to have. I was soooo star struck...I think I got their autographs. Those were the good old days!!
Comment by: Todd
Hi Everyone, Just found a Youtube video of V-66 recorded from TV on October, 1985. It includes weather, V-66's Big Bucks, excerpts from hot videos, Remo Williams movie trailer, John Garabedian, and a few other things. Enjoy
Comment by: Jim S.
Being a student I've visited 25 states in the mid of 80s.The most memorable time was that of Boston, where i spent 1.5 months.I may probably not find the words to express my feelings how my youth was reach with such an experience to be a witness of V-66 although America was a different country that time.I felt in Boston like at home where i found more intellectuals than elsewhere and of course plain American hearty people.I do not know if music these days really makes people more friendly and sensitive but V-66 surely did so.God bless you all in Boston.regards from Poland Piotr
Comment by: Piotr from Poland
O-Positve, Ball+Pivot, New Man, Lizzie Borden, Johnny Angel, Rick Berlin, and so many other names. Bob and Zip doing "Got a Big Ego"! When "Emo" was Emo Phillips! V66 was our own MTV in Greater Boston. I thought it was the beginning of a democratizing trend in music video and every market would have its own V-66! In my dreams then and in my dreams forever! So sad how V-66 died a slow and painful death while home shopping seized the channel! I thought New Man was going to take the world by storm. Kudos to my friend Dave C. who tried to make it happen (see above). I too went on to see close up how corporate music media REALLY works, one of the bitterest pills I had to swallow. But there will always be a glow in my heart for my UHF companion of lazy afternoons in the mid'80s: V-66!
Comment by: Max Shea
Corey Hart's "Never Surrender" won their nightly video battle for 21 consecutive nights! Mary Jo was hot! David O'Leary hosting St. Patrick's Day from Liam's Tavern. Making the guy from the "Voices Carry" video the most hated man in Boston. This station carried me through the sixth and seventh grade! Remember they made their own videos for "Rasperry Beret" and "We Built This City". Part of me died that fateful die when the Home Shopping Channel moved in...
Comment by: Duke
WOW - it is amazing what you stumble across on the net these days! I had totally forgotten about V-66. My cousin, Chris Martin, was the bassist for Jon Butcher Axis and it was a pretty cool time for me. Nothing like being a senior in high school and having your cousin in a band that toured with J.Geils! The Boston music scene was rocking back then, and V-66 was instrumental in many of these bands gaining a wider audience. Oh how I long for those times!
Comment by: Trisha Curtis, Richmond VA (formerlry of Melrose)
I fondly remember being 12 years old and seeing V66 for the first time ever. We had a 50 foot antennae up here in northern Worcester County. I remember staying awake on New Years I believe to watch the top 100 videos countdown on the V. Man, I didn't realize how much I missed it until reading all these posts, good memories for sure. There should honestly be a music station like this again, MTV is just plain awful and has been for eons.
Comment by: R. Ballou Jr.
Being the soundman for bands like Jon Butcher Axis, New Man, The Stompers......ect. Also working as house soundman @ Bunrattys back in the day. V66 was a great help for local band exposure. It was a time in Boston's music scene history that will never be repeated. I am glad to have been a big part of it with so many talented and great people. Twas the best time in my life!
Comment by: Tony L.
I was the guitar player for Rods and Cones. Thanks so much for the memories here regarding V66. Rods and Cones enjoyed awesome success as a result of the V66 rotation of "Education in love" our video. It was a very special time in local rock history in Boston and the local exposer from V66 and WBCN was crucial for the local bands. Thanks to the people that have mentioned our project all these years later in this site. Rods and Cones actually recorded our last project in 1995 and never released it....... I would be happy to correspond with any fans of the band and anyone who is interested in Rods and Cones. Email me at
Comment by: Gary France
does anybody remember the name of a song in the fall of 1985 that had the words "she's the passion" in it? the video had a waterfall and it was a girl and a guy singing. i'm trying to remember the artist. any help? i remember this was one of the top videos of that month on the V.
Comment by: anon
The trailer for the pre-production documentary LIFE ON THE V: THE STORY OF V66 is completed and now online. This was put together by Christian de Rezendes' and Eric Green with some footage that hasn't been seen in over 22 years. See MySpace TV - They invite your comments at I would still like Steve G, who has a tape of Fiona Flanagan, to drop me an email: Thanks,
Comment by: Jim S.
What GREAT memories! I still talk about V-66 to this day! I lived in Oxford, and MTV wasn't available on our cable line-up. (Oxford Selectmen wouldn't allow it, the idiots). I had this station on night and day...mornings before work, then turned it on after work. My son was a child then, and loved watching V-66 with me. The day I remarried, I called V-66 to ask if they would play "Solid" by Ashford and Simpson..and they did! It was a wonderful time, an EXCELLENT station, and I miss it (and Massachusetts) very much! (I'm stuck in Texas, Grrrr)
Comment by: Elaine Wunsch
1984- I was a sophomore at BU, living in Kenmore Sq. Jumpin' Jack Flash was my favorite local bar and V66 rocked! Remember Robert Ellis Oral?
Comment by: Tracy M
I still have video tapes of V-66 that shows the V Jays and the logo zooming in and then the music video of Face to Face and others. The good old day's at The Palace, Rats Skell, Copper Feilds.
Comment by: PAT C.
V66 actually played videos! Local vibe with deep musical tastes. I actually saw Marillion and Rush videos - impossible anywhere else. I miss you, V.
Comment by: My V66 beat up your MTV
Wow! I can't believe so many people remember V66. My experience as a VJ and producer with V66 was so much fun. Reading all your comments is like flipping through an old year book. Thanks for the memories.
Comment by: The VJ formerly known as Tracy
does anyone remember a song or band named Live/Life ? it was pretty big in '84 or '85 and on V66 all the time
Comment by: dallas
Hey all-- The website for the upcoming documentary "Life on the V: The Story of V66" is now up at ""! Drop by!
Comment by: Phil
Sorry if someone has already mentioned this but did V66 have the exclusive to A-Ha's Take on Me? I remember there being buzz because MTV didn't have it first. And Digny Fignus! What a great singer and I loved Girl with a Curious Hand!
Comment by: Soccer Mom in Denial
I loved V66! The Fools doing "Doo Wah Diddy" filmed in Salem, the New Man video filmed on Newbury Street, Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry" filmed in the South End! I loved trying to identify the locations. It also was great to see all those wonderful local bands -- Extreme, Digney Fignus, does anyone recall a band called The Pencils? I remember watching their videos but it's a vague memory. Thanks, V66, for the memories!
Comment by: Kathode
I response to Dallas about "Live Life". In winter of 85/86,there was a song called "Live is Life" by an Austrian band called Opus. That's most likely what you're looking for.
Comment by: The Mick
V66! Seeing MTV first and then V66 it was clear that the latter had better and even more videos. And the fact that the station broadcasted from MA and not somewhere in anonymous cable land somehow made the music and videos more real. Thanks for the page
Comment by: rob in amsterdam
I remeber V-66 back in the 80's in RI it was on the same cable station that MTV was on before it went 24 hours and to heck. I wish V-66 was back on the air, the music stations of today play too much teen drama rather then...oh...I know MUSIC!If anyone out there remember, didn't V-66 start it's day with Starships "We built this City" and show shots of Boston?
Comment by: Kevin Greene
was just given a cd of New Man songs...remember v66 playing the song bad boys
Comment by: rob
I loved this station and the band. Lizzie Borden & The Axes was the best video! Face to Face, New Man, Dogmatics all so great.
Comment by: Mike
I remember Perry Stone as a DJ on a local New York station, but then to see him as a VJ was a scary sight. We used to nickname him "very stoned". What great memories watching this channel on a small black and white TV (all we could afford as college students), drinking Bud or Haffenreffer (remember that beer with the rebus word puzzle in the bottle cap) and the smoky haze in the apartment. I used to watch this along with another Boston burnout radio station - 94.5 WCOZ.
Comment by: LostInThe80's
Great to find this site and to read everyone's thoughts and memories of V-66. I was an intern during the final year and remember how wonderful everyone was! It was magic to be at a television station where live productions were being broadcast. Live television is an incredible environment. But the music scene back in the 80s was exceptionally creative. I have so many memories of working with the VJ stars, and they really were stars. I think they still are. When I would answer the 'phone for callers, the young fans would sometimes think that they were talking to David O"Leary and would become so excited and became speechless! I remember spending an afternoon with Aerosmith and Liv Tyler, who was a little girl. I remember Ian forcing me to be before the camera to read the weather report and I thought that I should have rehearsed or something. I remember meeting Weird Al, who was extremely nice, as was everyone that I met. I remember taking photos of all of the VJs and their patience with me. I remember bringing in reports for John G. to read about the callers' requests and adding a caller from "Smallville," which he read. (Massachusetts does have a lot of small towns.) For me it was extremely sad when the station was sold but life goes on and people relocate and so friends become distant memories. Let's hope this site can bring us back together! I miss everyone.
Comment by: Larry Lufkin
Hey if you want to see an outtake of Aerosmith doing a station spot for V-66, go to Youtube and punch in Aerosmith V-66 Outtakes. It's real cool!
Comment by: Guy
I almost forgot... It was V66 that introduced me to Kate Bush.... They played "Runnin' Up That Hill". I went out and bought the marble vinyl LP because I thought CD's were a fad!!!
Comment by: Greg Garner
Hi Gang! Christian de Rezendes, co-director of LIFE ON THE V: THE STORY OF V66 here.... We're making great progress, and we've tracked most everyone down.... except for one person.... someone some people have written about on this page. Her name is Amy Weaver, and she was a news reporter on the station. If you are Amy or know where we might be able to find her, please let me know.... Thank you! - Christian
Comment by: Christian
Great site and Memories! Love V66! My favorite Video which was aired a lot was from the band "MASS"! "Do you love me" They rocked and are still rocking today! They are releasing new and fantastic albums here in the states and overseas.For more info on MASS visit there website or Thank you V66 for the memories!
Comment by: Chris
I just saw the Stompers in Salem- WOW what memories of the good ole daze. V66 ruled in my house
Comment by: COADY CHAOS
V66 popped into my head today... We moved from Holliston in 87, and I probably haven't thought of it since then. We were banned from watching it, after my dad saw a guy bite a woman's behind in a video. Probably 86? 87? Anyone remeber that video? e-mail steve at staffannouncer dot com
Comment by: Steve from Holliston
I hadn't thought about V66 in years, but coming across this site really took me back. I had no real "life" when I was in high school, so I watched alot a(as in hours) of V66. Like alot of the rest of you, when it was time to vote, I always voted for U2. In fact, I remember seeing the video for "11 o'clock Tick Tock", before I saw it on the VHS copy of "Under a Blood Red Sky" I also recall trying like hell to win tickets to see U2 in Boston during "The Unforgettable Fire" tour, and being royally pissed when another viewer got them instead of me. It took a few more years, but I finally got to see them at the old Garden, and it was worth the wait. And Mary Jo? Oh hell yeah, I crushed on her! What's she up to nowadays I wonder? Who remembers the same videos as I do? "Knocking on Heavens Door" by Heaven. "Summertime Girls" by Y&T, "A sort of Homecoming by U2, and so many others. Alot of us that went to high school together were seriously bummed when V66 left the air, in fact most of us liked it better than MTV. I live in the midwest now, but Boston will always be home to me, and let's face it, for better or worse, V66 is a part of Boston's history. Thanks for bringing back some cool memories.
Comment by: Frank( Originally from MA, now in WI)
Geek facts: V66 was the result of looser FCC regulations of the day... low-wattage local licenses were still available at the time. These licenses were phased out, and now with HDTV they are impossible. I used to have a VHS tape of all my favorite videos from V66. I tossed it last year with all my other old tapes. Sorry! V66 rocked.
Comment by: Scott
This is too funny. I've been looking for a old group the Sex Execs and their song circa 1983, "My Ex". Well someone recently posted the video on You Tube, cool. That got me to flash back on my days on Front street, Spit and Kenmore Square, the Bijou I think? Well I remember how we used to take two V66 stickers, carefully cut a one "6" invert it and make what appeared to be a "V69" bumper sticker...Man I thought I was so cool 36 years ago! Now I know better. Thanks V66 for keeping us up to date on what was hip on the Boston music scene back in the day!
Comment by: Doug Bradford
oh my god this page is a riot! Having been in the area my entire life I was part of the V66 experience. Stompers, Fools, Mission of Burma, Human Sexual Response, Til Tuesday, SPIT, The Rat, anything in Kenmore Square.
Comment by: joe g
Wow! This site is bringing back lost memories from the deep dark recesses of my brain. I almost forgot about 10-9-8 by Face to Face, and Not Enough by Lizzie Borden and the Axes. Both are great songs! My V66 story is probably the most bizarre. In 1985, my family had summer cottage that was located on Southport Island, a bridged island outside of Boothbay Harbor, Me. We had no cable at the cottage, just a TV with rabbit ears. Being bored, I started scanning the VHF dial and, all of a sudden, there was a music video playing - oh wow. After the video ended, somebody came on and announced that I was watching V66, Boston's only video music station, in stereo. Seems that the signal from Boston was skipping across the ocean right to my cottage. I was stoked. As Mary Jo put it on this page, I was a "Happy Camper." V66 was special place for me and was something else. MTV tried to be personality driven, but the V actually was. We went to our summer cottage nearly every weekend throughout the year, and every chance I got I put the TV on 66 to see if the station would come in. Reception was spotty. The best time to get it was late afternoon/early evenings in the late summer, but even then it was rarely in color. I didn't care. The VJs I mostly saw were Perry Stone, David O'Leary and, I think, John Garabedian, and I saw promos for everybody else, including Mary Jo, but never saw her VJ. I started searching the net V66 a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't believe how much I actually saw of the station. It actually came in at the cottage in the winter because I remember "New England, the Patriots and We" playing on V66. I also remember watching the "Raspberry Beret" 45 spin as the song played (my father thought that was funny, too). I wonder if that whole controversy with that video started because MTV refused to play A-Ha's "Take on Me" video, but V66 forced their hand because the video took off like a rocket on the V? Anyway, I also remember the dollar bill serial number contest, and thinking, even at 13, that it was a sham(but I thought it was funny just the same. By the way, anybody ever win that?). I remember promos for Mary Jo's slumber party with Lizzie Borden and the Axes (never got the V after dark, but I still prayed that I could watch it), and the Aerosmith concert. The last thing I remember seeing was Fiona on Celebrity Open House. The next time I got 66 in it was home shopping. I was sad. But I still love the V, and when I saw the station ID on the Documentary trailer and heard "V66- the beat of Boston," I got chills and I cried. I watch that trailer almost daily. Like a lot who commented, I thought I was the only one who remembered this obscure video music station out of Boston. I'm so glad that the station isn't forgotten because it's a great piece of history. New England, V66, and We!
Comment by: malzyonwheels
I remember when in 1984 when v66 was introduced to the boston television scene, i thought this man john garabedian was a genius, it was like starting his own pirate radio station, but it was on channel 66, i was in high school at that time, waking up each morning to v66 and band like new man,del fuegos, til' tuesday,and run dmc was the line up for videos, i remember listening to john garabedien in the early 80s on wbcn on the saturday afternoon shift, i knew who he was before v66 came along.
Comment by: J cutillo
Here's a story about V-66, and the documentary that's in the works:
Comment by: Emily Sweeney
Wow ! What was great about V-66, was that anyone could watch it. I Had leg surgery in 1985? and I remember laying in bed, a 13 inch B&W TV next to my bed and watchin some rock n' roll videos, How cool was that ? I couldn't get MTV, so I Fell in love with V-66 !,,I also remember calling to request AC/DC's "Sink The Pink", good times..
Comment by: Ken H
I remember Animotion's "Obsession" was played during on the V's launch week like.... 2,000 TIMES!!!
Comment by: Dont Ask
i still have my first record palyer in my closet,and on the inside cover is a V-66 bumper sticker.My biggest video memory is "Mutha don't want to go to school today".
Comment by: j.harrison
V-66 and Boston back in the day had the best clubs, from Bunrattys to Jacks to the Channel and the best bands from New Man to Farrenheit to the Del Fuegos. I was lucky enough to be photographing bans back then and there was no better place to be.
Comment by: Mike K.
Does anyone remember New Man.... I still have all their cassettes and photo albums jam packed with all the memories of The Channel, The Living Room,etc,.... My heart bleeds for the 80's...
Comment by: Rhonda Marvel...
They're Really Rocking In Boston! They're Really Rocking Everywhere! Just in time for the beautiful Spring weather and your tax refunds, Cruising In The Van Productions wants you to be a part of our exciting new documentary "Life on the V: The Story of V66", a look at Boston's innovative and influential music video TV channel in the 1980s. The film is still in production and yet people are talking about "Life on the V" in a big way! Perhaps you've been hearing about us from friends, on blogs, in the press, on You Tube, My Space and Facebook; or in the recent Boston Globe article ( ). Director Eric Green is going through old archival footage of V66 as well as doing new interviews with former V66 employees, bands and fans. Members and former members of such bands as The Cars, The Lemonheads, Morphine, Letters To Cleo, The Del Fuegos, and The Dropkick Murphys are just some interviews that have recently been conducted! Now is your chance to be a part of this exciting cinematic music phenomenon. By becoming a Microproducer for the low recession price of just $66, you get a V66 t-shirt, a bumpersticker, your name listed in the credits of the film, a DVD of the finished film and a certificate of producership. A deal this good comes along so infrequently, you don't wanna miss it! To become a Microproducer go to and spread the word. Questions about how you can be even more involved in "Life On The V"? Email our producer Matthew Nerney at Life On The V: The Story of V66
Comment by: Life on the V: The Story of V66
David O'Leary and Mary Jo have websites! and I'll Google to see if I can find more.
Comment by: Fan in Massachusetts
I'm trying to remember a group and video from V66. It involved a male singer with long blond hair, people at a party, the man sees his girl flirting, he takes off in his sports car and stops just short of the cliff. Please help me name that song/group. Thanks!
Comment by: Zach
After rereading this entire page, I realized how awesome V66 was for me since I lived in NH and our cable company didn't have MTV. Thanks for the memories, and if anyone thinks of the song I'm looking for in my previous posting, email me at I can't believe the VHS video tape I had with all my favorite videos from the V got ruined years ago. Looking forward to the documentary!
Comment by: Zach
I remember a show called five all night with George Fennell from back in those days and it was hillarious as well as compelling. I wonder what became of good old uncle George?
Comment by: Dave
Please help - does anyone remember a V-66 video for a local band that was sort of a parody of "Hard Day's Night"? I seem to recall that it had people chasing the band around the Pru, but I can't for the life of me remember the band.
Comment by: Spooner
My two endearing memories of V-66: (1) V-66 aired the song "We built this city" but with video shot locally; somehow I recall one scene with people working out in an aerobics studio where you could see them thru an upper floor window in the city? (2) A-HA's video "Take on me"; the best, most creative, music video ever. I had never seen anything like it before (of course I had seen only a few "Friday night" videos back then; I did not have Cable TV) but to this day (2009) that A-Ha video is still my all-time favorite. Thank you V-66!
Comment by: deborahsue88
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED V-66. It was so cool to view videos any time of the day or night. (Can't do THAT anymore.) I was 25 back then & got married that year, I even remember calling to request a song in my wedding gown, I think it was "Love Stinks". It was a time of the BEST music & the most stylish performers. (I remember that Doug Flutie & his wife were guest "vj's" shortly before is went off the air.)
Comment by: Donna Z
There is a V66 Reunion at The House of Blues on February 11 2009
Comment by: steve p
I am glaad to see so many comments about Lizzie Borden and the Axes. I was the director of that video and had a great time working with Liz and her crew. I had the good fortune to see her a few months ago and got to shoot a live recording of her but I heard that the audio wasn't usable . Too bad. - She's still rockin'. I heard some blurb about a V66 re birth of some kind but can't find anything. How cool would that be?
Comment by: Paul Ciccotelli
I want my V-66 back on the air, oh how I miss that station ! My favorite videos were New Man's "Bad Boys" and The Stompers' "East Side Girl" !
Comment by: Margaret-Elizabeth Abrams
Dorm life at Mount Ida college, Newton Centre MA wouldn't have been any where near as great without the V. Thanks for the great party memories.
Comment by: Lisa Sisson

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